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Easy as 1,2,3

Hey if you want the most for bang get this one....So easy to use clean up is breeze...operating is simple as 1,2,3, Hey already done to apartment. Titan 200 is good as your paint you purchase. This baby work great....least i mean this one. One I have is a life saver, I have cut my rolling job out. Picked up taping up things but guess what if and when I get good with this sprayer learn how to ready spray paint am going to be truly in heaven good machine for money

By sam7sun on Home Depot - May 19, 2013

Pure JUNK. Literally failed in 12 minutes

After reading poor reviews on this pump I figured it was people who had little to no experience with airless sprayers. I went ahead and bought the pump. BIG mistake. I thinned down the latex paint and strained it as I always do to help keep my pumps running smoothly. Started spraying. Pump spits at start of spray and end of spray (figured, what do I expect for so cheap). Well, literally 12 minutes into spraying the line suddenly looses pressure. That was it and it was done. FAILED. Finally got it to start priming again but poor pressure to the line would not even spray at all. Called Titan. Their "tech support" was worthless. After several phone calls following their instruction for their "easy fix" and 3 hours wasted, they finally tell me it needs repair and to take it to one of their authorized repair centers. Yeah right!! Just bought and it failed in 12 minutes, half a ceiling sprayed and a job to get done and I am going to take it in for repair? I dont think so! Returned it to Home Depot who had their tech check it out and he agreed. Unit failed and they promptly refunded payment.

By midway on Home Depot - Mar 15, 2013

Overall a good airless sprayer

Purchased 1/23/13 to spray primer and latex on a large interior wall project of more than 3000sq ft. Sprays PVA primer well with supplied 515 tip, but primer mfr recommends a 60 mesh filter and this unit came from factory with 100 mesh. No info on package or paperwork to say what it was equipped with, so drove the 30 miles one way back to Home Depot to buy the 50 mesh filters which are the closest mesh Titan offers. Had problems next day when spraying semi-gloss latex. Paint ran out around nozzle and retaining collar and dripped on the concrete floor. Latex mfr recommendation was for 60 mesh filter and to thin with up to 1/2 pint water per gallon if necessary, which I did. After fully disassembling and thoroughly cleaning nozzle, spray was successful with just a hint of seepage around the collar. Sprayed PVA again 1/29/13 with no issues. Thoroughly cleaned nozzle (and everything else) following priming. Attempted to spray latex top coat 1/30/13, but paint just oozed from the nozzle and collar. Stopped and disassembled gun, clean, reassembled and attempted spraying again. Leaks repeated, cleaning and reassembly repeated, better but still leaking. Cleaned the gun/nozzle a third time, and attempted to spray again. It would drip occasionally, so I persevered and got the walls sprayed with the first coat. Cleaning instructions are vague with regard to the nozzle, simply states to drop in a bucket of warm soapy water, not a word about disassembling. I learned my lesson the second time I used it. You MUST completely disassemble the nozzle assembly, and thoroughly clean every speck of paint from every mating surface or it will leak profusely. Suspect a bad nozzle seal from the factory, unfortunately, none of the four Home Depot stores in my area carry them and I cannot wait for a replacement to be shipped in. Other than the nozzle complaint, I am happy with the product.

By ProAutoPainter1 on Home Depot - Jan 30, 2013

Great Product - So far

Used this product only once so fa, but it did a great job. It has more than enough power using latex paints. It has many adjustments that make it very flexible for many materials.

By Scott on Home Depot - Oct 24, 2012

This sprayer is just what I was expecting works great!

Excellent performance, I like the that cleans with a garden hose it save me a lot of time, it comes with two setting in the gun tip for an easier spray range switch, and stores easy, I am satisfied with this purchase.

By HaroldG on Home Depot - Oct 16, 2012

Missing tip on my sprayer as well

I had the same problem with a missing tip. Anyone buying this sprayer would do well to check for missing parts when purchasing. Had to spend an extra $25. Other than that, the sprayer and gun work great when all the parts are there.

By AlbanyHiker on Home Depot - May 30, 2012

very nice

Bought this for small jobs around the house such as sealing a very long cedar fence, deck, and other such things requiring a stain/sealer, as well as many other painting projects requiring acrylic latex such as a garage door, some interior rooms, and some exterior painting of stucco surfaces. The first project I needed it for was a garden area surrounded by about 14 4x4 posts, a gate, and 5 raised beds (8' x 2') made from 2x12" timber. To keep waste to a minimum, I did order an additional 111 tip instead of using the supplied tip for this project. I plan to use the supplied tip for other projects requiring the spraying of acrylic latex. The 111 has a 2" pattern and small .011 orifice which seemed to be just right for the low viscosity stain/sealer. What took over a gallon of sealer and nearly 3 hours to brush last year, took only about 30 minutes (plus 15 minutes cleanup) and 2 quarts of sealer this year. It does take a little over a pint to initially fill the system, but all of that can be recovered. I remember the sealer dripping off the brush all over my hand and the ground last year, making a real mess and wasting a lot of material. Things like raised beds can be difficult to paint with a brush and something as thin as sealer. The proper pressure setting, kept overs-pray to a minimum, and of course no drips or mess like with the brush. I could probably have done this job wearing a suit. It came out absolutely perfect. Had only two runs (easily cleaned up), due mostly to just "getting used to" the new equipment. The sprayer is very quite, easy to adjust and handle, and easy to clean. I'm extremely pleased with this sprayer! Although I have many years experience spraying automotive finishes with suction-feed guns, this is my first experience with an airless system.

By justTim on Home Depot - Apr 16, 2012

Drywall Contractor / Painting

I have a Spy-tec 2190 (it's old) anyways it sprays .66 gpm. Unfortunately it was down, so I borrowed a friends sprayer. As luck would have it that did not work after setting up to spray a small job. So in my discuss I ran over to Home Depot and found this one. I admit I had some concern on the gpm. However I have found this is a awesome little sprayer and well worth the money. I have used it for 3 Month now and could not be more pleased. and the best part is it comes apart very easy for clean up and storage w/ its' collapsible frame a huge plse. As with any spray equipment clean up takes time 10 to 15 Min apx but as mentioned it comes apart easily to clean quickly. Could not brag enough about this sprayer.

By dandwdrywall on Home Depot - Sep 24, 2011

Machine was fine, was missing some parts when shipped

No tip & no spray nossle was included with the sprayer. Disappointed. Was not able to use the sprayer without purchasing an additional $100 worth of parts.

By Stupid on Home Depot - Jul 10, 2011