Armstrong Flooring Astro 30B 1/25 HP Recirculator Pump

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Armstrong Astro 30B 1/25 HP Recirculator Pump Armstrong Astro 30B Connection: Flange - 1/2 diameter bolt holes. Armstrong Astro 30B Overview: The Armstrong Astro 30B is a hydronic circulator that conserves energy and eliminates maintenance. Armstrong's Astro Circulator is intended for circulating water or ethylene glycol solutions in closed hydronic or solar heating systems. It is designed with no mechanical seals or couplers to replace, and no lubrication is required. The Astro series is available in two models for residential, small industrial and commercial installations. Choose from cast iron or bronze models for solar and domestic applications. Armstrong Astro 30B Design Features: Efficient/Quiet Operation Universal Flange to Flange Dimension Cast Iron or All Bronze Construction UL and CSA Listed No mechanical seals to leak No couplers to break No lubrication Noryl impeller Vent plug for initial purging if required Stainless Steel shaft Ethylene Propylene gaskets Impedance protected motor Armstrong Astro 30B Technical Data: Flow Range: 0 to 20 USgpm Head Range: 0 to 32 ft. Motor: 115 V, single phase, 60 Hz Max. Fluid Temperature*: 230°F Max. Working Pressure: 150 psi Armstrong Astro 30B Materials of Construction: Pump Body: Cast Iron , Bronze Impeller: Polypropylene Shaft: Stainless Steel Bearings: Graphite Gasket Material: EPDM * Flan


Product Title: Armstrong Flooring Astro 30B 1/25 HP Recirculator Pump

Manufacturer: Armstrong Flooring

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