Johnson Level HotShot Rotary Laser Level Kit 40-0918

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Johnson Level HotShot Rotary Laser Level Kit 40-0918

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Measuring Tools Type: laser


Product Title: Johnson Level HotShot Rotary Laser Level Kit 40-0918

Manufacturer: Johnson Level

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Power Score: 2.1 | 14 Reviews

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Good argument for shims

Ibought this unit to assist me in leveling a small deck at the back of my house. The ground was very uneven so I wanted an advantage for setting the sonotube footings. Using it in early evening helped somewhat for sighting. When all was said and done, my 20ft. deck was out of level 3/8 in. point to point. If this is acceptable to you, buy mine for $50.

By bilbob1953 on Home Depot - May 24, 2013

Horrible product

I purchased one of these to help level my house and in the dark under the house, the laser is visible and that is all the good that I can say about it. Within a couple of days the motor died and the laser would no longer rotate. I sent it to Johnson and they sent me a new one but it lasted just past the one year warranty and it was dead too. Don't waste your time or money with this clearly...
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By homedepotofwestjax on Home Depot - Mar 17, 2013

Johnson Rotary Laser Level Kit

The product is just what you would expect to get for the price. The laser does do the job for small applciations. For the average homeowner it is a good buy.

By Rock on Home Depot - Jan 29, 2013

This Product Has A very dim Laser and it gets no stars.

The Laser was so dim i had to turn off all the lights. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS PRODUCT!! It may work ok for picture hanging, but even light duty construction jobs? Forget it. I plan on returning this product. Dont get it!

By busterbob on Home Depot - Sep 2, 2012

Great value for money

I haven`t had any trouble with this level aside from the batteries. The ones that came with it were near dead. put in new ones and it works fine. I have used rotary leveels before and this is not a high end one, but it is great value for money. higher end ones use auto leveling where this is manual leveling. Not bad just takes an extra minute to set up on a job. I find it to be pretty accurate...
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By builder on Home Depot - Jul 28, 2012

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