Granite Countertops Modular - Tan Brown Kit: End Set


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Pedra modular granite countertops deliver the strength, high-quality, and long-lasting durability of granite at an affordable price for homeowners. Pedra granite countertops offer easy installation, when compared to traditional granite slabs, being lighter and offered in more manageable, standardized pieces. This excellent line of granite countertop kits is perfect for the do-it-yourselfer, or for the contractor with a single client's average sized kitchen countertop project. Pedra modular granite countertops are resistant to corrosion, scratching, and extreme temperatures. Each piece in the granite countertops kit is pre-fabricated to standardized dimensions and finish. This allows for a clean, easy installation using the same tools used for a granite tile installation. The tailored, attractively patterned surface of each Pedra granite countertop will add unique visual flair to any interior as well.


Product Title: Granite Countertops Modular - Tan Brown Kit: End Set

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