John Deere Snow Blowers. Snow Blower Attachment for Tractors

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Shop for Outdoor Power Equipment at The Home Depot. The 44 in. snow blower has the capacity to handle big snow removal jobs. Works well in all snow conditions and is suited for snow removal around recreational parks, industrial parks and other applications where snow must be moved greater distances. Ideal for home and estate owners in heavy snow regions.

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Product Type: Snow Throwers


Product Title: John Deere Snow Blowers. Snow Blower Attachment for Tractors

Manufacturer: John Deere

Power Score: 3.7 | 9 Reviews

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snowblower is awesome

i have a l111 tractor with a three year old snowblower on it. i have never sheared a pin but know from experience rocks or tree limbs will cause this to happen. it will throw even wet heavy snow if you slow down and have some patience. i am very happy with my john deere products. also if you are a veteran home depot gives you another 10 percent off your purchases every day of the year.

By dive61364 on Home Depot - Apr 25, 2013

Snowblower worked like a charm in Connecticut

I had mentioned in an earlier review that I was skeptical of how the John Deere D-170 with the snow blower would perform on a 300' long drive with a 15% grade at the end. But I also said I would report back as to its performance. Well, it did what it said it would do especially during the blizzard where we got 24" of snow. Here is a summary. In wet snow the blower had the most difficulty. The...
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By jd09 on Home Depot - Apr 13, 2013

snow blower

I have a L130 mower and had to replace the transmission on it due to the snow blower being to heavy. Would not recommend for a tractor this size.

By waterboy1 on Home Depot - Dec 10, 2012

Buy a walk behind Blower!

A waste of money..It is to heavy and beats the transmission severely... Expensive broken belts and had to replace transmission. BIG BUCK repair..It sounds inviting to just ride around and remove snow, but dont fall for it!

By GaryK on Home Depot - Oct 28, 2012

This product is not recommende for anything other than straight runs

The spring on the mower engagement cable comes off easaly, sometimes the tension spring falls off when the mower spring desingages causing you to go look in the snow and waste alot of time, a good idea is to have a few handy(I have four left), traction is horrific, the chains mark up driveways and walkway pavers, the front tires are not big enough to make turns and just glide over snow as opposed...
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By george on Home Depot - Jan 25, 2012

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