EcoSmart 17-Watt (90w) Soft White (2700k) Br40 Led Flood Light Bulb Ecs Br40 W27 Fl 120

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Shop for Electrical . The EcoSmart 17-Watt BR40 LED Flood Light Bulb uses only 17 watts of energy and lasts up to 25,000 hours, saving you up to $201 per bulb over the course of the bulb's life. The warm, white bulb may be used indoors and is dimmable for customized light. This LED bulb can last up to 23 years and helps conserve energy over its life.


Product Title: EcoSmart 17-Watt (90w) Soft White (2700k) Br40 Led Flood Light Bulb Ecs Br40 W27 Fl 120

Manufacturer: EcoSmart

Power Score: 3.6 | 58 Reviews

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Waste of Money

Bought these bulbs thinking about the money savings & good for the environment. With the promise they would last 20+ years and cost about 8x that of normal lights. Unfortunately, have had to go back twice in less than a year and replace a couple of them. They burn out faster than the halogen lights. This technology is a far from being mature and the quality is pure rubbish!! I would stay away...
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By PFloyd on Home Depot - May 26, 2013

Excellent bright light

I've been waiting a long time for a LED bulb that I could truly say is worth the money. So far, so good. These bulbs replaced the CFL's that I had installed years ago. The CFL's were okay except for the fact it would take a long time, especially in the winter, to get full intensity. Not so with the LED's They come on quickly and the intensity is more than satisfactory. The saying goes, if my wife...
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By Dick on Home Depot - May 7, 2013

Bulbs don't last

I have bought 3 of these bulbs in the past 18 months and have had to change all 3 of them out. They do not last as advertised. I have the correct recessed can with BR40 trim kit to leave as much clearance as possible from the bulb since it gets so hot. Home Depot needs to stop selling these or get them redesigned.

By Marc on Home Depot - May 2, 2013

Doesn't fit in tapered BR40 cans

I was very excited to try this bulb, and unfortunately it won't fit in my can fixtures. This bulb does not taper like a real BR40 bulb. Instead it has a much wider heatsink under the top of the bulb and it will not screw into the fixture. Maybe it will work if you have a vertical (non-tapered) fixture, but I couldn't even see if it lit up.

By bwbw on Home Depot - Apr 5, 2013

Watch the Heat

I have bought 7 of these so far. None on dimming switches. All are performing very well in 6 inch cans. 4 month's so far. 5 are on for 7 hours daily minimum. I want 4 more, But, they are pricey. Color is very good. Back of bulbs get hot. 200++degrees. LED's and circuitry hate this heat. Lower temperatures = longer life. What I did was change my trim rings to non air-tite versions. 1/2"+ gap...
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By Toyz on Home Depot - Mar 26, 2013

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