Reflectix Perforated Radiant Barrier 48" x 125 Ft


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Product Information:Reflectix Radiant Barrier RB48125 is an excellent upgrade for making a residential structure more energy efficient. Installed primarily in attic systems to reduce the transfer of radiant energy through the roof (resulting in lower attic temperatures) to the attic floor. Lower attic temperatures mean less AC usage to keep your house cool, and will lower utility bills. The Perforated Radiant Barrier consists of two 96 reflective layers of aluminum bonded together enclosing a heavy gauge poly scrim.A Radiant Barrier is a material that is a poor retransmitter of radiant energy and will improve efficiency of most atticmounted HVAC and Ducts. Rvalues are dependent on installation technique, please refer to the user/application tutorials below. Applications include: Attic, Cathedral Ceiling, and House Wrap.Reflectix RB48125 includes: 1 Roll of 48 inch width by 125 foot length of radiant barrier.Additional Information:Manufacturer HVAC/R and Contractor Application Tutorial Energy Star Qualified for Residential Applications (PDF)Manufacturer Installation Sheet (PDF)Made in the USA Features:#149; Saves your energy dollar#149; Blocks 96 of the Radiant Energy from entering your home#149; Reduces a home's air conditioning by up to 10#149; Improves efficiency of atticmounted HVAC and Ducts Specifications:#149; Model Number: RB48125#149; Roll Dimensions: 48 inch x 125 foot#149; Flame Spread: 0#149; Smoke Development: 5 (ASTM E8481A)#149; Emissivity: 4#149; Reflectivity of Infrared Energy: 90 (ASTM C1371)#149; Permeability: 60g/m(2)/24 hr. (ASTM E96A)


Product Title: Reflectix Perforated Radiant Barrier 48" x 125 Ft

Manufacturer: Reflectix

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