Saniflo SaniSHOWER: Gray Water Pump Macerator

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SaniSHOWER BENEFITS The SaniSHOWER is a system that is used to install a shower and sink up to 12 feet below the sewer line, or even up to 100 feet away from a soil stack. The SaniSHOWER system is designed to connect with: 1- This SaniSHOWER gray water pump 2- Any Sink 3- Any Shower The SaniSHOWER is a small gray water pump that may be used to pump waste water away from a shower, sink, bar sink, or other fixture. The SaniSHOWER is small enough to fit underneath a raised shower base. Alternatively, it can be placed behind a wall or beside a shower. The SaniSHOWER will pump wastewater up to 12 feet in height and/or 100 feet away from a soil stack. SaniSHOWER INSTALLATION The SaniSHOWER is simplicity itself to install; there are just four connections. 1- Drains from desired bathroom fixtures are connected to the SaniSHOWER pump (ie shower, and/or sink) 2- The pump is connected to a vent system. 3- The pump is connected to the drain pipe. 4- The pump is connected to the electrical supply. And you're done! SaniSHOWER FUNCTION The inside of the SaniSHOWER is comprised of a pressure chamber, which starts and stops the unit, and the motor, which drives the pump. When the water enters the SaniSHOWER, it activates a micro switch in the pressure chamber, which in turn starts the motor. The motor is sealed for life in an oil filled enclosure. A spindle/shaft drives the impeller and therefore the moving parts are kept to an absolute minimum. Water enters the chamber and is pumped away into the sanitary sewer. SaniSHOWER WARRANTY:Full 2 year manufacturer warranty for repair or replacement.


Product Title: Saniflo SaniSHOWER: Gray Water Pump Macerator

Manufacturer: Saniflo

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