AquaIllumination 52-LED AI Hydra Aquarium Light System, Black


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Combining the control of the AI Vega and unmatched power of the AI Sol, the AI Hydra Fifty Two brings a new level of performance. At a maximum of 135 watts from the wall, it follows in the family's efficient footsteps.


Product Title: AquaIllumination 52-LED AI Hydra Aquarium Light System, Black

Manufacturer: AquaIllumination

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Power Score: 4.1 | 10 Reviews

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Great light

Awesome color selection, and shimmer on the water, my SPS are growing like crazy under these beasts. And the director gives great control.

By Mike B on - Jul 8, 2014

Hydra Fifty Two

The installation of the lights was easy...screws for mounting to 6' bar were too short to hold the lights securely. I obtained 1 1/4" 10/32 screws and they hold the lights well. The corals immediately responded to the increased lighting especially the rose anemone with increased color and overall health. After years of using metal halides I highly recommend this product...I look forward to...
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By ALEX ODELL on - Jun 24, 2014

Bad Quality Control

Bought two of these (one black and one white), The black one was good, but the white one had a hole in one of the pucks so I exchanged it for a white replacement. When the new one came in I plugged it in to hear a annoying buzzing noise WHEN THE LIGHTS WERE IN DIM MODE. Simply AI's quality control is very bad as far as HYDRA 52 is concerned. I called Marine Depot and they asked me to call AI, and...
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By MADHU GANESAN on - May 30, 2014

Hydra 52

I have been enjoying the hydra 52 and my corals do as well

By RICK CROSS on - Apr 27, 2014

Excellent product

I have had two of these units on my 120 gallon tank for about a month now, used in conjunction with their New Controller. The lights are a major step forward from the Ecoxotic units that I was previously using. I have the units placed roughly 6 inches above the top of my tank, which has a glass cover. At full brightness, intensity at the tank bottom well exceeds the 300 PAR they specify. Use of...
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By Dave Evans on - Apr 9, 2014

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