How To Get Rid Of Fleas With Flea Shredder. The Best Flea Killer

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Shredder works unlike any other product on the market today. To fleas, Shredder is a deadly powder with microscopic jagged edges. When fleas eat Shredder, the specially formulated razor-sharp edges act like tiny knives slashing, slicing, and shredding their insides. Because Shredder kills the fleas physically, instead of chemically, they cannot become immune to it, which is what happens with pesticides that use toxic poison. Although Shredder is lethal to fleas, it is completely safe for humans and pets because the sharp edges are too tiny to harm anything other than fleas. In fact, hotel and motel managers have used the ingredients in Shredder for years to prevent fleas from taking over their businesses. Amazingly, not only does Shredder kill the fleas that come out and forage, it also kills their families and offspring. The secret is that the fleas don't die immediately--they return to where they lay their eggs and deposit the powder for others to eat. After the initial fleas die, other fleas begin to feed on their bodies and ingest Shredder, sealing their doom. Our revolutionary no-breed formula ensures that the fleas offspring and eggs do not survive, so you will not have to fight a whole new generation of fleas in the weeks to come. After hatching, Shredder is the first food baby fleas will find, and they will die before ever leaving the nest.


Product Title: How To Get Rid Of Fleas With Flea Shredder. The Best Flea Killer

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