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Packs a powerful punch despite it's small size

Strengths: Pocket sized screwdriver for all your screwdriving needs

Weakness: Don't expect it to replace your 18 volt drill

This pocket sized driver is perfect for driving screws around the house or workshop. I have used it in a variety of tasks and have yet to reach for something else. It spins screws in and out without stripping and is easy to hold all day as it is so lightweight. The grip is also comfortable to grasp. The Bosch PS20 should in no means be used to repace a more powerful drill but do purchase one to all to your arsenal. Too many times I have stripped a screw in a wall plate with my trusty 18 volt. I recommend this product most highly.

By yale02 - Dec 11, 2006

BOSCH PS20-2 10.8 Volt Litheon Pocket Driver

Strengths: Lightweight, plenty of torque for household jobs, firm grip, light feature is useful.

Weakness: Low RPM for drilling. Not enough room in the case for bits.

The pocket driver is lightweight and small enough to work in tight areas. I find the light useful when working under areas with low light such as cabinets / closets. The driver has plenty of torque to screw but the lower RPM's make it less than ideal for drilling. The battery charges in a little over a half an hour. I borrowed the driver from my neighbor and had to get one myself! It appears well made and I am hoping it lasts as long as other Bosch tools I own.

By shaq858 - Jul 8, 2008

Great little tool

Strengths: It maybe small in size but its big on power.

Weakness: I haven't found one yet!

The first time I used this tool, I borrowed it from a friend, what a great tool, its light weight, easy to handle, holds a charge for a long time. I had to have one!
Just got mine the other day, I already used it to put together some small boxes for a craft project. I could tell already, this will become one of the most used tool in my shop. I light I find is helpful for close work. But, I really like the overall feel for the tool. Bosch ,you got a winner here!!

By witzend665 - Nov 1, 2006

Lotsa Guts in a Small Package

Strengths: very compact & light high torque for its size battery longevity(for newness) clutch not as jarring as some

Weakness: too easy to lose

Purchased Bosch PS20-2 two weeks ago...still using the same battery pack in initially charged & have driven approx.90 screws with it, some as long as 3". Only once did I have to resort to the bigger(& heavier)18v for a 3 1/2 screw in hardwood. Like the small LED for convenience though could be brighter for close work. Actually mounted a 3/4" spade bit & bored through a old 2 x 10, though rather slowly. This tool replaced a 2 Ryobi 12V drills which both decided to die at an inopportune moment. The Bosch grip feels very good in gloved hands & is small enough to easily fit in the most cramped of tool boxes.

By AMAU - Nov 1, 2006

whos bosch

Strengths: very small and nimble has enough strenght to pull off almost any job around the house

Weakness: the only weakness i have encountered is the nifty led it's situated under the tool but not enough aimed directly at what you doin, it's aimed under the shaft which makes it cast a shadow

just moved intoa new apt. and i love this tool already.under 99 buks can't beat it. around the house one tool will make you throw away most of your screwdrivers. buy it enjoy it. 2 batteries is a gift makes it last while the other recharges you're constantly at it great .

By burninauthor - Jul 27, 2008

Well Built Tool

Strengths: Well built Compact size Great batteries

Weakness: None

There is noting quite like a quality built tool. Bosch has built an incredible set of tools with the 10.8 volt line. This item is built like a tank. It has a tremendous amount of power, in a compact size. The lithium batteries are terrific - they hold a charge well and charge quickly when needed. I honestly cannot say enough good things about this tool. It is must nicer using this tool instead of my large bulky DeWalt 18v tools. The Bosch will not replace my DeWalt tools but I will be using them less.

By swinghard - Nov 2, 2008

Best Pistol Grip Driver to Date

Strengths: Great balance and feel; excellent torque

Weakness: None

Since I got a Skil pistol grip power driver many years ago, I've considered them among my favorite power tools. Since the demise of my Skil I've owned and used 3 3.6v LiOn drivers, currently a B&D. They've ranged from pathetic to OK (B&D) This Bosch driver beats them hands down. Most important is that it delivers much more torque which is very controllable. The ergonomics are superb, and unlike the others you don't get a sense that the switch or some other component will fail in the near future. It is near perfect for what it is, and I could not suggest anything to iumprove it.

By chinnboy - Oct 27, 2008

BOSCH PS20-2 10.8 Volt Litheon Pocket Driver

Strengths: Very powerful despite its small size. Lightweight and half the size of a regular drill driver

Weakness: It compliments your 18V Drill Driver but dont expect it to be a replacement for it

Great product from a quality company. A perfect compliment to your standard high power drill drivers but in a small compact and comfortable size. Perfect for those tight spaces or difficult locations when its small size and light weight are perfect. Comes with a full clutch which is not common on these pocket driver type pockets. The built in led light is a nice addition. The batteries charge surprisingly fast. The only bad thing i can say about this product is the nice case it comes with should have included pockets for bits, etc.

By nynate - Jul 22, 2008

Bosch ps20 pocket driver

Strengths: compact size, litheon battery, nice case, good power.

Weakness: none to date

Just got this thru Amazon for $85.oo. Great drill very compact and powerful. They also had a rebate for a free drill. One of the best deals I've gotten in on. Even without the bonus drill ,I would buy this drill. I use it alot on cabinets, very good for tight places. A+

By Ohiobuc - Jul 17, 2008

Great little tool

Strengths: Powerful / compact / 30 min. charger / work light built in

Weakness: Wouldn't stand like picture shows / can't turn light off

Great little driver - also a good little drill - very compact and powerful for its size, feels like a heavy toy - but it does do the job of driving screws and good job drilling - would highly recommend this tool to anyone, from lite hobbyist to a heavy duty pro - will not disappoint!

