Bosch Litheon Pocket Driver

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Bosch PS20-2 10.8V POCKET DRIVER


Product Title: Bosch Litheon Pocket Driver

Manufacturer: Bosch

Power Score: 4.8 | 20 Reviews

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Well Built Tool

Strengths: Well built Compact size Great batteries

Weakness: None

There is noting quite like a quality built tool. Bosch has built an incredible set of tools with the 10.8 volt line. This item is built like a tank. It has a tremendous amount of power, in a compact size. The lithium batteries are terrific - they hold a charge well and charge quickly when needed. I honestly cannot say enough good things about this tool. It is must nicer using this tool instead of...
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By swinghard - Nov 2, 2008

Best Pistol Grip Driver to Date

Strengths: Great balance and feel; excellent torque

Weakness: None

Since I got a Skil pistol grip power driver many years ago, I've considered them among my favorite power tools. Since the demise of my Skil I've owned and used 3 3.6v LiOn drivers, currently a B&D. They've ranged from pathetic to OK (B&D) This Bosch driver beats them hands down. Most important is that it delivers much more torque which is very controllable. The ergonomics are superb, and unlike...
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By chinnboy - Oct 27, 2008

whos bosch

Strengths: very small and nimble has enough strenght to pull off almost any job around the house

Weakness: the only weakness i have encountered is the nifty led it's situated under the tool but not enough aimed directly at what you doin, it's aimed under the shaft which makes it cast a shadow

just moved intoa new apt. and i love this tool already.under 99 buks can't beat it. around the house one tool will make you throw away most of your screwdrivers. buy it enjoy it. 2 batteries is a gift makes it last while the other recharges you're constantly at it great .

By burninauthor - Jul 27, 2008

BOSCH PS20-2 10.8 Volt Litheon Pocket Driver

Strengths: Very powerful despite its small size. Lightweight and half the size of a regular drill driver

Weakness: It compliments your 18V Drill Driver but dont expect it to be a replacement for it

Great product from a quality company. A perfect compliment to your standard high power drill drivers but in a small compact and comfortable size. Perfect for those tight spaces or difficult locations when its small size and light weight are perfect. Comes with a full clutch which is not common on these pocket driver type pockets. The built in led light is a nice addition. The batteries charge...
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By nynate - Jul 22, 2008

Bosch ps20 pocket driver

Strengths: compact size, litheon battery, nice case, good power.

Weakness: none to date

Just got this thru Amazon for $85.oo. Great drill very compact and powerful. They also had a rebate for a free drill. One of the best deals I've gotten in on. Even without the bonus drill ,I would buy this drill. I use it alot on cabinets, very good for tight places. A+

By Ohiobuc - Jul 17, 2008

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