Toro LX460 20HP Riding Lawn Tractor

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Product Title: Toro LX460 20HP Riding Lawn Tractor

Manufacturer: Toro

Power Score: 2.8 | 6 Reviews

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Toro LX460

Strengths: pretty

Weakness: Bolt that holds pulley(pivot bolt?) to deck breaks FREQUENTYLY. Doesn't run anywhere near as fast as it did when I first got it.

Bolt on deck that holds pulley in has broken 2x's to the point where I ordered 4 last time I ordered. Thank God I did because 2 months later and it just broke again. There must be way too much tension on it. I thought maybe the lawnmower guy put the wrong belt on when it broke but this time I ordered the part number from the manual right from the dealer. I don't know what the deal is...
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By lihartke - Oct 19, 2012

As listed below

Strengths: None

Tire deflated immediately, belt wore out at 9 operating hours. Home Depot claimed this was a wear item. Paid them $120 to fix defective idler pulley+mount +belt. Mower came back unfixed with mechanic's tools laying on the deck and parts missing. Sent back tools in a bag with repair instructions off Web. Mechanic keyed my hood in spite and mower came back still unfixed. HD was supposed to...
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By anonymous; - Oct 3, 2011

LX460 Lawn Tractor

Strengths: Motor,

Weakness: Many,Mowing deck.Plastic hand grips,that broke to easily

When l spent the kind of money,that l did on this lawn tractor,I have been sorely disappointed.First thing that broke was throttle spring after 2 cuts 1 1/2 acres.Took it to autorized dealer,cost me $30.00 dollars SURCHARGE just for them to look at the mower,spring was $13.00,plus labor to put it on after a 2 week wait.Called Toro and was told that they stand behind there dealers.3 springs,4...
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By Nomotoro - Jul 30, 2010


Strengths: This Lawn Tractor has excellent power & great motor. It is quiet, easy to use and has quality to it's build.

Weakness: Cruise Control and Brake Lock buttons are a little chincy.

This lawn mower is a great buy. I have had this since May of 2006, and the mower has over 40 hours on it now. Although I thought the controls for the Brake Lock and Cruise Control were a little weak, they were still better than the John Deere that I looked at and the JD was $200.00 more. I also was a little worried about the foot pedal drive, but I grew to love it after just a couple mows. The...
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By BONGOWIT - Jun 6, 2007

Toro LX 460

Strengths: nice looking, good power, sturdy deck, adjustable seat

Weakness: No front bumper, some drive belts are not listed as "not customer serviceable", headlights are not effective.

I use the mower 3 times now. I mow about an acre of mixed terrain each week. It turns and mows around obstacles quite well, it mows evenly and runs quietly. I do like the feature that lets you reverse with the blades engaged. That helps a lot. I also like the adjustable seat. I wish it had a front bumper of some sort. I tend to bang into things when in tight spaces. That front end is just waiting...
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By anonymous; - Apr 6, 2006

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