Reviews for Milwaukee 2663-20 Milwaukee 18 Volt Cordless 1/2" High Torque Impact Wrench with Friction Ring

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everything I heard was true

Ok, I can't really do any comparisons with other impact wrenches because I'm only an amateur hobby car mechanic and this is the first one I've ever used; I don't have to worry about deadlines so I like to do things manually whenever I can. But, this thing is awesome. I just tested it on a rusty (even the rust had rust on it) Honda Civic axle nut (recommended torque 135 ft-lbs) with the safety tab still dented in. For comparison I removed the passenger side manually, and the driver side with this impact wrench. For the passenger side, I used a breaker bar with a 4-foot steel pipe over it. At first I was moving the whole car, even with the parking brake on, so I put the wheels against the curb, and after pushing like crazy, it came free. For the driver side, I just put the impact wrench on it and pumped the trigger a few times and it came free. The whole thing took maybe 5 seconds and the car was not pushed in the process. I have no doubt that it will handle the next target, the crankshaft pulley bolt, which seems impossible to remove manually without damaging the engine in the process. I know most of the success really belongs to the idea of the impact wrench, rather than this specific model, but I guess the point is that this one is cordless!

By sjrcp on Home Depot - Jan 29, 2012

One bad Impact!!!!

I have owned mine for about a week now and it has paid for itself already. Used it to do a head job on a jeep 4.7. I tell you this thing has plenty torque. Removed the crank pully bolt with ease, also removed the timing guide access plug that was torques way beyound any lug nut. Took it off with ease. I couldn't have got the job done without a powerful impact and this has plenty of that. Alot better value than any of the others as I get great discounts on snap on and matco yet I still chose this over them. Thanks milwaukee for a great product!!

By 404tech on Home Depot - Feb 12, 2012

Buy It!

This thing rips anything apart. Old rusty lugnuts, no problem.

By mike on Home Depot - May 27, 2013

Still going strong!

Bought this a couple of years back, primarily for rotating the tires on my vehicles. I prefer not to review tools right away. It's been a great investment and the batteries are all interchangeable with my other components

By skymech66 on Home Depot - Feb 12, 2013

Fantastic Tool

Very strong. Works as advertised. I use this wrench at the racetrack to swap tires and it has the power to break lug nuts loose with relative ease. I recommend the full kit with XC batteries, but I use the tool with the regular capacity batteries and it still works very well.

By CMC34 on Home Depot - Jan 29, 2013

great product

M18 1/2 in. Cordless Square High Torque Impact Wrench-very good tool,recommended to all auto techs.

By serg on Home Depot - Jul 28, 2012

Good price for a good product.

This item lives up to its expectation. I added this item to my previous purchase of a milwaukee combo pack and use it with the full size M18 battery. This battery gives it more than enough life to take off and mount 4 tires on your standard car with power enough to spare for other tasks.

By ponycarlx on Home Depot - May 15, 2012

Great asset to the m18 product line

Day after I got this, it was already put to work removing the tires on my truck. Boy was I impressed. Quite amazed how much torque this tool has. Milwaukee has yet to let me down

By Woody on Home Depot - Feb 14, 2012

Very good value for the price

High torque for a very reasonable price. Quick delivery and very easy to order online.

By paul on Home Depot - Jan 10, 2012

The best impact for the buck!

This Impact Wrench has done great in my field of work and has torque that will do anything a air or corded impact wrench can do.

By JLHVAC on Home Depot - Nov 26, 2011

Extremely Powerful Tool

This impact wrench is extremely powerful. With the convenience of cordless and not having to cranking up the air compressor, this tool will replace my air impact wrench for most applications. This tool requires the the extended capacity battery.

By JNuclear on Home Depot - Nov 1, 2011

Excellent torque

This driver has been the best for removing almost any nut or bolt I throw at it. Highly recommend!

By Mike on Home Depot - Oct 14, 2011

This impact is the BOMB!

I have used this impact in the garage now for about a week. There is NOTHING that this impact could not handle. There is nothing that has even challenged it. I've used this on lug nuts, axle nuts, rusted bumper bolts...NOTHING has given this impact a challenge. I really have no "for sure" way to gauge the power but it sure seems stronger than my 1/2 pneumatic IR which is rated at a much higher torque. The only downside to this impact is the weight. Even though it's not "heavy" it still has more heft than my 1/2 pneumatic impacts. Another PLUS is I have yet to recharge the battery. Ive used the impact all week and I'm still showing 2 bars on the led battery meter.

By jimmybojimbob on Home Depot - Feb 16, 2011