Reviews for Ridgid Table Saws: RIDGID 15-Amp 10 in. Heavy-Duty Portable Table Saw with Stand R4510


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Awsome portable table saw

Strengths: Mobility (stand collapses) Solid look/feel Easy adjustments and locking Warranty

Weakness: Limited retail availability (Home Depot) Couldn't find a storage place for the guide

This is an excellent saw. I have been looking for a high quality and affordable portable table saw for home use for years, and I'm glad I purchased this one. CR rates this as #1 overall table saw and I'm not disappointed. It is very solid and the adjustments are easily made and locked in place. I've used Ridgid tools for 15 years and this saw seems as well built as other industrial Ridgid tools I have used.

By TimTrautman - Dec 26, 2007

Ridgid beats Bosch

Strengths: Better fence, real T slot, smoother operation, muscle, warranty, better miter gauge

Weakness: Bolts on fence need filing to below table surface

I have used MANY brands of portable table saws over the last 30 years, including the Bosch, Makita,Craftsman,Skil,Ryobi, and some that I immediately forgot. I have to admit,that my preferences are with Porter-Cable,DeWalt,Bosch,Milwaukee, and even old Skil and B&D.
It`s handsdown best in my book.

By brufinel - Nov 6, 2007

Great Product

I bought the saw because of the lifetime warranty. I've learned my lesson the hard way, buy cheap and you pay for it in the long run. Thankfully I have had now problems with it yet. I've had the saw for 6 months now and have cut a ton of cypress, heart pine, and anything else I could throw at it. It has stood up the the challenge time and time again, always more than enough power for a long rip and any cross cuts. The stand makes it incredibly easy to set up and and the adjustment levers are extremely well thought out making it a great saw to own with a very limited space to use it in. All-in-all a great product.

By Zbogardus on Home Depot - Jun 11, 2013

A good value

I have had this saw for three months and have used it on several projects. I believe I looked at most brands before purchasing this saw. Honestly, I wanted the Dewalt job site saw but just could not justify the cost for a home shop. I believe that this saw is a great value for the home shop. I needed the collapsible legs system to store the saw against the wall when not in use. This saw had a good study system in both the upright and stored position. The fence locks solidly as does the table extension and the measure function is accurate. The set up took about 1/2 hour and was not difficult. The saw does not have the soft start feature but neither does it "jump" when started. I have used other saws that do jump and this was a concern. It is not an issue here. While I would not consider this table saw as a contractors choice, it does exceptionally well for the home or hobby shop.

By Dean on Home Depot - Jun 2, 2013

Light Duty Only

I've owned mine for 3 years and have used it for various household projects. I've listed some pros and cons for anyone considering buying it. Also, I would consider this saw suitable for hobby use only. It's just not a rugged machine.

By CWT99 on Home Depot - May 30, 2013

Motor Issues

I bought this saw a year and a half ago and it worked okay for a while until I had to rip though 2 1/2" stock. The motor burned up within the 90 Home Depot warrantee period so they replaced the saw. Thank you Home Depot. Again the saw worked well for awhile. I was making some trim for some cabinets and was ripping 3" stock and the motor burned up. I brought the saw to a Ridgid repair shop here in Tucson and 2 weeks later got the saw back...perfect timing since I had to start a cabinet job. the first cut I made into 3/4" face framing stock burned the motor up again. Back to the repair shop. Now I'm a week and a half behind and have to rent a saw...not a Ridgid. DO NOT BUY THIS SAW!!! THE MOTOR IS GARBAGE!!! I wouldn't recommend this saw to my worst enemy.

By PenthouseCarpentry on Home Depot - May 9, 2013

Great well built table saw for garage or work van. But heavy!

I got this saw a few years ago. It works awsome! and I look forward to the day I no longer need to carry it in and out of my basement! It is well built, so I expect to have it a long time.

By bluescreen on Home Depot - Apr 24, 2013

Very loud

I bought one of the first models #TS2400 0. It was very noisey from the start. I figured it was because it was a "direct drive". I was wrong, this saw was junk. It has had very little use, the blade hight never would stay tight, I had to hook a small bungie cord to the wheel to keep it tight. The saw vibrated terribly. I took the motor out and removed the arbor head and found the gears where damaged. Ridgid would not do a thing for me. This saw was defective from the start, I was to stupid to realize it. A new motor is $450. I told Ridgid I would buy a new saw first, and it won't be a Ridgid.

By POPO on Home Depot - Apr 21, 2013

Soft Start? I don't think so

I bought this saw online and picked it up in the store. From the website I see that the model number is the R4510, which according to Ridgid's website this model features the soft start motor. Apparently not. After picking up the saw and firing up the saw the first time I noticed that it was not a soft start at all, instead it was full power instantly which sounded like a surge of power. Looking at the box the model number said R4510, but looking at the saw itself the model number said R45101. After hours of research i discovered that the R4510 was and older discontinued model and the R45101 is the newest model, without a soft start. Both saws are exactly the same except for that feature. So for your information the saw that you are buying will NOT have the soft start feature. My guess is because they were having problems with that circuit on the starter, so they discontinued that feature. No one knows. From what i have read that doesn't seem to be the case. Luckily the Home Depot here was very helpful in solving my problem, and still had the older model on display, being that I couldn't easily be refunded, since I used Paypal, they swapped out my new one for the floor model and gave me a free $50 blade. All is good and in the end i got what I wanted. This is an great saw but if you don't mind spending the extra $150 then get the Bosch.

By bigboy on Home Depot - Apr 15, 2013

Motor dead after 20 months

A great fit to fold up and store in the garage but after 20 months with sporadic use on pine boards the motor just died. No way this thing would survive on a job site.

By Bloominq on Home Depot - Apr 13, 2013


Been using this table saw for the past week laying laminate flooring. Saw was true right out of the box and cuts like butter with a diablo blade. Stand is very convienent and folds easliy to store the saw. Very impressed overall!

By TheRiot on Home Depot - Mar 26, 2013

Plenty of power in an easily storable package

Minimal set up and adjustment and I was ripping full sheets of 3/4 ply into perfect strips. I had a short time to make a portable bar for a wedding and couldn't have done it with out this saw.

By Gerg on Home Depot - Mar 19, 2013

Great Saw

I have used and owned many table saws. This is by far the very best I have ever had the privlidge to ever own and use. I highley recommend it. Set up was spot on at the unpacking stage and all the way through. A great saw.

By LCSt on Home Depot - Mar 16, 2013

Horrible Customer Service

I've had this saw for a few months and the soft start feature no longer works. I have contacted the only 2 service repair shops in San Diego and both told me that they would look at it but that I could not pick it up until RIDGID paid for the service. I was warned that the saw would probably be at the repair shop for weeks since RIDGID was not good about paying on time. Both shops mentioned that they would no longer be doing business with RIDGID for much longer. The saw is well built and I was lured in with the lifetime warranty but what good is it when no one will honor it.

