John Deere Lawn Equipment Parts 46 in. Front Blade Attachment for Tractors BG20020


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Shop for Riding Lawn Mowers at The Home Depot. Excellent for pushing light snow. Blade surface is curved to roll rather than push material, which requires less power and increased blade capacity. For operator convenience, the blade comes with standard equipment for controlling it from the tractor seat. Blade can be angled right or left or used straight forward. Fits John Deere LA100 and 100 Series Tractors (except G100)

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Product Title: John Deere Lawn Equipment Parts 46 in. Front Blade Attachment for Tractors BG20020

Manufacturer: John Deere

Lowest Price: $359.00 from Home Depot

Power Score: 3.9 | 23 Reviews

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Not just a snow plow

Unfortunately I have a large lawn, with a large population of moles, and the product of their work, many mole hills. Rather than rake these out before mowing, or running over them with the mower deck, I installed the snow plow to push them over as I am mowing. I had to tighten the spring a bit tigher than you would for snow removal, but so far it works great, and protects my mower deck. I haven't...
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By BHedges on Home Depot - Mar 28, 2013

does what it is supposed to

it moves snow pretty good. you do need tire chains. there aren't really any other choices on a snow blade, unless there is something totally out there. you do have to lay it out on the ground and read the instructions a couple of times and comprehend 100% how it is supposed to go together before you start to put it together. figuring it out step by step on the fly looking for the bolts as you go...
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By wolf9653 on Home Depot - Dec 26, 2012

Great Item!

Maybe I'm luckier than most? All the hardware and pieces were included. The directions were clear enough to follow and assembly didn't take too long. I think the ones who've stated they don't like holding the blade up are doing something wrong... Mine locks in the up position, then you pull back on the handle to lower it. Angle adjustment is easy from the seat. I also added the weights and chains...
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By Bryanj on Home Depot - Dec 23, 2012

A bear to build, but great once it is on.

Good quality steel product, but know you have to put it all together for the first time. Easy to take on and off once it's built up, but assembly is required. Great price and good service through HD.

By Matt on Home Depot - Feb 21, 2012

It does its job well in the light snow we have had so far - I expect it to handle up to 6 inches well.

The assembly took several hours and was not too painful! As others have said in previous reviews, several small parts were missing So the assembly time was spread over several days finding the missing parts. Though Home Depot promised to send the missing parts ASAP, a couple of days later John Deere calls to ask again about the missing parts. They did send it to me in several mailings over a week...
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By kris on Home Depot - Feb 14, 2012

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