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Nice Mower!..... but not best value for me, for my money

I purchased a Toro Timecutter 42" cut deck a couple of years ago and was quite happy with it at the start. Nice cut, good hydro response etc, but as time went on was not happy with the quality of the machine or the quality of cut for the money. The mower would tear up turf in the turns, and also after constant adjustment could not get it to cut even as well. I spent 2500.00 for mine and at the time there was no SS feature to allow for 2 speeds of cut. The tires would tear up turf in the turns in part due to the smaller rear tires that come with the unit compared to a commercial zero turn tire which is quite larger. I believe a decline in hydro response was a factor in part as well, I am not quite sure, but i did notice a gradual decline in response time as the unit was used. I know to slow down in the turns and to keep both tires moving forward while turning much like a rolling turn rather than a zero turn, so operator know how was not the issue, and turf tear out was not a problem at the first. After careful research on other zero turn mowers of the commercial name brand but geared more towards their residential users, I decided for me this was the way to go After checking out all options from the commercial dealers and researching residential mowers as well, I test drove one and experienced the heavy duty quality and value for the money and haven't looked back since. Heavy duty deck with greasable spindles, greasable front forks with heavy duty bearings, hour meter for regular service intervals, dual or single fuel tanks, larger rear tires, (dealer told me both reasons i stated earlier as far as tire size and hydro reponse were factors in tearout, as well as others), commercial duty engine. Commercial duty hydros, with 6" fans mounted on top. ICD Heavy duty fabricated, not stamped steel, 4 point adjustment deck with 1/4" marbain steel blades that resist flexing, another reason for uneven cut. Too many other commercial features to name, but another feature i like is the height of cut adjustment. 4.5 " with 12 height adjustment compared to 3.5" with 6 heights with Toro. I like the higher cut with dry season here in FL. If you are not happy with your mower or are looking for something better in quality and value then check it out. Search commercial duty zero turns since i am staying clear of mentioning competitors. So Now Allow Premium Performance Every Residential Person Really needs to own and Operate. Best value and bargain for money 2yr. bumper to bumper parts and labor, 3 yr warranty commercial engine, and with unbelievble financing, I think its a no brainer. It is hard to match that deal in quality of mower or financing. I know many are happy with their Toro Timecutter purchase, and i really have no major complaints it is a nice mower, but for me it was all about the value for the money. What i paid is a lot of money let alone the cost of the Timecutter, but as a homeowner I am very happy with my commercial mower purchase and with regular maintenace it should last my lifetime. The reviews by commercial owners who use it every day, with no issues but praise in craftsmanship and quality sealed my decision. Also there is a commercial /residential sport model that is comparable to Timecutter in price but also has many heavy duty commercial features, deck, deck spindles, engine etc and 3 yr. warranty. Have yoU Searched To Look Every zero turn Riding mower........? If the value wasn't there for the money I would have given the new Toro with the dual speed adjustment a closer look since I have heard they are a drastic improvement over the older models, which is maybe why all the good reviews, but since the value was there for me in a commercial zero turn for the money, then for me this was the way to go. Higher price yes, but for the value in quality and performance it can't be beat in my opinion. If you purchase the Timecutter it may be what you are looking for, but if not then give the commercial low end units a look. You just may like.

By ZTOwner on Home Depot - Sep 8, 2012

Very good mower , Lots of power

I like the Kawasaki engine. Just did the 6 hour oil change. would be nice if they put a code for generic Oil filters with the manual. Starting and operation is very easy. Not sure why the 6 hour Oil change as the Oil was quite clear and did not see any metal fragments in it.

By Steve on Home Depot - Aug 21, 2012

Better than expected.

Recent purchase; about 20 hours so far. As others mention, the towing bracket should be included considering the price. The lack of an hour meter for tracking maintenance intervals is the only other negative that I have. I'm 6'6" - lots of leg room and bars are high enough to clear knees (unlike a couple of other brands I sat on). 42" Z-mower (Kawasaki engine) gives a 'golf course' finish. I would buy again.

By JG12 on Home Depot - Aug 16, 2012

Great mower

The Time Cutter SS 4260 is a great mower. It use to take me an hour and a half to mow my yard, now I can do it in under an hour. Takes a little practice to get use to the steering, especially in reverse, but, a person can get the hang of it fairly quickly. I upgraded to the Kawasaki engine and it has plenty of power! And is relatively quiet as well. Great product and great price from HD. Delivered to my garage. Highly recommend.

By bennettk45211 on Home Depot - Jul 10, 2012

Toro Zero Turn mower

I'm very disappointed in the quality of this mower. I haven't used it 8 times and the starter already went out and it cost 200.00 to replace, the deck will not stay level. I will not buy another Toro.

By Tlms on Home Depot - May 29, 2012

Very good product and would recommend to anyone.

Purchased this mower in June 2010. I mow several yards and this has been a great product. This was my first zero turn and absolutely love it. Has held up well even for as much mowing as I do with it. I use it at least 5 hours of mowing time a week and sometimes in rough terrain. The only complaints I have are that the front bearings wore out rather quickly. Also there are no grease fittings for the blade housing. Although I haven't had any problems with it yet, it just makes me concerned.

By Jason on Home Depot - Apr 14, 2012

Great mower

Easy to use. Feels solid and stable. Mows great, high vac stands the grass and picks up the leaves for a manicured cut. Constructed very well. Choice of engine brands. Like the Kaw.

By moose on Home Depot - Feb 6, 2012

Works great. The best riding mower I have had.

I had never tried a zero turn radius mower before but now I am convinced it is the best way to go. The learning curve was much easier than I expected. It is not only easy to maneuver but does a great job of cutting.

By RockyMan on Home Depot - Jul 9, 2011

I wish I would have gotten this years ago

I entered the zero steer market with caution and wanted a machine with a commercial quality engine and one that cut and bagged well. I had a Honda rider before that did very well. However the Toro Z4235 with the 22 hp Kawasaki engine far exceeded my expectations. What a machine. It bags way better than my Honda did and mows 10 times faster. It is fun too, once you get the hang of it. I highly recommend this mower. It also has one of the better warranties in the industry, which says it will last. The seat is very comfortable. The only thnig I wish it had is lights. The Home Depot representative were very helpful, knowledgeable as they have used the product, and friendly. I am one who researches to the extreme. Toro and Home Depot definitely made my experience fun and rewarding. I highly recommend this mower.

By GAKA on Home Depot - May 2, 2011

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