Rino Tuff Electric Trimmer Head 16233 16233

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The electric trimmer head is great for cutting and edging both light grass and weeds. The push button technology allows the user to change the line in seconds, saving you both time and frustration. This fixed line trimmer head eliminates the hassle of dealing with tangled spools of trimmer line!

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Product Title: Rino Tuff Electric Trimmer Head 16233 16233

Manufacturer: Rino Tuff

Power Score: 3.9 | 9 Reviews

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Product was as decribed.

I have a GH1000 type 4. The spool holder didn't fit, mine was larger. Had to use the existing spool holder by drilling a 1 1/2" hole in the center with a hole saw. This way I could use the guts. Works great, much better then the original. Wife loves it.

By sed1213 on Home Depot - Dec 6, 2011

Works great on the BD Grasshog, but...

The manufacturer needs to update the product. It looked like it was meant to slip right in, but it wouldn't fit. I cut a hole in the old cover and made it work that way. My wife loves the simplicity and it only uses a few pieces instead of a whole roll to do the lawn. Nice little product overall; certainly cheaper than replacing the Grasshog because it became a "string hog."

By rmguru on Home Depot - Sep 27, 2011

Disappointed- Incompatible w/ GH700

Very disappointed because it is incompatible with my Black & Decker GH700.

By Martha on Home Depot - Sep 10, 2011

Product is fine

Found the loading of line confusing price was right addaptation process confusing had to modify "cut" trimmer to make work

By plaza on Home Depot - Sep 6, 2011

Doesn't fit "most" trimmers

The adapter does not fit most electric trimmers, as it says. However, a little ingenuity can allow you to use the piece that came with the original weedwacker. You just have to cut out a hole and four slots to match the adapter piece that does not snap directly onto the weedwacker. Either way, this tool is much better than the garbage line-feeder that comes standard with the electric weedwackers.

By TW420 on Home Depot - Sep 6, 2011

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