Sterling Plumbing Sterling 62040100-0 Advantage Shower Kit 60 x 34 x 76, White

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Product Title: Sterling Plumbing Sterling 62040100-0 Advantage Shower Kit 60 x 34 x 76, White

Manufacturer: Sterling Plumbing

Lowest Price: $715.55 from Home Depot

Power Score: 4.7 | 9 Reviews

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Product Reviews (9)

Good solid product

Installation went very well - Iron tub out - new shower in all instructions were complete and easy to follow.

By apm49 on Home Depot - May 14, 2013

We looked forward to installing this shower.

This shower looked to be the solution we were looking for to finish our 2nd floor bath. Upon opening the sub floor to install the drain, we found that we would have to cut into a joist. We had to return this shower for a 48".

By John on Home Depot - May 1, 2013

The shower was easy to install

Even for a rookie the unit was easy to install. It is important to make sure that the walls of the bathroom are straight and true. Unfortunately in my case, I was working with a 40 year old home and I had to use a lot of shims to get everything straight. The final product works just fine and my bathroom is now modern.

By Jeep on Home Depot - Apr 18, 2013

Good product that served our needs well

Very well built quality product for the price. Had it professionally installed and the installer said it was easy to install and was of very good quality.

By Geezer on Home Depot - Dec 4, 2012

We ordered this unit to replace an existing 20 year old tub. It fit perfectly with slight adjusting.

We were very happy with this shower unit. Replacing anything 1990 usually creates huge issues, but this unit fit perfectly with a few slight adjustments. My parents are happy and that is a hard task when it comes to home decor. Thank you !

By Jylle on Home Depot - Jun 26, 2012

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