By SILBER21 - Jul 11, 2008

Bosch Litheon Driver

Strengths: brand name. quality construction and performance

Weakness: none

This is an excellent pocket driver from top manufacturer Bosch that uses lithium battery technology to last long on fewer recharges. its a 10.8 V driver and is more than adequate for regular screwdriving needs. there is a more powerful impact model available as well. good construction quality and sweet performance.

By deshwasi - Jul 8, 2008

Solid tool Bosch ps20-2

Strengths: Lithium battery, powerful, long battery

Weakness: Not yet

I bought this Bosch PS20-2 driver to install the drapery curtains and other daily work I need to do for my new house. The tool is powerful, easy to do drill and screw driver job. It's solid and has long battery life. I installed three drapery curtains and the initial battery still working. It contains three years warranty from Bosch for peace of mind.Great tool!

By truelies - Jun 19, 2008

New blue toy

Strengths: Feels just right and will fit in the craziest places.

Weakness: No clip for belt or extra bits.

I used this to work under a sink to remove it in preparation for a new sink to be installed. The little light was great for seeing into the dark places where the screws holding the sinking to the countertop were. With this it really was a breeze working under the sink and its small size allowed me to get right into the tighter places at the corners of the sink. I have also used the PS20 to quickly remove cabinet doors and a few other things. It really is just a handy all around tool and I will go for it in the toolbag over any of my screwdrivers if I think it will work.

I would liked to have a little clip on it as to hook it to a belt or a belt loop for when up on a ladder. Also a slot for an extra bit would be useful. This would take away from its streamlined appearance though. I may rig something up anyways if I feel so inclined one of these days.

By jmanatease - Jun 8, 2008

BOSCH PS20-2 is a big hit in my shop

Strengths: small but very powerful. LED light very convenient. power bit set makes for very quick bit changes. soft-side case is just the right size.

Weakness: I haven't found any yet and I have used it for about 6 weeks.

I bought this drill to fit in small spaces that my current cordless drills could not. I built a trundle and bed with over 600 holes to drill and screws to drive. I never got a good count on how long the battery lasted but I used just 3 charges to finish the bed. The quick bit changes were easy and convenient. The drill was very powerful and I had to set the clutch so I wouldn't overdrive the screws and strip out the holes. I am very satisfied with this product. I am looking forward to the lithium batteries lasting a long time which will be a nice change over the batteries that I currently have in my cordless drills. Great product that lives up to the hype!

By kuma1594 - Mar 29, 2008

Bosch PS20-2 10.8V POCKET Litheon Cordless DRIVER

Strengths: I really like the size and flexibilty I have when using it.

Weakness: Because of its size it lacks some power but is still powerful for being small.

I purchased this for my boyfriend for his birthday but find myself using it more around the house than him. I really like that it is little and easy to handle.

By keaves123 - Jan 4, 2008

Great all purpose drill/driver

Strengths: Size,light,power and carry case.

Weakness: snap lock

This is the best all purpose drill/driver on the market.
Every contractor should have one of these. It will take care of 90% of the jobs a cordless is used for. The bosch pro-vantage 3 year warranty is a plus. This is also a great tool for a home owner looking for a quality tool with a lithium ion battery, since it will hold a charge up to 18 months with out use. The snap lock is convenient but it would be better if it was a "push in" snap lock.

By pzimmitti - Oct 3, 2007

Bosch PS20-2 Driver

Strengths: Size, Weight, Power

Weakness: None so far

I was skeptical about a 10.8 volt tool doing the things stated by Bosch. After reading several reviews I decided to order and see for myself. I am amazed and exceedingly pleased with this tool. I had been putting off some projects because I dreaded using my heavy 18 volt drill/driver. It was a real pleasure using this lightweight, easy to grip, and powerful tool. I now have my projects done and I'm looking for more. If you decide to order this tool I can assure you, you won't be dissapointed.

By anonymous; - Sep 27, 2007

Bosch Tool

Strengths: Small tool packs a punch, very powerful, Love the lead light in the front

Weakness: Dont see any yet

This tool really does pack a punch. Don't let the small tool fool you. It has a good grip and easy to handle. Love the bag that it comes with. Wish it had more accessories.

By bockman99 - Feb 4, 2007

saves my bacon nearly every day

Strengths: good torque, small size, tremendous versatility.

Weakness: keep a close eye on yours and theft shouldnt be a problem.

i am an electrical apprentice and this little beauty has increased productivity significantly. typically my company uses much larger drills for driving screws and drilling. often we have a difficult time fittling these other drills in some of the tighter spots that we need to get into. not with this though. basicallly, if you can get your hand in there you can use this driver. it also drills very well in most woods and softer metals. get one, youll love it.

By anonymous; - Jan 1, 2007

Bosch 10.8 lithium ion pocket driver.

Strengths: lightweight,ample power ,30 minute charger,

Weakness: light should be positioned slightly higher.

I had the dewalt prior to this (7.2 cordless screwdriver)
excellent unit.I find the bosch much lighter lasts longer
per charge.the illuminated light is a very nice touch.My preference is the bosch. Power is approximately the same.

By anonymous; - Jul 5, 2006