CFM Homelite Gas Blower/Vac 200 MPH 400 CFM Blower UT08951

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Product Title: CFM Homelite Gas Blower/Vac 200 MPH 400 CFM Blower UT08951

Manufacturer: CFM

Power Score: 1.8 | 19 Reviews

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Great Design

It is designed Very whell and is good for most applications, you should buy one foe yourself

By lawnman446 on Home Depot - Aug 15, 2009

Loved It

When I bought this I brought it home and turned on just to see how ther blower was and was very powerful. I use this all the time and it works great every time I highly sugest this product, and not to mention it dosent break the bank either

By klay on Home Depot - Aug 8, 2009


I bought this unit because of it being a Homeliite. This unit does not have any ability to move leaves. Brought it back to the store.

By JPD683 on Home Depot - Jun 28, 2009

i give up

Out of the box it was difficult to get started. I finally did and used it once. It choked often and had to be restarted over and over. I ended up raking my leaves manually as it was more efficient I tried to give it another shot this season and it doesn't start even with a new gax mixture. It runs for a few seconds and cuts off. I hate this blower/vac. I decided to take my frustration out on it...
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By kaydo36 on Home Depot - Jun 3, 2009

bad vibrations

this unit vibrates your hands so badly that even with gloves on, your hands feel odd hours after using it. Not comfortable at all. regret this purchase

By focker on Home Depot - Apr 3, 2009

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