Reviews for Sioux Chief 660-H 3/4 Female Swivel Hose Thread X 3/4 Male Hose Thread Mini Rest

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Best buy in a long time

Like others with front load washers my pipes were banging. I put two on the machine in ten minutes. No more banging.

By HappyJim on Home Depot - Jun 3, 2013

a MUST for Front load washers

As everyone else has commented, This thing does what it is meant to do, stop the water pipes from hammering. We used to have a top load washer and that would also hammer, but was tolerable as it only did it a few times a load, went to a new front loader and the things does it like 30 times a load, so we had to do something. Picked these up, installed on the washer themselves in less than 5 minutes, and no more hammering at all. Now we have no idea the washer is running unless we are in the laundry room :-)

By grimmster on Home Depot - Jun 2, 2013

New HE Front Load Washer pipe banging stopped

Seems LG has the corner on this market so far ... we too purchased one. These did the trick. Super easy fix.

By on Home Depot - Mar 8, 2013

Outstanding product!

I, too, have an LG washer that hammered the pipes out of their brackets, literally. I connected two of these to the ends of the supply hoses and then to the washer, done in a snap. Instantly no more water hammer! I then went under the house and replaced the broken brackets that the water hammer caused. If ignored, it had the potential of cracking a pipe or popping a weld and causing major damage under my home. This is an inexpensive and easy fix to a potentially disastrous problem.

By Taco on Home Depot - Mar 6, 2013

Works Great

Just installed these on my washing machine and no more banging of pipes. I was hoping that it would also reduce the banging from my kitchen sink, whose supply lines branch off about 10 feet from the washing machine. It did! It also stopped the banging from the bathroom sink faucet which is about 20 feet away. Obviously, I have to keep the water supply valves to the washing machine on, but I never used to turn them off anyway. Very happy with the product.

By Mark on Home Depot - Mar 1, 2013

Put the hammer down.

Just installed a new LG clothes washer in our 60 year old home and the pipes were making a racket. Not good for the feed lines to the washer or your water heater with all that shock. Installed these on the hot & cold inlets on the back of the washer, recommended by instructions, and the hammering is GONE. Very happy with this product.

By Doug on Home Depot - Feb 18, 2013

Solved my water hammer INSTANTLY!!!

I bought a new LG 4.0 cu ft washer, and immediately started getting unbearably loud water hammer noise. It was so loud that I stopped washing my clothes, because I thought my pipes were going to burst under my house. Upon doing a little research, I stumbled upon these water hammer arresters, and so thought I'd give them a shot and bought two -- one for the hot water line and one for the cold. The units installed easily in about 15 minutes, including lugging my washing machine back and forth. I only needed a wrench, a pair of pliers, and a bucket to drain my existing water lines. (NOTE: If possible, install these directly to the back of your washing machine to prevent water hammer damage to your water lines.) As soon as I installed these units, my water hammer noise was nowhere to be found. The washer now runs very quietly, and I'm not nervous about damaging my pipes. AWESOME PRODUCT!!!

By Alex on Home Depot - Jan 14, 2013

Fixed washing machine water hammer, FAST!

It was very easy to install. Works great. It has easy to follow instructions and can be installed in any direction. Attaches right to washer.

By Hulahakele on Home Depot - Nov 25, 2012

Completely eliminated water hammer from my washer

My washing machine is on the opposite side of my home from my water heater. It is a high-efficiency washer, so instead of one big fill, it does lots of little bursts--1 second long with 2 second pauses for 10-20 times. The entire house was filled with banging whenever we started a load. This occurred again during rinse cycles. Installed two of these--one each on the cold and hot valves of the washing machine. It took only 10 minutes. The banging is completely gone now. I can sit in the next room and I only hear the sound of the water instead of the pipes. This is one of the best simple purchases I have ever made for our home.

By Gregory on Home Depot - Oct 13, 2012

No More Banging Pipes.

Bought a new front load washer and the pipes bang when the water shuts off. Did some internet research and installed two of these, one for hot and the other for cold. That's it. Done! 10 minutes work for both (everything screws on, no soldering) and no more banging pipes. I agree with another poster, these should come with the new washers since they all seem to do this. BTW, this should save my valves since one was starting to leak at the base of the turnoff. Probably due to all the pressure.

By Abuser on Home Depot - Jul 11, 2012

The banging has stopped!

Our new high efficiency washer was causing the hot and cold water lines within the wall to bang (loudly!) every time the valves in the washer shut. Figured we'd have to open up the wall to try to fix the problem but found these little beauties after a search on the 'net. Bought one for each supply line and installed them in about 5 minutes. Voila! No more banging. And the price was quite reasonable to boot.

By greenbird17 on Home Depot - Apr 30, 2012