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Toro LX500

Strengths: Great 50 inch cut and good turning radius.

Weakness: It only worked 2 hours & then died.

Purchased from Home Depot on 5/12/06 & paid to have it delivered. On 05/13/06, took it off the pallet, checked the oil, put in the gas and drove it around the property. On 06/14/06 began using the mower and it performed, as you would expect a new machine to perform. Took a break after two hours and started mower, pulled the PTO switch and mower died. No electrical power. Replaced fuse and mower started; pulled PTO to engage blades and machine died with a blown fuse. Home Depot doesn't offer service so I must deliver the machine to an authorized service center or pay to have it delivered. Perhaps a trailer is a required accessory.

By idaholost - May 15, 2006

From what I can read I am not the only one with problems !

Strengths: The first time I used my new tractor I was so pleased,and the job it done was quite well. It was comfortable to ride and seemed very well built.

Weakness: The second time I used the tractor,I only made four passes across my yard,and the PTO would not stay engaged.Also I have the same deck- pully clearance as mentioned above.

I called Toro to ask if there was any other problem calls about this same problem.The coustomer service person at Toro,said it was the first they had heard of it.He advised me to take it to a service shop near me,which was great.The only thing is even though they are Toro service center,they will not work on it if you didn't buy it there. And Home depot does not have anyone to repair them. I am going to try and work out something with Home Depot about this problem.I have always thought Toro was an upfront and quality supplier,I guess times are hard for them too. So I think dont build it if it is going to cause so many problems.

By dtrent - Jul 17, 2006

Toro LX500 22HP Riding Lawn Tractor

Strengths: Haven't had it long enough to know how well it works

Weakness: Mower deck can come into contact with motor pulley

Bought it on Sat June 17th 2006 from Home Depot. Took it home and cut the lawn.
When I went to clean the grass off the top of the mower deck I noticed that the mower deck had been cut by the pulley that drives the deck belt. I found that if I raised the deck to the highest cutting height and looked under
the machine from the left side that the mower deck was only about the thickness of quarter away from the deck belt pulley. If I pull up on the front left scalper wheel as though I was going over uneven ground the pulley will contact the deck. If the motor is running it will cut a hole in the deck. This a major design flaw. The right side of the machine has a stopper to prevent this from happening. But there is no stopper on the left side.
I went back to Home Depot the next day to see if I was missing the stopper for the left side as there are holes already there to mount one. But the display model did not have one either. I showed one of the sales people what was happening and she agreed this should not happen. She called a manager and the manager told me this was not Home Depot's problem. I should take it to Toro repair place under warranty. I told her this isn't warranty. It is defective merchandise. Now I am in a battle with Toro and Home Depot. If you own one of these machines. Try the test I mentioned above. If you have already gotten hung up on the mower deck. Then you will likely already have cut a hole in it.

5 days have passed since I bought the mower.
After to talking more with Home Depot management they agreed there is a design flaw and allowed me to return the mower in exchange for another. I made a stopper for the left side to prevent this from happening again. Toro still denies there is a problem with this mower. It seems their warranty is not for design flaws.
With the new stopper in place I am happy with the mower itself but very displeased with Toro.
Home Depot turned out to be a good place to shop.

By Bearface - Jun 20, 2006

Toro LX 500 - What Trash!!!

Strengths: Hmmmm, thinking

Weakness: Unreliable, terrible service, spends more time in the shop than cutting grass.

On September 30, 2006 we shelled out $1678.00 for a Toro lawn tractor. Immediately we began having problems.

1. Immediate problems with belt jumping off the blade drive.
2. October/November 2006 Drive bolt sheered so mower no longer worked on the tractor. Take in for service. 2-3 hours of our time to take the tractor in for service, 1-week wait time.
3. Continuous problems with drive belt coming off blade pulleys.
4. May 2007 Left front wheel disconnects from steering column. Tractor cannot be steered. 2-3 hours to take the tractor into the service station. 2 1/2 weeks wait for repairs.
5. July 11, 2007 Drive belt will not stay on and mower deck in inoperable. Taking into have service done after Toro refused to refund our money or replace the unit. We are told the next wait will be 1-2 weeks.

Total hours of operation according to their time meter is 11.2 hours. Lawn has been cut less than two dozen times since unit was purchased.

Toro will not even consider a refund. The area service manager told me if I take any legal action they will not help with the problem at all. He told me not to worry about the grass “it’s been dry”.

