First Alert Tundra Fire Suppresser, 14 fl oz

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Product Title: First Alert Tundra Fire Suppresser, 14 fl oz

Manufacturer: First Alert

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Power Score: 4.8 | 4 Reviews

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Product Reviews (4)

It's a good buy.

It's nice and small, does what it's supposed to and it's inexpensive.

By Rcdude618 on Home Depot - May 29, 2013


Haven't had to use it, hope I never have to, but it's nice to know all I have to do is pick it up and point it at a fire without having to remember to shake it, etc.

By groundhog on Home Depot - Oct 2, 2012

Tundra Fire Extinguisher Spray

Have not needed but based on the video from Cool Tools, should work when needed. You can never have too many fire extinguishers.

By Smitty on Home Depot - Jan 17, 2012

Safe and Simple

I certainly hope that my family never has an occasion to utilize one of the First Alert Tundra Fire Extinguishers I bought. However, I am confident that if such an emergency should arise, this extinguisher will be easy for every member of the our family to use. It is built like an aerosol can; you can just pop off the clear top, point, and spray the fire. The extinguisher is certified for wood,...
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By rfpnc1 on Home Depot - Apr 2, 2011

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