Ridgid Hammer Drill: Ridgid Drill. Heavy Duty 1/2 In. Corded Vsr Hammer Drill R5013

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Shop for Power Tools . The RIDGID Heavy-Duty 1/2 in. corded VSR Hammer Drill features a 7.5 Amp motor with hardened-steel gears and a heavy-duty, 1/2 in. keyed chuck with an all-metal design for reliable durability. The automatic clutch reduces the stress load on the motor during use, and the dual speed/torque gearbox provides the torque and the drilling speed you need to finish the job. The 360-degree auxiliary handle assembly includes a depth stop rod so you can reposition the depth rod for precise control of the drilling depth.


Product Title: Ridgid Hammer Drill: Ridgid Drill. Heavy Duty 1/2 In. Corded Vsr Hammer Drill R5013

Manufacturer: Ridgid

Power Score: 3.6 | 14 Reviews

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did not last

Used this three time to drill concrett block for use tapcom 1/8 hole the motor started to smell now it dont turn work any more model 5013 1/2 drill

By kenny on Home Depot - Jan 15, 2013

Brand-new Broke after 20 minutes of use

Was using brand-new drill and mixer blade to mix thinset for tiling. Quit working after mixing 6th batch. About 20 minutes of use.

By LarryD on Home Depot - Dec 4, 2012

Love it.

I did all the research and figured this was the best value for a homeowner who will use it once in a while. I was not disappointed. It cut through paving blocks like butter. Very happy with it.

By MrGoose on Home Depot - Oct 9, 2012

One Of The Best

I have had this drill now for about 3 yrs. It has drilled anything and everything you can think of. Concrete, Brick, Cement Block, Cast Iron, Steel and many other materials and it has come through everything with flying colors. I've had other name brands which I won't mention and they never performed as well as this one. For the money it is worth every penny

By slowride59 on Home Depot - Jul 1, 2012

Exceeded all expectations.

This past weekend, I had the need to drill 4 holes in concrete. Not just any concrete and not just any hole. I have an Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) home with 8" concrete sandwiched between 2.5" Styrofoam. The holes are 1" in diameter, to fit exterior frost free faucets. I used a Bosch Blue Granite 1" x 12" bit, and honestly I don't know how it could have worked any better. If you think about the...
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By DAC62 on Home Depot - May 14, 2012

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