By jtplitt - Jul 11, 2007

Toro LX500

Strengths: Performed well for 9 hours

Weakness: Unreliable, you wonder what will go wrong next

As with the others, bought this at Home Depot and paid $49 for delivery. After 9 hours of use, started blowing fuses when the ignition was turned on. Home Depot won't pick it up; said they'd send it out for repairs if I brought it in. To get it there, I'll have to take the mowing deck off. If I go to that trouble, I shall try to return it for a refund. Seems Toro contracted with MTD to build this thing. Now they've succeeded in having the same reputation.

By CactusFrank - Jun 4, 2007

pulley problems

Strengths: good engine

Weakness: mower deck and pulleys freezing up

every time engage the mower to mow, it stops running on the toro 500

By anonymous; - May 30, 2012

having problems with the pto not working.

Strengths: i like the mower, but i need to find out what is causing the pto of not operating.

Weakness: none, other what i have already mentioned.

i am having trouble getting my pto too operate on my toro lx 500, i have heard that it could be a ground wire, if that is so, then where is the ground wire, or could it be a fuse, i need some answers in order to help me out. thank you.

By anonymous; - Aug 12, 2010

No Problems with LX500

Strengths: Longevity.

Weakness: Turning circle. Tire grip

I too have had no problems. I have 1.5 acres of grass and another 1.5 of scrub and I bought this tractor at Home Depot for $1500 in 2005. It has kept going ever since on the same battery. I gave it an oil and filter change last year and got the blades professionally sharpened once and that has been it.
Only regret - I wish I had bought the bagger before they went obsolete.

By drofo - Jun 21, 2010





By akirfa - Jun 4, 2010

Toro LX 500

Strengths: In expensive

Weakness: Very Undependable

The first season I had my Toro during the summer months the blade would automatically disengage when the engine got hot, the second season I had to put it in the shop and have the steering mechanism replaced, the third season I put it in the shop to have the drive belt replaced, the fourth season my battery decided to drain in between mowings about every five days, oh did I mention that the belt constantly comes off of the pulleys sometimes asa much as twice during one mowing and the shop said there is nothing wrong with the belt. All in all a big waste of money and will never buy another Toro...

By anonymous; - Jun 2, 2010

Toro LX500 Lawn Tractor

Strengths: Reliable since I bought it in March of 2007 @ Home Depot.

Weakness: No weaknesses experienced since purchase...

I've had no problems with the performance and cutting of my Toro LX500 tractor. Changed the oil twice since I've had it including the oil/air filter. Just completed my 3rd season with no problems period...

By bobshardy - Dec 30, 2009

A piece of junk

Strengths: Bright red color

Weakness: Electrical, fuel system and welding

I have less that 125 hours on the machine. In the time since I bought it, it has needed a new electric clutch, a cleanout of the carbureator, and I found that some parts were missing from one of the blade spindles.

The machine is a piece of garbage. One of the wheels on the mower deck actually BROKE OFF. This is a welded part that just broke off! I will never buy Toro again.

By anonymous; - Aug 22, 2009

Wow! I didn't have any of these problems, guess I'm lucky!

Strengths: PLenty of power, wide 50" cut path, twin cylinder kohler engine with pressurized oil lube system.

Weakness: Had to install deck wash kit aftermarket, accessories hard to find.

Mine has run great for almost 2 years now, no problems. Bought it at home depot. Seems a little fussy about restarting after it's been running for 15-20 minutes, when I use it for hauling now, I just leave it running rather than shut it off, and turn it on.

By anonymous; - Sep 27, 2007

Toro LX500 Lawn tractor

Strengths: 50 inch deck cuts well when machine is not broke down.

Weakness: Keeps breaking spring and burning belts on drive transmission. Now a different problem.

Purchased machine from Home Depot in September 2006 ran well for remainder of 2006. When I went to use tractor in spring of 2007 the problems started. Broken idler spring four times, Burned belts three times, also replaced transmission pulley. I did not take it to Home Depot at first because of the 2 to 3 week wait to get it back. Now I am on the second time taking it back to the store. I thought I was buying a Toro machine not a piece of MTD junk. I sure am sorry I did not research this a little more. I have a 18 year old Toro wheel horse that I was well satisfied with and thought I would buy another Toro, what a mistake. In 2007 the tractor is broke down more than I used it.

By anonymous; - Aug 19, 2007