By flopez on Home Depot - Mar 11, 2013

Great saw for DIY

I'll start by saying I'm an amateur 'do it yourself'-er. I've been building small pieces of furniture or upgrades (shelving, etc) for my house. I'm not an expert in table saws at all, but I did a lot of research before buying this unit. I've only had my saw for about a month now, but its been great right out of the box. I was torn between the ridgid portable unit and the bosch unit that looks almost the same. The two seem almost identical, only the bosch is $100 more. From all the reviews I read (which were a ton) and seeing each unit in person, I couldn't find any reason to spend the extra money on the bosch. Especially since the you'll need to get better blades for either saw, I figured I'd be better off saving the $100 on the saw and spending that money on a better cross cut and ripping blade. For anyone out there looking to buy a table saw but is unfamiliar with how they work, the names of the pieces (ie fence, mitre track, etc) I'd recommend reading up on that first so you understand what folks are talking about. I didn't do that at first, and found the process very confusing until I figured out all of the details of the saw. After taking the unit out of the box, I did have to spend a few hours setting it up and making sure all of the lines were level/perpendicular (ie saw blade to fence, etc). I found that almost everything was set properly right out of the box, but I'd still suggest taking the time to ensure that is the case. I had to make a few minor tweaks. All of the pieces fit together as they should (ie fence, mitre gauge, etc). The unit is very solid and does not vibrate or move much when on. There was one reviewer that noted it does not have a slow start feature... I'm not sure what they're talking about... mine definitely has a slow start. It does not kick right into gear immediately. The stand was a bit tricky to set up as there are limited instructions. You do need to compare to the picture on the box to help guide you through that process. The ONLY NEGATIVE I've found so far... There are two screws that keep the measurement gauge in place on the fence so you're able to determine measurements of the piece you're cutting. Its a small plastic piece that is screwed to the fence. The top bevel of two screws that are provided are too tall. They extend just beyond the height of the table itself when fully screwed in. So... when you start sliding wood over them, it scratches the wood. Definitely not a make or break issue. I just used my orbital sander with 80 grit paper to sand down the screws until they sit below the table deck. It would be nice if Ridgid provided better pieces though for that unit so it did not require extra work to grind them down. Other than that, I'm extremely happy with the product. I'll update this listing in after a few months of use.

By BostonRedDIY on Home Depot - Mar 7, 2013

great when it did work!

when rigid first introduced them, I filled my shop with all rigid tools, full sized table saw, portable saw, dust collector, all drills & combo packs...etc. the first portable saw lasted about a year, and after quite a battle they did replace it...then about a year later the motor went bad again,,,& I never cut any 2x material with a table saw, only 1 x, when I had the first saw replaced, I didn;t now it , but they removed the serial# tag...its been 8 years now & they still will not honor the warranty....when they first came out, they had a Full lifetime warranty, now they have changed it to "life time, with an extended service plan"... & all the models after the ones I had, came with 1/2 hp motors, not the 1/4 hp that my had.... they finally realized the 1/4 hp was junk....either way, I would never buy another rigid tool!....istill have the original full lift time warranty paper...but get nothing but run around.....

By harry on Home Depot - Mar 5, 2013

Also no Soft Start...

I bought this saw from Home Depot several months ago and it was also missing the Soft Start feature. The model they are selling now is the R45101. The Ridgid website still shows the specs for the R4510 which specifically mentions the Soft Start feature. I had researched table saws for many months before purchasing this one. It seemed surprising that the portable was the same price as Ridgid's cast iron table saw which is so much more robust. But I don't have the space to use and store a regular table saw, and based on the reviews I saw on the R4510 I decided I would give it a try. Assembly went fairly smoothly, no parts missing, instructions adequte. But I was quite surprised to finally turn it on and watch it jump on start up. Did not seem like any soft start I was familiar enough. Finally found some online videos that showed a much slower start up on the same saw. Ended up making many phone calls. Had my local Home Depots open up all the other R4510 boxes and none of them had soft starts either. I made a few calls to Ridgid's customer service and they were not aware that the soft start feature had been discontinued. Apparently the R45101 is a newer version without a soft start. They were not sure if there were any other differences. After some cajoling I got them to send a R4510 soft start out to me and i installed it. All the mounting features for the circuit board are present in the electical box. It does make a world of difference and I would have probably returned this saw and bought a different brand had they not made this right. Other than that I think the saw is well thought out and seems fairly sturdy. Alignment was good right out of the box. I also bought a used dual bevel miter saw and a folding miter saw stand; I can have a decent carpentry shop set up or put away in my pick up within a couple minutes, thanks in part to the R4510 folding stand. Overall I'm very happy with the features and cutting abilities of the saw and will have to start the accessorizing process. My only long term concern is if the motor goes out. I've seen a few reviews of this happening and taking months to fix. I'm not sure if they removed the soft start to try fix the motor problem, or as a simple cost saving strategy. Perhaps one could get used to watching one's saw jump a half inch on start up but I much prefer it with the soft start.

By on Home Depot - Mar 1, 2013

Fair design

Good unit except the dust discharge broke the second time I used the saw. Very weak design for the function, suggest it be made of Metal so it will be more rigidand not break when the angle is changed.

By Norm on Home Depot - Feb 19, 2013

very nice table saw

Very easy to assemble.The saw is very well built,looked at others but the didn`t come close for the price.I love the way it folds for out of the way storage,easy to move around the shop.very accurate cuts.I get no saw marks on the edge of my wood.

By papa on Home Depot - Jan 29, 2013

No Soft Start

The soft start feature that appears in the description of this saw on the Ridgid web site is no longer included. There is a u-tube video out there (see link to right) of how gently this saw used to start up. No longer. The saw goes straight to full power with a really impressive jolt. So impressive that it regularly pops my 15-amp breaker on startup. I find the startup sufficiently scary that the saw is going back. This is a real shame, as otherwise this is a fine, well thought-out product. Unfortunately some bean-counter has ruined it.

By WW55 on Home Depot - Jan 20, 2013


I was looking for a portable saw that would work well and be easily portable. My main saw was an OLD Craftsman that is made of cast. This one has had the power and reliability that has lasted me a long time. My only problem was it has to be taken apart to be moved and is very heavy. I thought I would never find a saw to replace this one. Well, I was wrong!!! This saw is not only easily portable with its low weight and extremely easy to operate folding stand, but it's power and accuracy far surpassed my expectations. Over the past two weeks I have been building counters and displays for my wife's store and this saw is perfect. It makes highly accurate cuts without need for adjustment and the power is superb, slices like butter, both ripping and crosscuts. The only thing that I did was immediately replace the original blade with a quality blade as I have always had problems with any cutting instrument's original blade. Definitely a top quality saw at a reasonable price.

By karnfamily on Home Depot - Jan 15, 2013

Good but big

I am a contractor and bought this saw for trim work. The stand makes it great for ripping sheet goods and it is light. However it can tend to be bulky for transportation. The motor is good but it seems to have just a little bit of wobble.

By CarpenterG on Home Depot - Jan 5, 2013


I checked the set up out of the box and it was already dead so I didn't need to adjust it. Changed the blade a few times already and the on board tools were more than handy. My saw is two years old and still works like new.

By Thodrick on Home Depot - Dec 26, 2012

Excellent tool, Great design

This is by far the smoothest saw I have stood up or used. Great design, plenty of power, and in my opinion, excellently engineered. Perfect height, and the arm is very solid, and dead on accurate. If you want a great saw, buy this one. Just make sure you register it in time, Lifetime Service Warranty is a plus.

By 1rhino1 on Home Depot - Dec 19, 2012

Can't say enough!

