Arke Handrails: LAN 47 in. PVC Natural Handrail BA0101


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Shop for Building Materials at The Home Depot. The LAN railing is characterized by round white-painted steel balusters. The balusters can be installed directly on the floor or to the side of the floor with special connectors. There are two baluster sizes: a short one (3 ft. 3/16 in.) for installation on the floor or a taller one (4 ft. 7/16 in.) for installation on the side. For staircase railings, install a short baluster and a long baluster on each tread, cutting the long one to suit the installation requirements. You can choose from the NIK wooden handrail (BA0401) or the LAN shapeable simulated wood PVC handrail (BA0101) with an aluminum core that can be adapted to various configurations, straight or curved. The handrail can be fastened to the wall using white-painted metal supports. The LAN railing is not a kit. You decide which pieces best suit your installation.


Product Title: Arke Handrails: LAN 47 in. PVC Natural Handrail BA0101

Manufacturer: Arke

Lowest Price: $45.99 from Home Depot

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