Craftsman Figure Eight Wrench Metric


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Metric Figure Eight Wrench: Full Wrench Set in One Tool Leave it to Craftsman to solve the problem of having to haul around a full set of wrenches when you're on the job-the Craftsman Metric Figure Eight Wrench. This handy, convenient and lightweight tool (yet Craftsman sturdy) bundles eight different head sizes in one single tool. Just hang this all-in-one wrench set on your tool belt and you've got everything you need to put together that backyard swing set or tackle any number of simple home projects. Plus, there's no danger of misplacing that one size you need right now. You'll have it with you. This Metric Figure Eight Wrench accommodates eight common metric sizes in one tool (8-11mm, 13mm, 15mm, 17-18mm). Each end of the Figure Eight Wrench has two sockets mounted on a bar at the ends. Just swivel out the one you need while the others stay folded in. Leave it to Craftsman to make work-and life-easier. Comes with Craftsman lifetime warranty.


Product Title: Craftsman Figure Eight Wrench Metric

Manufacturer: Craftsman

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