Fiskars Rain Barrel Diverter Pro Kit 59626935

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Fiskars Rain Barrel Diverter Pro Kit (59626935). The Fiskars new worry-free DiverterPro™ is easier to clean & winterize and has an improved capture rate during heavier rains! DiverterPro™ channels rainwater from the downspout into the rain barrel. When the barrel is full, the diverter will automatically channel the rainwater back through your downspout where it will drain away from your home's foundation. Removable filter to capture debris and transparent door to see if cleaning is needed Improved capture rate during heavier rains x4 internal diameter through entire diverter prevents gutter overflow during heavy rains Couplers convert from 3 x 4 to 2 x 3 gutters Uses less plastic than the current diverter Fits both standard size gutters - couplers convert 3x4 to 2x3 downspouts Includes 3x4 diverter, 2x3 couplers, connector hose, connector, filter and step-by-step installation guide Dual rainwater outputs enable installation of a rain barrel on both sides of diverter Made of matte-surfaced polypropylene, recyclable


Product Title: Fiskars Rain Barrel Diverter Pro Kit 59626935

Manufacturer: Fiskars

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