Have had this saw for 6 months and have not had a single problem with it. Great portability! We have helped a friend flip houses and done work at our daughter's, so it is great that it fits in the back of our Prius. Easy enough for my wife to help load it. Best of all: completely pre-assembled!!!!!!!! Got it out of the box, set it up and cut some wood. No issues with blade, miter or fence adjustments. Cuts great and the included blade lasted a good long time. Stand folds up easily and unfolds just as easy. Again, can't say enough.

By vernon on Home Depot - Dec 2, 2012

Great Saw but I have an issue with the fence

I just purchased this saw and noticed that the 2 screws that hold the clear magnifier for the fence scale are higher than the table top. After several cuts it was driving me nuts that the board was resting on these screws. I am returning the saw tomorrow and getting a different brand. Good saw right out of the box but this small issue would drive me crazy every time I use it.

By Jasper3877 on Home Depot - Nov 18, 2012

so far so good

haven't used it very much yet - but it seems very solid and powerful for a unit that I can haul around by myself

By Sturat on Home Depot - Nov 13, 2012

Easy to Use; Not so dependable

The saw is well designed, is fairly stable for a portable model and has been able to cut practically everything I needed for my home remodel over the last 2 years. However, in the past 2 years I've had to use the lifetime warranty twice. (A word to the wise: take note that this is a lifetime REPAIR warranty not a lifetime REPLACEMENT warranty.) Within the first 9 months of use, the on/off switch suddenly went bad without any warning. I was fortunate to have a service center within 15 miles of my home. The bad news was that I was without the saw for over 4 weeks. NOW after less than 1 year of use following the first repair the saw has quit operating again. A second trip was made to deliver the saw to the service center and they have determined that the motor will need to be replaced. That's not the half of it. As of this writing, the saw has been at the service center for over 2 weeks and the service center was informed by Ridgid that the saw motor was not available in stock and that a new motor has been placed on back-order from China. Ridgid could not provide the service center with a possible delivery date. AN IDEFINITE DATE OF DELIVERY FOR THE SAW MOTOR IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. Are there that many table saws needing a motor that not a single replacement motor can be found in the continental United States? Really? My choice for purchasing this saw was based on personal knowledge of the quality and dependabilitiy of other Ridid power tools. I recently talked with the Rigid customer service to discuss this indefinite back order period and I was told that Tech Support will have to give the service center a possible date of delivery before they can determine if other options could be made available to me (the customer). Customer service said that they could not provide me with any information on what those options might be. Again THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. This model saw has been around long enough to have had all the defects worked out by now!!! Probably will look long and hard at other products before making another purchase with Ridgid.

By 666saw999 on Home Depot - Nov 10, 2012


The instruction book supplied with this saw is uncommonly accurate. The only thing is that you may need some tools it doesn't mention for setup. If you decide to change the tension of the rip fence– or bevel locking lever, you need a socket and handle. (I had to.) The saw seems to have plenty of power but is a little noisy at no-load operation. The rip fence is excellent but the lateral play of the miter gauge in the slots seems slightly excessive. The saw has some sweet features like soft start and Indi-Cut but lacks some that would have been nice, like an outfeed support extension and a collection bag to fit the sawdust port (available from Ridgid). Heeling the blade and zeroing the bevel stop are easy and can be set within very close tolerance if you have the right measuring equipment. I appreciated the fact that these adjustments are done from above—no need to alternate between standing and lying under the saw, reaching up. The procedure for paralleling the rip fence is also straightforward. I have only had my R4510 about 6 months, so I can't offer an opinion on its durability in this review.

By woodworker on Home Depot - Oct 22, 2012

Why must everything be so complicated?

All I wanted was a dado insert for this saw. Home Depot doesn't carry one. Chasing one down has been a nightmare. Every other table saw I've checked has a readily available dado insert. This is not the kind of thing I thought to ask when I purchased the saw because, well, every table saw has a dado insert, right? Why in the world would a simple accessory like this NOT be readily available. It's much like everything else at HD, they'll sell you a lawn tractor but not carry belts, blades or other spare parts. This table saw will be the last tool I buy from Home Depot.

By Frank1229 on Home Depot - Oct 16, 2012

Impressive value

This is a very good product for the price. The engineers must have spent a lot of time on this one. It folds and unfolds very easily. It easily stores all of the necessary equipment - even has extra blade storage. It is light and can be put in the back of a pickup truck by one man. Surprisingly powerful for a portable table saw. Not used every day, but we do use it commercially. Have had it for about a year. We have had no trouble with it. Don't expect it to rip wet 2X6's all day as it probably wouldn't last long doing something like that. If heavy work like that is what you intend to do, then maybe a heavier (& more expensive) belt driven blade commercial shop saw would be more appropriate-not a portable.

By Calivar81 on Home Depot - Oct 3, 2012

Burned out after only 2 years. Poor warranty support

I bought this saw new and figured for the amount I spent on it, I would be able to use it for years. It was my first "adult" saw after using a smaller competitors saw for 10 years. The fit and finish were great. The motor, not so much. There is no overload / thermal protection, and when it bogged down for the last time it burnt the armature. The three year warranty is a myth, unless you fill out the registration card. You know, the little card that disappears with all the packaging, and that no one fills out? That one. A call to Rigid led to no support whatsoever. Their answer? Just buy a new motor at the same price as buying the saw new. I can't believe they said it and were not joking. The motor is made in china, and you cannot buy the armature separately. You cannot repair the motor at all. For the amount of money you spend on this saw, you should be able to buy repair parts at a reasonable price. Do not buy this saw if you think you may ever need to repair it or get warranty support.

By Monte on Home Depot - Sep 16, 2012

Very easy to use.

Performs much better than any benchtop saws I have used and when you factor in the ease of portability this was an excellent investment, even for the home carpenter. The only negative that I saw was the limitation on the size of a dado blade, and this was not in the instructions.

By Leeinvabeach on Home Depot - Jul 31, 2012

Good Saw

I recently needed a saw to rip 1x6x12 for fencing. I looked at a number of saws, read reviews and settled on this one. The lifetime warranty is hard to beat. I did not see any other manufacturers offering lifetime warranties. There may be better saws but this is a great value at this price. It is sturdy while ripping lumber, unlike the cheaper portable table saws I looked at. The collapsible stand is easy to work and works perfectly. The only caveat is to buy a better blade when you purchase this saw. The OEM blade is not horrible but it is not great either. And you will need another blade anyway so you might as well pick one up with the saw. I took advantage of the 6 months same as cash. The rip fence measurements are 100% accurate. Just take time to follow the set up procedures in the manual before using this saw. I did not find anything out of alignment but I felt better following the suggested procedures out of the box for both safety and quality of set up.

By lukethelion on Home Depot - Jul 24, 2012

good warranty

This is a good overall saw with a sturdy table. Major problem is the inital motor supplied is not good grade. If you use this saw much you will burn up the motor. So don't throw away your old saw you will need it eventually. Replacement motors hold up well but dont have much hope for the lazer on it.

By shamrock2000 on Home Depot - Jul 20, 2012

Great Portable and Storable Table Saw

I bought this product for an outdoor patio project and It worked like a champ. It got great cuts and the patio border and benches that I made look great. I have not cut plywood with it so far but the cuts I made through 4x4 and 2x4 material were straight and I was very happy about being able to cut through the 4x4s with a single pass. When I bought it it was only a little bit less than RIDGIDs cast iron table saw and I was tempted to just go for that beast but the portability of this product and the fact that it stores small made my mind up for me. It fits great tucked into my garage without taking up a lot of space.

