RCA Dustin Mizer Garden Duster - Extension and Deflector

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This hand-held crank applicator is the most popular on the market today for good reasons. The Dustin-Mizer spreader is made of high-impact resistant plastic with internal steel parts that last for years. The Dustin-Mizer is easy to clean, too. The smooth flowing hand crank gives the Dustin-Mizer the power of a 72 rpm blower without the pollution of an engine. A built-in 1/8 inch metal screen sifts powders for even application. The Dustin Mizer may be used to apply diatomaceous earth, garden dusts, and dry powder fertilizers or soil mixtures. Its design, which includes a special deflector, applies an even surface coating to vegetation in gardens, lawns, and trees, ensuring full coverage and a correct distribution of material over and under the treated areas. This duster is a great answer to applying treatments in greenhouses where it may be difficult or too time consuming to reach all the plants. The Dustin Mizer can also be used to apply diatomaceous earth or other pesticide dusts on pets or large animals. Because it is so portable, the Dustin-Mizer can be used inside animal areas or outside, wherever treatment is needed. Broadcasting small seeds can be time consuming. Dustin-Mizer’s 1/8 inch mesh screen allows small seeds to pass quickly, easily and evenly. Your spinach, lettuce or Good Bug Blend was never so easy to sow! The hopper holds one pound of powder or other fine substance. Fill it, walk, aim, and crank. The Dustin-Mizer makes it easy to apply treatment evenly and quickly.


Product Title: RCA Dustin Mizer Garden Duster - Extension and Deflector

Manufacturer: RCA

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