Porter-Cable 390 5 Inch Random Orbit Sander With Pad

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ENDURATECH motor technology - For improved productivity, durability and control. Electronic Load Control - Maintains pad speed by monitoring motor speed increasing power under load conditions and removes material up to 42% faster than traditional random orbit sanders. Electronic Motor Braking - Stops the sander almost immediately, 73% faster than traditional sanders. The user can safely set the sander down without waiting for it to stop, further increasing user productivity.. ENDURATECH motor uses brushless technology in order to reduce the number of wear components by 71% - giving the motor 5 to 10 times longer life in testing compared to traditional palm grip sander motors. Reduced Tool Height - This produces a lower center of gravity, gets the user's hand 31% closer to the material being sanded, and ultimately delivers improved control, ergonomics, and finish. Improved ergonomics allow for comfortable body & top gripping. Dust sealed PC switch. Porex dust canister for maximum durability and efficiancy. Built in Vac Adapter accepts 1-in and 1-1/2-in vacuum hoses. Rubber power cord flexable to -22 Degrees F. 8 hole PSA pad accepts standard paper. Users - Woodworkers, Interior Trim Installers, Furniture Makers, Countertop Makers, Hardwood Floor Install, Boat Maintenance. Applications - Aggressive sanding, coating removal, leveling seams, smoothing rough material, solid surface work and boat bottom clean-up. Includes: Low Profile H&L Random Orbit Sander (5-in) - 390,


Product Title: Porter-Cable 390 5 Inch Random Orbit Sander With Pad

Manufacturer: Porter-Cable

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