Arbico Organics Compost Tea Bag Concentrate

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Our tea will wake your plants up! This highly concentrated extract of beneficial microorganisms (the soul of your soil) can be applied foliarly or directly through your irrigation system to immediately increase your plants vigor and combat disease.Contains One>pound Tea Bag: To make concentrate mix tea bag with>gallons of water and allow to steep for 48 hours. Apply>to>times per season at planting and fruiting as>foliar or drench on plants and soil. Use>quart/2,500 sq. ft. Arbico Organic's Compost Tea Bag can make from>to>gallons of compost tea, depending on the strength desired.>strong mixture will not harm your plants.


Product Title: Arbico Organics Compost Tea Bag Concentrate

Manufacturer: Arbico Organics

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