Presto Products Geobin GKL0951-6 Geobin GeoBin Compost Bin

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Presto Products Geobin GKL0951-6 Geobin GeoBin Compost Bin The Geobin Composting System is a low-cost, easy-solution to your yard waste problem. It replaces the unsightly pile in your backyard with an attractive, functional container. This adjustable bin will hold over 14 bushels of perfect composting ingredients. Geobin can take grass clippings and leaves and turn them into a rich soil conditioner for use in your gardens. The Geobin is easy to assemble, easy to fill, and easy to maintain. It is made of rugged, lightweight plastic that you can start using in minutes. Due to the generous number of air holes and open top, the composting process takes place very quickly. Don't let the simple appearance fool you; this is a hard working tool that should be in every backyard. Presto Products Geobin GKL0951-6 Geobin GeoBin Compost Bin Features: Lightweight rugged plastic bin creates an instant


Product Title: Presto Products Geobin GKL0951-6 Geobin GeoBin Compost Bin

Manufacturer: Presto

Lowest Price: $76.95 from Wayfair

Power Score: 3.6 | 18 Reviews

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Easy to assemble. Great to begin composting.

My son and I assembled this in about 5 minutes. Operation is manual, turning the compost with a rake. Perfectly suits my use of easy place to put yard waste while working in the back yard.

By emdoc on Home Depot - Sep 6, 2011

Cheap & Easy

Great purchase.... a very inexpensive way to start a compost pile. Make sure to stretch the material out for a day or two before assembling - makes it much easier and way less stressful. Love the ability to adjust it to the size I want and expand/contract based on the time of year/amount of compost.

By tucsongirl on Home Depot - Jul 25, 2011

inexpensive/easy set up

I didn't want to spend much but I wanted to compost. This gets the job done. There is a you tube video of a study done by a group in CA. They found out of four designs, this one was the best option due to air circulation and the temperature the compost was able to reach. A good product for not a lot of money. I have had it about six weeks and first batch of compost is just about ready for the...
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By mkowens on Home Depot - Jun 3, 2011

Does the job for the least investment

As noted be other reviewers, the plastic is rolled very tightly and tends to roll back up when you let go of it. I laid it out flat on my patio and placed several heavy objects on each end and in several places in the middle. After a few hours, it was much easier to put together. My main complaint is that Home Depot does not stock this item at its stores. It is the most cost effective composting...
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By FCMGer on Home Depot - May 14, 2011

Fine for the $

PROS: Relatively cheap. Composts things. CONS: My main complaint is that it doesn't come with any sort of lid, so you can't regulate how much water goes into the system without rigging up something yourself. Also, it was kind of a pain to set up (it came rolled up in a box and was VERY stiff--took some doing to get it into the right shape). If you have the time and inclination, you can make a...
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By gradstudent on Home Depot - May 2, 2011

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