Toro 726OE 2-Stage 38614

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Quick Stick® Chute ControlQuickly and easily change chute direction AND chute deflection with one simple, integrated control. Electric Start StandardFor hot starts on the coldest days, each Toro two-stage snowthrower comes equipped with both electric start and a recoil mitten grip start for added peace of mind. Locking Control HandlesThe one-hand interlock system locks down one of the control handles freeing one hand to adjust speeds or change snow throwing direction. 205cc Briggs & Stratton OHV 4-cycle engineThe Briggs & Stratton® OHV 4-cycle engine provides proven power and performance in tough winter conditions. All Briggs & Stratton® engines on Power Max models come equipped with electric start as standard equipment and convenient features like a fuel shut-off valve and extended oil drain. Rugged Discharge Chute and DeflectorThe discharge chute and deflector are made out of rugged high density polyethylene that offers maximum performance in cold, snowy conditions. Polyethylene has many advantages over steel when it comes to moving snow. It is durable, yet lightweight and flexible. It also naturally prevents snow and ice from sticking and does not rust over time. There is a reason why ice cube trays aren’t made of metal. The discharge chute and deflector are backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty. Power Max® ACS Auger SystemA breakthrough in snowblowing technology, the Power Max® Anti-Clogging System (ACS) handles more snow in less time to get the job done fast! This revolutionary system regulates snow intake to virtually eliminate clogging while maximizing the impellor speed for powerful performance. Other snowblowers require the operator to manually limit snow intake to prevent clogging. Commerical -Grade Auger GearcasePower is transferred to the serrated augers by a gearcase designed to withstand extreme stress, eliminating the need for troublesome shear pins.

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Product Type: Snow Throwers


Product Title: Toro 726OE 2-Stage 38614

Manufacturer: Toro

Power Score: 4.7 | 70 Reviews

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What an amazing Powerhouse!

I live in Maine and sometimes we get some very wet, and heavy snow. This snowblower is a powerhouse! It throws snow far and furiously. I love the joystick control. This machine has not even come close to clogging yet. I strongly recommend this machine.

By ikayak on Home Depot - Feb 27, 2013

Very Satisfied

May have over bought, but definately not disappointed. One nearly 6" snowfall. I worked it for almost 4 hours steady. Only problem was very heavy wet snow, definately not a machine problem. I found it reasonably quiet and adequately powered. Never used one before, takes a bit of OJT to get the hang it. Satisfied.

By johnboy on Home Depot - Feb 9, 2013

This snowblower is rugged and is the right size to remove major snow but yet its not cumbersome.

This snowblower has plenty of power and will cut through snow and drifts a foot deep and doesn't bog down one bit. I even removed a three foot ridge made by a snow plow and the blower ate right through it. If you follow the starting instruction it will start on the first pull so I haven't even had to use the electric start except for the first day that I got the blower just trying features out. I...
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By upnorth on Home Depot - Feb 2, 2013

Great Snow Remover!

Setup was easy. The electric start is a nice feature. A lot of time was spent reviewing machines and the unit met expectations.

By Bubba on Home Depot - Jan 1, 2013

Nice machine

It runs great,built well,quality motor,but struggled and bogged when doing the 10inch snow in the street that the plow left.I had to do half bites at it.If i went in slow it still bogged.I do like it but the plow snow is what i bought it for not the light driveway stuff.

By Eddie on Home Depot - Dec 29, 2012

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