Husky Combination Wrench: Husky 1/2 In. Drive Torque Wrench 39104t


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Shop for Hand Tools . The reliable Husky 1/2 in. Drive Torque Wrench meets all ANSI specifications and provides 50 - 250 ft.-lb. of torque. This wrench comes fully polished.


Product Title: Husky Combination Wrench: Husky 1/2 In. Drive Torque Wrench 39104t

Manufacturer: Husky

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Power Score: 3.8 | 18 Reviews

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Good for the price

It's good for it's price. The feel in your hand screams quality but when you actually use the tool it feels cheap but for the price it will do that job just fine. I wouldn't recommend it for shops or anything but for personal use, it's fine. If you are a part of the Craftsman group, stick with the Craftsman. Cheaper in money and similar in quality and accuracy.

By DIYtoAdvance on Home Depot - May 21, 2013

you get what you pay for!

Broke after using on my tires after only 3 uses, get the warranty!

By justin on Home Depot - May 1, 2012

Works just fine

Was the hands down best option for the price, used to install two CV axles and torque lug nuts and it works great.

By extcablongbed on Home Depot - Apr 20, 2012

guy's/gal's this tool is garunteed forever!

the Husky warranty only last 1 year from purchase to repair defects(under 90 days will include calibration) but if you read the back of the package it clearly states "if your Husky hand tool ever fails, *bring it back* and we(Home depot) will replace it free" you must return it to HOME DEPOT, do not contact Husky directly if it is past 1 year, KEEP YOUR RECEIPT and home depot will have no problem...
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By RonC on Home Depot - Apr 17, 2012

Lasted a few years

Overall, this wrench is good. I used it for a few years before it finally stopped working. I'm a weekend mechanic so I did not put it through a lot of use (mainly wheel lugs). Unfortunately, this product only has a 90 day warranty. Too bad for a $80+ tool.

By MIDIY on Home Depot - Mar 21, 2012

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