Reviews for Husky Combination Wrench: Husky 1/2 In. Drive Torque Wrench 39104t


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Great tool with good price from Home Depot

Strengths: Price, Quality, Accuracy

Weakness: Trying to find.

With the very reasonable price, We got five of this great tool for our engine rebuild daily task. It is accurate (check by one of the calibrate company near us) and it is easy to use. Quality is our major concern and this tool fits what we need.

By bmwr1150rt - Jun 13, 2008


Strengths: Nice length,nice finish, ratchet is smooth

Weakness: Haven't found any as yet.

I have only used this torque wrench a few times but it is great. The finish is nice and the length is good for the higher torque figures. The included case will preserve the wrench many years.

By robare11 - Mar 7, 2008

Good for the price

It's good for it's price. The feel in your hand screams quality but when you actually use the tool it feels cheap but for the price it will do that job just fine. I wouldn't recommend it for shops or anything but for personal use, it's fine. If you are a part of the Craftsman group, stick with the Craftsman. Cheaper in money and similar in quality and accuracy.

By DIYtoAdvance on Home Depot - May 21, 2013

you get what you pay for!

Broke after using on my tires after only 3 uses, get the warranty!

By justin on Home Depot - May 1, 2012

Works just fine

Was the hands down best option for the price, used to install two CV axles and torque lug nuts and it works great.

By extcablongbed on Home Depot - Apr 20, 2012

guy's/gal's this tool is garunteed forever!

the Husky warranty only last 1 year from purchase to repair defects(under 90 days will include calibration) but if you read the back of the package it clearly states "if your Husky hand tool ever fails, *bring it back* and we(Home depot) will replace it free" you must return it to HOME DEPOT, do not contact Husky directly if it is past 1 year, KEEP YOUR RECEIPT and home depot will have no problem returning it for LIFE

By RonC on Home Depot - Apr 17, 2012

Lasted a few years

Overall, this wrench is good. I used it for a few years before it finally stopped working. I'm a weekend mechanic so I did not put it through a lot of use (mainly wheel lugs). Unfortunately, this product only has a 90 day warranty. Too bad for a $80+ tool.

By MIDIY on Home Depot - Mar 21, 2012


This torque wrench worked great for a while. Built a couple of engines using it. Always turned it back down to zero and stored it in it's case. Last time I used it, which was about the fourth time since new, I snapped a head bolt and stretched several more because it wouldn't click. It is out of warranty and useless. Seemed like a real nice piece when I bought it. Now it's just a piece of . . . well, you get the idea.

By ed455 on Home Depot - Mar 20, 2012

Great quality and works great.

All an all this product great. I've been to a few hardware stores and had to return them due to defects. This one no defects, works great and you can't beat the $.

By orlando on Home Depot - Jan 11, 2012

Seems Like a Good Wrench

Was looking for a good, moderate-priced torque wrench and bought this one for home workshop use. The quality seems good and it clicks clearly when the set torque is reached (have not checked, but is consistent between bolts). Worth a few extra dollars over the bargain basement versions of these wrenches.

By dcoff2 on Home Depot - Oct 30, 2011

Good product, good price.

Nice long handle, easy to read settings, works great, clean and solid overall look, better warranty than the competition, priced right.

By farmenandfixin on Home Depot - May 28, 2011

Under Torqued

Nice case, finish, and materials. I use the torque wrench mainly with car tires. However torque wrench wise, the low end torque settings are not accurate. Just replaced eight studs on my four-wheeler due to 58 foot pounds, would not 'click'. The bolts stretched and then one snapped. At higher settings, the wrench is great. Of course, 58 ft lbs is at the low side of the scale. Nice price, the warranty and manual could use some revision.

By WingNutA320 on Home Depot - Oct 18, 2010

No Lifetime Warranty!

HD web-site Description and Husky packaging both say Lifetime Warranty. Manual in the box after you buy says: Limited Warranty If within 90 days from the date of purchase, this wrench fails due to defects in materials or workmanship, we will repair and recalibrate it free of charge. After 90 days and until one year from date of purchase we will repair any defect in material or workmanship in the torque wrench free of charge. This warranty does not include recalibration.

By eronj on Home Depot - Jul 25, 2010



By BLUEEYEDDEVIL on Home Depot - Jan 9, 2010

Great quality, lots of leverage

Nice and beefy, plenty strong. Lots of leverage with that long handle. I've had mine for over 5 years now, albeit with only light use. It still performs great, I really love it.

By Porter on Home Depot - Oct 31, 2008

Great Product

Does the job with no problems. High quality product. Worked great every time it was used. Would definitely purchase this product again.

By viroid on Home Depot - Sep 13, 2007

1/2" Torque Wrench

Product works very well. Outer packaging indicates lifetime warranty but fine print in the brochure that is inside the packaging indicates it is a limited warranty good only. 1st 90 days, will repair and recalibrate at no charge. 90 days -1 yr, will repair only at no charge. After 1 yr, you are on your own.

By TDasher on Home Depot - Jul 12, 2007

Very Nice

I have had this wrench for about a month now and use it on a daily basis. The 30" handle makes it a dream to use and hitting tourqe is by no means a problem. This tool came with the lifetime warranty which beats the 90 days I saw for tourqe wrenches in the same price range.The tourqe is easily set and so far has met any challenge that it has been put through.

By tom1 on Home Depot - Jan 19, 2007