Hammacher Schlemmer The Best Rechargeable Yard Trimmer. Wg167 83627

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This rechargeable grass trimmer earned The Best rating from the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute because of its powerful, precise trimming and simple conversion into an edger. The Best Rechargeable Yard Trimmer cut through 180' sq. of weeds and 140' of thick grass in only 10 minutes, unlike lesser models that could only cut 145' sq. and 115' sq. respectively. The Best model's 24-volt battery runs 30% longer than lesser 18-volt batteries and recharges in three hours, unlike lesser models that required up to five hours to recharge. When the trimmer line breaks, it automatically extends the correct length of line to ensure uninterrupted trimming, and simply tilting the head and folding down the integrated wheels converts the device into an edger. The Best model weighed 25% less than other trimmers, its head tilts vertically and horizontally, and it has an adjustable-length shaft, making it the easiest to use. 12-diameter cutting area. Includes an AC charger and three 10' line spools. 36 H x 12 1/2 W. (6 lbs.)


Product Title: Hammacher Schlemmer The Best Rechargeable Yard Trimmer. Wg167 83627

Manufacturer: Hammacher Schlemmer

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