By SIOUXWARRIOR on Home Depot - Jul 3, 2012

Great saw right out of the box

I like this table saw above all the other portables i've had

By BobbyC on Home Depot - Jun 26, 2012

Easy to use. Easy to setup if you get the right saw

This is my first table saw to own. I had used this same saw that belonged to a family member before, and like it. The store where I made my purchase only had two and the two boxes were differant sizes. The salesman didn't know why they weren't the same and offerred to open them, but I told him not to because no one likes to buy an opened box. I just took the first one, which was the smaller box. Big mistake for me. When I got it home and opened up, I knew why the box was 7 inches shorter and wasn't as tall. The stand consisted of a number of pieces and only a small drawing to show how if went together. No parts list to know if I had everything. I'm sure I could have worked things out in time, but the saw I had used befoe came out of the box ready to use. The people at Home Depot were great. They did an exchange, even though I couldn't get everything back in the box. The new saw came out of the box all put together ready to use. Great saw, the measuring tape is a little off, but nothing I can't handle. Easy to store after I finish working. I really like my saw.

By Texasboy on Home Depot - Jun 17, 2012


Really like this saw. Compact yet sturdy. Only issue I have had is with the 1/8 metal support bracket used to attach the safety cover over the blade. This was slightly out of alignment. The result is that the cut piece is pushed slightly away from the blade. Minor issue. Also, it is a bit loud. Minor issue. Buy this thing. You can't do better.

By craftsman on Home Depot - Jun 1, 2012

Great starter saw

I recently got this saw to work on laminate floors for our house. This Saw + the Diablo laminate saw blade = easy install. My only worry about this saw and I haven't verified it is that I think the tape measure is off a little from what I got from my other measurements. I hope to get some dado blades soon to make some shelves now.

By rwyonata on Home Depot - May 23, 2012


I picked my new Ridgid Table Saw from the store. The staff was very helpul. Setting up the Saw was fairly easy. It was in perfect square right out the box: Blade, fence, and miter! The stand is great but the assembly instructions leave a lot to be desired. I started wood working as a hobby about a year ago and realized I'd need a good table saw. I did a lot of research and I must say the R4510 did not disappoint! I'm looking forward to many years of enjoyment with my saw!

By Woodchuck on Home Depot - May 21, 2012

My frist table saw.

Bought this for a job in my attic,having my older house rewired.They had to take out some of the floor boards to do it(some of the boards splintered or broke). The assembly wasn't easy,in stead step 1,2,3,only pictures.Had to get the neighbor for help(he has a porabale table saw). Used it a couple times in the garage(sofar nice)till my house is done. I like that it folds up and stands on end,for easy storage. I alway's wanted one,have some other projects.

By horses11 on Home Depot - May 3, 2012

Very Nice saw

I do wood working as a hobby and this is my second table saw. I purchased it over 2 years ago and had no issues. It cuts through hard michigan maple like butter. Excellent choice. Great product for the value. Very stable and portable which was important for me since I do not have a full time workshop and I have to move my tools around. When I bring it to my friends projects, they tend to love it too. The only way you will find a better saw is if you buy a cabinet saw for lots of dough.

By Brewer on Home Depot - Apr 27, 2012

The Table Saw Of My Dreams!

I have owned this saw for a year and a half. I build custom car audio and professional audio speaker enclosures. I have used many table saws and I can say that I have never been totally satisfied with a rip fence until I used this one. It is absolutely perfect. I don't even use a tape measure anymore, I just trust the onboard tape, set it to the size I want and It's always perfect! i've literally made over 1000 cuts with this saw and I rate this saw a perfect 10.

By djbrad2100 on Home Depot - Apr 27, 2012


The saw is well designed compared to others. Easy to assemble, easy to transport and very easy to use. I up graded the saw blade. I wish the unit had a electrical outlet for my vacuum system for a one switch operation.

By Frank on Home Depot - Apr 24, 2012

upgraded to this from my skil circular saw... :)

did my research - PC, Bosch, Dewalt etc.. settled on this one after reading all the good reviews from a variety of sources - not just HD. Very happy with price and quality - I just need to keep justifing this purchase to my wife...planters, dog house, laundry table..all in 1 month.

By molinyc on Home Depot - Apr 5, 2012

Exactly what I'd hoped it'd be

First I have to admit that I'm no pro woodworker. In fact, this is my first table saw purchase. I've used other table saws, but I needed something to build myself some furniture in a limited space. Since I'm only doing pieces that have straight lines, a table saw capable of ripping hardwoods with precision was top on my requirement list. This saw fits the bill. Switched out the blade for a Freud thin kerf glue line ripping blade and it glides through hard white maple like no joke. Puts a very nice edge on the stock and they fit together so well the lines are barely noticeable. The fence is dead on and the miter gauge works great too. Love the ease of carting it to storage or putting down the stand. If you have limited space but want something that can handle like a bigger saw this is the one you need to get. I debated getting the Bosch, but I'm glad I went with Rigid because if you play around with the 2 at the store you will see that the Rigid has a more solid feeling fence and it's lined up right out of the box. Blade only took a little setting up to get it squared. Haven't tried any beveled cuts yet, but that will come this weekend. Now all I wish is that I had more time to work with this little powerhouse.

By Koopa on Home Depot - Mar 28, 2012

Good features, Poor warranty support.

The saw is well designed, has a true riving knife that's adjustable (splitter/riving knife), is fairly stable considering it's portable and cut everything I threw at it (mostly sheet goods) for the last 8 months I've had it. I strongly suggest changing to a Freud/Diablo or Forrest thin-kerf blade for best results. Now for the 'gotchas': Although Ridgid has a lifetime warranty, it's little consolation when your motor burns out after 8 months use and you discover you can't just send it in to get a new one - instead, you have to drive the entire saw to an authorized service center (70 miles, in my case). That's not the half of it, as of this writing, I've been waiting over 6 weeks for Ridgid to supply the service center with a new motor, it's back-ordered from China and there's no telling when the saw will finally be repaired. My advice is to get a 'real' table saw, such as a Powermatic, Grizzly or Steel City even though they're about twice what this one costs, you'll quickly outgrow this one if you do even a moderate amount of 'hobby' woodworking. You'll find mine listed on craigslist, if I ever get it back from the service center.

By Morongo on Home Depot - Mar 24, 2012

Great saw for all my needs

This saw has it all (except as noted). Portable, accurate out of the box, good features. The on-saw storage for tools and accessories is a good feature, both for portability and for just being able to find those things when you need them. The only thing I find lacking is the dust collection - my 6.0 hp Ridgid shop vac just won't pull all the sawdust out the back... leaves a fair amount scattered around the floor. Other than that, I love the saw!

By mobetta on Home Depot - Mar 23, 2012

10 in. 15-Amp Heavy-Duty Portable Table Saw with Stand

I currenty own 2 of these units. I like them. Very easy to transport. I bought my first one 5 years ago. That one is going just as strong as the day I bought it. When my stationary shop delta table saw went, I replaced it with this saw. I really like the portability these saws offer. This is all you really need, unless your a cabinet maker, then you'll need the bigger slide table saws.These saws fit me and my deck building business just fine. I would HIGHLEY RECOMMEND these portable saws to anyone. Happy Cutting!!!

