Super Hydrohose Hose Reel - Super Hydrohose with 40 foot hose

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Super Hydrohose Hose Reel The Super Hydrohose Hose Reel is designed to provide a tangle-free watering experience. Using flat fire hose technology helps ensure quality and a long product life, the flexible Super Hydrohose Hose Reel prevents the hose from pinching or cracking in hot or cold weather. Simply attach the quick connectors to your faucet and you're ready to spray. Additionally, included with the Super Hydrohose Hose Reel is a high spray nozzle for tougher cleaning jobs, such as your car or patio. The included storage reel enables you to have a safe and convenient place to store your hose, rather than just leaving it out in the yard. This extraordinary flat hose of the Super Hydrohose takes off the load and uncleanliness brought on from ordinary rubber gardening hoses, making it easier and faster to move around your yard or garden, as well as wind up when finishing your daily gardening or cleaning. Furthermore, the durable outer nylon casing makes it harder to puncture the hose and ensures a longer hose life. The Super Hydrohose Hose Reel has a 250 PSI rating, and is designed to withstand temperatures as low as -30 F. It is also safe to use this hose with drinking water, so you can bring the hose on a trip in your RV or Mobile Home. Spend your time doing more than untangling your hose when you buy the Super Hydrohose Hose Reel from ActiveForever today! Super Hydrohose Hose Reel Features: 250 PSI Rating Compact, easy to store Great for the garden Durable nylon outer c


Product Title: Super Hydrohose Hose Reel - Super Hydrohose with 40 foot hose

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