STC Air Hammer: Husky Medium Barrel HSTC4610

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Shop for Power Tools at The Home Depot. Features a 3 in. Stroke length. Also includes 4 chisels and spring retainer.


Product Title: STC Air Hammer: Husky Medium Barrel HSTC4610

Manufacturer: STC

Power Score: 3.9 | 8 Reviews

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Awesome for the price

I was tearing apart my bathroom. tile floor and tile bathtub walls with a cast iron tub. my good ol hammer and chisel worked but was tiresome and took too long. bought this air hammer and within three hours had my entire bathroom torn apart including concrete walls to remove my tub. I honestly think it would have been faster if I had a bigger air compressor, I only have a 12 gallon. I would...
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By jmacmoney on Home Depot - Mar 16, 2013

inexpensive air hammer

worked great for our project tearing out a metal door frame set in concrete. also tried skillsaw with metal cutting blade, the air hammer tore though it, faster and cleaner :)

By handyguy on Home Depot - Nov 13, 2012

Husky Air chisel

Bought this air chisel for $35. It was the only nicer option to the $15 Campbell Hausefeld unit in stock. It was replacing an old Harbor Freight unit that was acting up. It was pathetically weak, especially compared to the cheap Harbor Freight unit. After taking 15 minutes, It only managed to chip 6 tiles. The Harbor Freight unit ripped through them in seconds before its quality related demise....
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By Disappointed on Home Depot - Aug 10, 2012

Great Tool

After trying to get this at my local store (continuously out of stock), HD had a free shipping offer, so I ordered on-line. Tool arrived quickly and was in perfect shape and works great. Fantastic Buy.

By TroyD on Home Depot - Feb 19, 2011

Husky Air Hammer

I would rate this as good as far as it's power goes. However, I found that the barrell constantly loosened itself when using a chisel in cement and dirt. Also, the end of the aluminum housing chipped off when in contact with cement or rocks. I thought about returning it when the barrell started loosening, but then the housing end chipped off.

By garyswen on Home Depot - Aug 26, 2010

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