By drzonca on Home Depot - Mar 20, 2012


I am a contractor and i have built some nice cabinets with this saw over the past 4 years. Easy to set up out of the box. Powerful for a job site saw. It does pop a 15 amp circuit with moderate continuous find a 20 Amp circuit. Accepts a dado blade....nice! Convenient blade, fence, and tool storage. Nice and easy to use controls. Blade adjustments are easy. Fence system is genius. 25 inch rip capacity is awesome for a saw this size! Dado slots and fence system are accurate enough for finer wood working projects like making door stiles and rails for cabinets. ATTENTION! A zero clearance throat plate is necessary for more safety and accuracy. A nice miter sled also helps. The dust collection is average with only a vacuum attached. If you enclose the bottom of the saw and use the vacuum hook up, dust collection is greatly improved. The riving knife makes cutting hardwoods easy and safe. Cutting sheet material is possible with the right infeed and outfeed supports and stands, but it is a little cumbersome.......BUT THIS SAW HAS EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATIONS! I now see that Ridgids competitors have copied their ideas, and that almost all the brands of saws in this category have the same bells and whistles. But in my opinion the quality of the Ridgid saw and its fence system still hold an edge over the others. HOWEVER! If you plan on using mostly sheet material and do not need the mobility of this saw, then you should consider a 2 horse power and up contractor, hybrid, or cabinet saw.

By Hill951 on Home Depot - Feb 26, 2012

Very light duty motor, motor armature & field very poor

I mistakenly thought this to be a contractor saw ! It is not.. The Rigid warranty station told me that the reason the motor failed was because we had ripped plywood with it.. He told me that he had replaced (7) armatures and fields in this model in the last (6) months. My saw is in the shop now because the armature has been back ordered for (2) months. If you need a reliable, well built table saw - THIS IS NOT THE ONE. iT IS A JUNKER - THANKS, MADE IN CHINA

By SamB on Home Depot - Feb 21, 2012

Preliminary Findings

I spent quite a bit of time with the online subjective reviews (like this one). I had things narrowed down to three portable table saws in the $500.00 dollar price range. As I stood gazing at the lineup, a contractor came by and took pity on me. He simply pointed at the Rigid and said "I have it, and use it's the best". So, I bought it!! Pro: It came out of the box almost ready to use. I had to adjust for and attach kick back and fence. Everything was spot on (I honestly did not have to adjust a darn thing). To me, it is quiet and cuts like a dream with the stock blade. The dust extraction port work very well with little dust escaping my vacuum. There are features I have not used. I may do a follow up if I find negative features. Con: It is a bit heavy.

By Jeff on Home Depot - Feb 17, 2012

Compact and portable, Precise cutting

The saw has performed great with a thin kerf 80 tooth blade. I am very happy with the portability and performance of this tool.

By Nobletuckian on Home Depot - Feb 8, 2012

Fair to good product

Lots of plastic which is a downturn but the saw is easily accessible and works fine. not designed for a lot of cutting but works good for installation purposes.

By Woodboydh on Home Depot - Feb 1, 2012

Well thought out engineering!

I've burnt up 4 table saws from delta to craftsman to ryobi. I bought this one because of the lifetime warranty. When I started using it I like it even more. From the one click collapsingable stand to the slow start blade to the quick crank for blade depth, this seems like it was much better quality than I was use to. I also enjoy the ease of blade change and the accuracy of the fence. Great product!!

By MDiNofrio on Home Depot - Jan 31, 2012

Great saw, want dedicated power

I have only owned this saw a few days but can already tell I made the right choice. It was between the Bosch and the ridgid. The saw is strong, sturdy and smooth. The smooth start is awsome and the fence in super accurate. The only things I have found so far that are easly fixed are the circuit you run it on and a few minor gaps in the dust collection area. I ended up runnIng and dedicated 20 amp circuit for the saw as it was popping my 15 amp for the garage very easily. However, with any strong 15 amp tool this should happen. It's a good sign its a strong motor. The only other modification I will make is sealing in the table to the dust collection system so it collects more dust... But hay it's a table saw theres going to be dust. If you want a perfect collection system buy a cabinet saw. The only nother minor complaint is the pitch of the motor, it kind of has that high pitch circular saw whine but keep in mind if your smart eye and ear protection is in use and it doesent matter.

By Jlbrown62 on Home Depot - Jan 29, 2012

Great portable saw

Great quality and design. Ordered this saw on sale on Black Thursday. Picked it up at my local Home Depot the next day. Saved $150. It's almost like getting the saw free. At $374.25 I couldn't pass it up.

By Berni on Home Depot - Dec 20, 2011

Highly recommended.

Accurate, safe, versatile. Stores easy. A very good portable table saw.

By Geo05 on Home Depot - Nov 29, 2011

RIDGID Table Saw.

Wow... I have impressed myself. I actually made some cabinets. All with the help of my new trusty and accurate table saw. I would recommend this product to anyone that wants to get into some carpentry work. Especially if your a novice like myself.

By Gardener on Home Depot - Nov 2, 2011

Great Value

Excellent value. It's got many features to love: an accurate fence, easily folds into a small footprint, relatively quiet, extending table to 24" on the right side of the blade, all the accessories have a place on the saw, the low surge motor works well even when running a long extension off a 15amp circuit. My only minor complaint is the front fence bar is Aluminum and easy to dent--time will tell whether is effects the accuracy. This is a far better saw than the 20 year old craftsman I replaced. Built a couple of end tables already, and looking forward to more projects.

By RayM on Home Depot - Nov 2, 2011

all things considered...

As far as serious jobsite saws go, there are really only four choices. Bosch, Dewalt, Makita, and the Ridgid R4510. While each might have its fans, in the end the Ridgid runs away with it. Bosch-A good tool with a good reputation, although some seem to have difficulty with the new motor. An excellent table with glass smooth controls. Available digital fence (if you're into that sort of thing). Outfeed and side extension available. Good riving knife/anti kickback and guard. Unquestionably. the best stand in the business. Very similar to Ridgid in many respects but does not have lock on blade height adjustment. Gravity rise stand adds $100 to the price of the saw and must be installed. Dewalt-Rack and pinion fence. You either love it or hate it, but it stays square (until it doesn't at which point I'm not sure how you adjust it). Nice miter guage. Good parts availability, Saw body seems awfully light for catagory and underpinnigs are very flexy. Stand leaves allot to be desired. Makita-pretty much invented the class. Big and strong, but BIG mostly. Fence is not so great, nor is miter. Most expensive in catagory and doesn't come with a stand. By the time you add that in, most expensive by wide margin. Does have allot of aftermarket support. The big Rousseau tables fit. Ridgid- Very similar to Bosch with the addition of a height lock. Nice fence which stays true and comes calibrated. Really. Comes on a very nice rolling stand that rolls after set-up and store vertically. Does not have the adjustable height of Bosch stand. All accessories stow onboard. Does not come with a zero tolerance blade insert or dado insert. Excellent waranty. Complete $499 already assembled, calibrated and on the stand. No, the saw isn't going to replace your unisaw, but you can't toss that one in the truck, can you? The Ridgid is strong, stable, accurate and safe. It's definately worth the money

By FierceFish on Home Depot - Oct 23, 2011

Nice saw except...

