Philips MSR Gold 700W/2 Fast Fit HID Light Bulb

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Philips MSR Gold 700/2 Fast Fit MSR Gold FastFit - easy lamp replacement in secondsAll lamps burn out eventually, but when this happens with single ended MSR 700 Gold FastFit, it is replaced in seconds - thanks to the specially designed lamp base and lamp holder. The MSR 700 provides a high beam intensity of pure, white light for a truly illuminating performance, while the gold-plated caps provide superior heat protection and prevent premature failure. P3 technology allows use in any position and at higher temperatures, further extending lamp life and consistency of high-quality light output. Also, because the FastFit design is applied to Philips Halogen and Ceramic ST lamps, switching between lamp technologies can be done quickly and easily. Benefits - Lamp replacement in just seconds, exchangeable with halogen lamp - High beam intensity - Easy handling, smaller and lighter fixtures possible - Boostable light levels - Enables use at higher temperatures in any burning position. Longer lifetime, fewer early failures, consistent performance over time - Reduces early lamp or lamp holder failures. Excellent current transfer - Pure, white light; color point close to black body lineFeatures - Philips FastFit - Very short arc - Compact design - Flexible power range - Philips pinch protection - Innovative gold plated pins - MSR filling


Product Title: Philips MSR Gold 700W/2 Fast Fit HID Light Bulb

Manufacturer: Philips

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