Black & Decker BDTM250 Laser Tape Measure

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Measuring Tools Type: laser


Product Title: Black & Decker BDTM250 Laser Tape Measure

Manufacturer: Black & Decker

Power Score: 4.3 | 3 Reviews

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Measures up!

Strengths: Built to last, laser pointer light

Weakness: Bit on the heavy side

Well, it does what a tape measure is supposed to do - it measures things! With the included laser beam, you can have the light shine around items. I was skeptical, but it seems to work pretty good so far. Since it's built to last, it should last for a while. Batteries are replaceable for when they finally die. They are button cell batteries, so they're a little more expensive, but at least a set...
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By bigtrekfan - Sep 9, 2008

Tape measure with a twist

Strengths: integrated laser line

Weakness: Kind of bulky

So, here's an interesting twist. What happens when you replace a chalk line with a laser beam and integrate the resulting functionality into a tape measure? You get the Black & Decker BDTM250 Tape Measure with Laser Line. The BDTM250 is a rather large 25-foot tape measure. It's a bit wider than most 25-foot tape measures with a 1-inch wide tape. It's also a good inch longer in order to...
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By yanusbfd - Apr 29, 2008

the tape measure that takes a beating and still works like it is brand new!!

Strengths: I have used this tape measure just about everywhere in my home and I'm the biggest butter fingers out there.I have already dropped it off the roof a few times and it has sled off the roof a couple more times

Weakness: I have not found any weaknesses yet and in the two weeks I have had it,It's been kicked,stepped on, dropped,and dropped from a very high roof.I have a 5 level townhouseand the top roof has to be 50 feet.

I only had it a few weeks and I am totally redoing this 5 level townhouse down the shore to keep for my family in the summer.I have used this tape measure everyday so far and it is a tough tape measure.I have always like Black and Decker products so the first reason I bought it was because of the name and great reputation Black and Decker has.

By anonymous; - Dec 1, 2007

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