I have been using my saw a lot lately. It works great except for some minor issues. The issue that annoys me is that the blade does not come up far enough to rip a 2x4 the wide way (3 1/2") every time. It almost, but not quite, cuts all the way through. Then I have to flip it and rip it again, which is easy because it only has to cut a thin amount, but another 1/16 or 1/8" would have done the job. Other than that it is great. It is super-easy to set up and move around. It would be nice if the wheels locked. When folded up it stores in a small area. It can slide sideways on painted/coated garage floors, but so do I. If you want a nice portable table saw at a decent price, buy this one.

By Bobster on Home Depot - Oct 5, 2011

This is the contractor size saw to buy.

I don't have a lot of space for shop tools, so I decided to go for a contractor grade table saw. After spending months reading specs and reviews on ALL model saws, the Ridgid R4510 looked the best right out of the box. I must say, I made a very wise purchase. It's amazing how light weight this saw is but it is solid as a rock on the stand. Ridgid said it was already adjusted when shipped. Being a sceptic, I checked it with a machinist square, vernier calipers, and a dial indicator. Believe it or not, this thing is bang on the dot. The dial indicator part was a little more difficult as the table is not iron so it is not magnetic, but anybody with a little smarts can work around this easily enough. The arbor only had a .005 wobble. Unbelievable. The parallel of the saw blade from front to back with the miter slot was PERFECT. Not even out by .001. The fence has a small amount of play on the back side as pretty much all saws do, but this is not an issue as I always check fence alignment befor I make a cut. Same with the blade being 90 degrees from the table top. (I don't use the stops as a referrence) I replaced the blade that came with the saw with a set of Diablo blades that I also purchased from Home Depot as good quality blades are a must if you expect a good cut.Then I applied 3 coats of paste wax to the table top and the fence guide bars. I made several rip and cross cut test cuts on both soft and hard woods and the cuts are the quality of glue joints.I'm thoroughly convinced there is no better saw in this class for this money than the Ridgid R4510. And it all stores in a small space. Great job, Ridgid! I now have a super system for not a lot of money.

By Rich on Home Depot - Aug 10, 2011

Great Table Saw For a Good Price

I just bought the Rigid R4510 portable table saw. There’s nothing better than going to the man toy store and buying a great present for yourself like this saw. The best of both worlds in a portable and fixed table saw. My issue is space so I needed a good saw with compact storage. My shop is basically a one car garage and space is premium. I put to heavy duty use the Rigid miter saw on the collapsing stand I bought 5 years ago so I thought why not a good table saw. I wanted a great table saw but a bench model wouldn’t do. HD has this at a fair price especially after I saw the same saw on Amazon for big money. Set up was effortless. I actually thought I was facing a box of parts and reserved most of the day to put it together. Also I was worried a bit because the box was beat up pretty badly. Not the case. Packing is very secure and assembly was a breeze, even for a goof like me. Either great quality control or my good fortune but everything was perfectly adjusted. The blade, spreader, fence, miter, etc. all aligned perfectly . Rigid has done well with this one. I love the features including soft start, conveniently located switch, onboard tool storage, no tool needed for insert. . Great saw for the home or job site.

By jaybird on Home Depot - Aug 7, 2011

No buyer's remorse here.

I hesitated to replace my worn out blue and yellow table saw with the R4510. But after putting the saw through its paces, I am well pleased with the accuracy of the cuts. Now I will graduate from making lawn furniture with pine lumber to making household furniture with Oak and Maple. Great buy for the price.

By BobbyCarl on Home Depot - Jun 16, 2011



By CHICKZEE on Home Depot - Jun 13, 2011

perfect table saw

This table saw is one of the best I've used. It is engineered very well from its portability, stability, and well thought out design. I have an older delta TS300 fixed base table saw that I love and never considered a mobile alternative because I assumed they are not as stable. This Rigid model has changed my mind. It is light weight (relatively speaking), easy to move around, has a lot of cool features and storage design, and plenty of power.

By TheDeckerisKing on Home Depot - Jun 11, 2011

rigid saw R4510

Love it, easy to use, the only issues I have are the fence is difficult to move with the plastic dial, it does seem to be straight with no variance front or back side of the fence and it can be placed left or right of the blade. the tape measure device seems a little cheap.(metal tape measure on a spring) other than that it is a winner for me.

By bwanna on Home Depot - Jun 6, 2011

You won't be disapointed

This saw is fantastic! After returning two Ryobi Model RTS30’s due to a manufacturer defect…the use of a plastic ring washer for the bevel locking lever (both snapped within the first day of use on both saw’s, I then decided to save up for the Ridgid R4510. This is a well built saw, very sturdy and dead on accurate. I am extremely meticulous with my work, if my ripped pieces don’t match up exactly I start over. Once I adjusted the fence with my blade, it has been a perfect cut every time. I also purchased a 6 inch Dado blade nothing but great results. Quick blade change, and option to easily align blade with fence. Very…very…pleased.

By s1000pre on Home Depot - May 16, 2011

2410 to 4510 to 2410

first i have to say the people at home depot are the greatest. i had them jumping through hoops over this. i started out with the ts2410 then went back and got the r4510, had the ts2410 for 3 weeks took the r4510 back after 1 day. the r4520 has much better onboard storage than the ts2410 and a riving knife instead of a splitter, which the ts2410 has. but as for that, well thats it. the ts2410 has the same smooth shinny finish that the miter saw table comes with, so they match. i might be being picky about that fact but when you spend almost $200.00 for a miter saw table and another $500.00 for a table saw youd think they would match. i dont know why they changed the finish on the r4510 but they did. the ts2410 weighs 30 lbs more, it has more bracing than the r4510. there both great saws and the r4520 is all thats out there now so id go for it, if your looking for a good quality table saw. it to bad they didnt do the onboard storage that the r4510 has on the ts2410, but thats that.

By hotrod351 on Home Depot - May 6, 2011

Ultimate Portable Saw

I have had many Table Saws as my years in the Contracting Business. But this is buy far one of the best Tools let alone the greatest Table Saw I have ever owned. I have been switching over to Rigid Tools from my Previous Brand of Dewalt. The warranty on these tools is hard to beat and using these tools has been a real dream. As far as this Table Saw I was a little nervous about putting out so much money for this new item. But when I finally purchased it and pulled it out of the box I was extremely shocked on how easy it stood up on its own cart that is already attached (so no assembly required). But what really impressed me was all the extras this saw came with and the ease of operation of the saw. If you are looking for a new Table Saw look no further. Put the money out there and you will not be disappointed with your purchase. No Buyers Remorse here.

By jjnorlandoflorida on Home Depot - May 4, 2011

Great, Great, Great!

If you are looking for a quality table saw that is also portable, look no further! Assembly was a breeze and the on machine tool storage is wonderful. The self squaring fence works like a champ and the built in measuring tape is spot-on. The powerful motor makes short work of any stock that I feed through it and the dust collection port hooks directly to my Ridged wet/dry vac. I have only used the supplied blade a couple of times for rough framing needs and it works fine for that. I typically use Systimatic or Matsushita blades for any detail work.

By JRMitch on Home Depot - Feb 16, 2011

Great Saw

I bought this saw after a lot of research. The pop up stand is very slick and once deployed puts the saw at a great working height, and it's very stable. I love being able to rip 4 X 4 material in one pass, which a lot of other brands won't do. The fence is excellent. The motor is plenty powerful for regular cuts and even for ripping 2 x 4s in edge in one pass--gotta go a bit slower for that though. When folded for storage the saw has a small footprint. I love the saw and am so glad that I didn't overlook Ridgid. Also, if you have to store the saw outside (like me), go to the "other" main home improvement store and get a grill cover by Master Forge (item #0083273)--it fits perfectly!

By Flyingtoolman on Home Depot - Feb 2, 2011

exactly what my hubby wanted

My husband borrowed this from a relative and wanted to confiscate it. This made my Christmas shopping EASY. He was both surprised and elated - lining up the projects he wants to tackle now. No regrets here -- sturdy, portable and exactly what he needed/wanted.

By bethy00 on Home Depot - Jan 24, 2011

Great saw

I have allways wanted a jobsite table saw. This thing is more useful than I even expected. I bought this after being disgusted with a Dewalt after assembly. The Ridgid has great build quality. No flex in the plastics and squares up nicely. It is practicaly ready to go out of the box. THe stand is the bees knees in my book. The saw cuts nice, motor lags a bit on long cuts but I'm in no hurry. It is a very safe to use table saw, no kickbacks. If you shop around long enough and had a chance to use every saw on the market, I am confident you would choose this ridgid. The only down side is things seem to need tigtened up after using a while. No biggy, but I would have prefered everything to have stayed put after initail assembly. I really like this saw after a full year of heavy use.

By mlilli33 on Home Depot - Jan 22, 2011

Used for work, now bought one for home.

I began using this saw when I was working with a company Flipping houses. We added a few people to the team and decided to get a trailer and fill it with some tools, this table saw was one of them. Set up was easy out of the box and the only thing I had to adjust was the indicator for the blade angle. I think it is great how the handles are designed on the stand to make it easy to move around when it is standing on its own. The blade is pretty good too 3 months of ripping boards, plywood, cross cutting, rabbets, etc and it still cuts great. I now use one for myself and would certainly recommend it to other people. I

By Jake1371 on Home Depot - Jan 14, 2011

Great Saw

Overall I thinkt this is a really nice saw. Very portable yet still accurate. Good- rip fence, riving knife, extension tabe, blade controls, rip fence/miter gauge storage. Not as good- non soft start motor, huge cut out for blade insert, fence guide needs cover to protect tape during transport/ storage.

By diver77 on Home Depot - Jan 8, 2011

Excellent Table Saw

We read all the reviews on table saws that we could find and this one appears to be one of the best. And, we were not disappointed. The unit was well packaged and almost ready to use out of the box. The only adjustment we made was to the bracket in line with the blade. It was off just a hair. Pro: Saw is easy to move and setup. Table expands to handle large work pieces. Easy to adjust for different cutting angles. Storage and setup of the rip fence, miter gauge, blade wrench and the blade guard assembly is also quick and easy. Con: The only negative I have is the sound of the motor when it starts. It doesn't sound quite right to me. This may be the result of the soft start feature and may not be a problem, time will tell.

By texasgrandpa on Home Depot - Jan 4, 2011


I have been doing remodels for 8 years and I have finally found the saw that will carry me and my work load. I have owned and used 3 different brands of table saws and still had to buy another, the others just burnt up and left me needding to yet again go buy another table saw. The new Ridgid I now own is so much nicer then any from the past, the accesories and the the additional storage is amazing, it is all conveniant and at my ready, way to go Ridgid, your machine is smooth from every angle, and leaves me feeling confident! Thank You for introducing me to my new best freind in Table saws!

By allenrey on Home Depot - Dec 5, 2010

Ridgid Saw Performs Well

This saw is a fine quality tool. It can be easily wheeled into place from storage, which allows me to make my garage serve two functions. The stand is sturdy and stable, and the saw table and miter gauge are well-made and accurate. The rip fence has a built-in, accurate position indicating tape measure that extends when the table is extended, which allows cutting a sheet of plywood lengthwise if I have an assistant or use roller stands to catch it. The saw has a 2 inch exhaust port that can be connected to a dust system or shop vac, and it is effective in removing dust. This saw is well worth the extra cost over cheaper; lighter portable saws sold by others. The soft-start feature is nice: the blade comes smoothly up to speed. It is noisy, however, due to the drive system that Ridgid uses: earmuffs are a nice accessory. The arbor is not built to accomodate stacked dado blades.

By FrankfortWoodworker on Home Depot - Nov 13, 2010

A great portable table saw.

If you have a small shop and space is an issue, this is the saw for you. It moves easily and folds up into a nifty compact configuration you can park right against the wall, freeing up valuable space in a snap. I have had this and used it hard for about 2 years and have zero complaints. The fence is solid and the table extension is great. You won't be disappointed with this saw.

By AKFISH42 on Home Depot - Nov 8, 2010

See Saw

I purchased this saw, based on the reviews on this site. I needed a tablesaw for projects that my wife is forever finding for me. Even though I'm no expert in woodworking, I know quality when I see (or feel) it and this saw does not disappoint. Features and design are well thought out. Opening the stand and setting up the saw for the first time was a delightful surprise. It all went so smoothly, not at all like a wrestling match. Thoughtful, expert design makes using this saw something to look forward to. I would recommend the saw to anyone looking for a quality saw.

By WoodifIcould on Home Depot - Oct 25, 2010

Big punch, little package

I have a limited space in my shop, so a fixed cabinet style table saw was out of the question. I shopped and shopped for a table saw that would meet my demands for accuracy, but also fit in my shop. I'm happy to say that this saw has not let me down. It cuts straight, accurate, and was setup nearly perfect right out of the box. It has some great safety features (splitter/riving knife) and enough power to get the job done. I do have to report that this thing is LOUD. And by loud, I mean gotta wear ear plugs or it's painful loud. Great saw. If mine was stolen I would buy another without hesitation.

By ShoelessJohnny on Home Depot - Sep 23, 2010

Almost Perfect

I've owned this saw about 1 year and love it, period. I've used all different brands over the past 40 years and this saw outperformed many at twice the price. The only problem I have with this saw is the switch location, on the left side under the top. Most of the cutting is using the rip fence so that the switch is out of view, under the stock being pushed through! The only change I would suggest is that the switch be relocatable, i.e., with a magnetic base and coil cord to remove it from its normal location to an accessible location for shut downs. A possible location would be under the fence lock so that the operator knows where the switch is at all times. Second, offer options for a dust bag to attach under saw, especially for use indoors.

By ALAS on Home Depot - Aug 17, 2010

Rigid port. table saw

The portibility of this saw is great. Power could be better. If you are ripping 2by material you had better have a super sharp blade or risk frying the motor. Warrentee is tip top-lifetime. My buddy fried the motor and had it replaced at no cost. A bit of a pain though needing to take it in/pick up later. The fence is great.

By boster on Home Depot - Aug 7, 2009

Very nice saw

I have owned mine for about a half year now. It is a very well built machine. Everything about it is well designed. And the stand makes it easy to take on the job

By Muddman on Home Depot - May 14, 2009

Great Table Saw

I used the table saw the day I got it and it by far the best I've used. The stand works great and makes setup easy. I've used the portable Dewalt table saw it doesn't compare. I highly recommend this Table saw for any woodworker.

By WallaWino on Home Depot - Apr 25, 2009

the best

this saw has paid for itself many times x over .it is so easy and fast to have more than enough power to cut any lumber that i feed it .the gaurd is also easy to remove .the fence is great once it's lock it does not move .i would recommend that if you are looking to buy a tabelsaw this is the one to get you will not go wrong.thanks ridge for the great tools you make.

By berto on Home Depot - Apr 19, 2009

Great Saw

I picked up this saw last week and love it! I also considered a Bosch. I liked the easy folding leg system of the Bosch and was pleasantly surprised that Ridgid has improved theirs over the 2400 (which was the floor model that Home Depot had out). The Ridgid table size and construction as well as the fence are far superior to the Bosch, and it's about $120 less. Another stand-out feature over the Bosch is that the Ridgid comes fully assembled and ready to work. I was able to make my first cut about 30 minutes after getting it home. There were only slight adjustments to make to true up the blade and fence. The included blade is decent and has ripped through several 1x10s with ease. The on-board storage of the blade, wrenches, miter guide, fence and splitter/blade guard is really nice. Everything stays with the saw and when it is folded up, it can be tucked away in the corner. I haven't put it completely through its paces, but so far I am very satisfied. There are only two things that I would hope Ridgid will consider improving. First, like many people, I don't like the location of the power switch. It is tucked up under the table and is hard to locate when starting/stoping the saw. Second, the dust port tends to clog up. There are reinforcing rods in the outlet that trap larger pieces of debris. I suppose if I had a dust collection system hooked up it might be better. When the dust port becomes clogged, sawdust will fly out through the table insert; and it is not easy to clear without removing the insert and blade. For a portable saw, this Ridgid is a fine machine at a great price!

By btylerl on Home Depot - Apr 5, 2009

Can't be BEAT!!!

Strengths: Stable stand, easy aduustments, rock solid look and feel. The fence on this is truly amazing, solid, accurate and enough t-slots for all those holddowns and jigs. Mitre guage is a nice tight fit.

Weakness: Out of the box, i needed to adujst everything except the "blade-to-mitre" guide which was dead on. Hardly a weekness, just something to be aware of.

I looked quite long and hard for a TS. Used on CL and new in many places. I am NOT sorry i decided to go with the Ridgid 2410ls. After an hours or so of truing it all up, I have ZERO complaints.

By anonymous; - Apr 3, 2009

Great Saw

I am just getting into furniture building so this was my first table saw and I went back and forth between this one and the DeWalt. This turned out to be a great saw, it is very easy to use, the on board tool and accessory storage is great and the cuts are very percise. The only possible improvement they could make relocating the power swith so that it is easier to reach when trying to shut off the saw. Overall very happy with the saw and would recommend it to anyone that is looking for a quality tool at a reasonable price. Based on my experience with this saw, I will be purchasing the Ridgid joiner as well.

By Juggernaut on Home Depot - Feb 12, 2009

as good as I hoped for

I looked at everything I could find on the net for user reviews ad pricing . I narrowed it down to the ridgid... then after actually seeing it and that huge rip fence I was sold .... This thing was everything I wanted. Things I love are everything ( fence miter and cord even the extra saw blade )is self contained on the body. The accuracy is over the top . I like that fine adjust thumbwheel on the fence. Amazingly there is little vibration when up to full speed. The fold up legs are a dream to use . I"m tall so the saw table to me seems a couple inches low. But I'm sure fine for most guys. The only thing I don't like about it is that the switch is hard to find when you can't take youre eyes off the table. I know there are other saws that a re cheaper. but dollar for dollar this is the best. in my opinion. I could have gotten cheaper but wouldn't have been happy ...I know it. Amamzingly there was no setup out of the box and I had a slight adjustment to make and the miter gauge for squareness... but excellant setup elsewhere as I got it. I see no reason why this won't last me for years. This is a very nice piece of engineering.. I've had it for 2 months now and not a problem has come up

By les772 on Home Depot - Feb 8, 2009

ts2400 ridgid table saw

loved it while it ran. the armerature broke and it is no longer works.

By wooddoctor on Home Depot - Jan 13, 2009

Merry Xmas From Ridgid

What a Merry Xmas I had today. My wife gave me this wonderful table saw from Ridgid. It was easily set up and accurate to .001 right out of the box. The storage feature of this saw is GREAT!! Nice and easy to store the tools on the saw. The fence is extremely accurate and has no runout. I absolutley love this saw and have found it better than the Bosch in regards to the fence and it's accurate height and bevel adjustment. I highly recommed this table saw to any one who wants a great accurate easy to use table saw for their wood shop like me or on the job site.

By Rhuland on Home Depot - Dec 25, 2008

Portable Table Saw W/Stand

I received this saw today and had my wife help take it out of the box due to a shoulder injury. Everything was assembled, absolutely nothing to be assembled! I checked all the adjustments, the fence, etc. and none needed any further adjustments. Saw folds up very easily with one hand, seems to be very well built, looks great, sits firmly on the ground, blade operates very freely, I have not actually used the saw yet but am definitely looking forward to using it. Great product and the price is definitely a plus for this saw!

By retiredaag on Home Depot - Dec 4, 2008

Great Saw!

I was a little hesitant about this saw because of a bad experience with the Ridgid band saw which I do not recommend. However, this saw is a different story. It is without doubt the best portable saw I have used and better than most stationary saws. You won,t be dissappointed.

By Woodchuck on Home Depot - Oct 26, 2008

Absolute perfection

I have been in the market for a table saw for quite some time now but I could never find the perfect match for my needs till i came across this amazing peace of equipment. RIDGID truly put some thought into making this a great tool that will fit any class of wood worker. From a beginner like myself to a master that just needs the added space in his shop. I highly recommend this to anybody that is looking for a great tables saw without compromising space. Great job RIDGID

By Argenis on Home Depot - Oct 14, 2008

Heavy Duty 10inch Portable Table Saw w/Stand

I was skeptical of this saw at first. Didn't think it would hold up to what I could put it through. Almost bought the much heavier and larger stationary table saw that Rigid offered. However, I needed to conserve space in my shed and didn't want anything bulky and space consuming. So, I opted for this portable model. I must say that I am extremely impressed with it so far. I have ripped everything from 3/4 inch 4X8 plywood to solid oak planking with this saw. It never broke stride once. It is very easy to manuever and set up. The onboard tool storage keeps everything together and out of the way. It folds and unfolds easily and doesn't take up hardly any room in my shed. No assembly either. Comes out of the box fully assembled and ready to go. Awesome choice for the do it yourselfer to the professional that may work out of a pick up truck. Beats the Ryobi and more exspensive Bosch units hands down.

By kdutch917 on Home Depot - Sep 27, 2008

Great tool !!

Great for the shop or take it to the job (it is a little heavy). Sturdy even for cutting heavy plywood, table is stable and has a good fence also. Only dislike is the on /off button should be more accessable for quick off if needed. but i would still buy saw again.

By JoePa on Home Depot - Aug 19, 2008