Black & Decker AM/FM/TV Weather Band Radio with Flashlight

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Storm Station - AM/FM/TV weather band radio features a built-in, detachable flashlight. AM/FM tuning TV audio for local programming. 25 watt, 120 volt power inverter and back-up battery. Perfect for staying in the know when a storm knocks out the power.


Product Title: Black & Decker AM/FM/TV Weather Band Radio with Flashlight

Manufacturer: Black & Decker

Power Score: 4.8 | 6 Reviews

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Perfect Addition To My Home

Living in a rural area, my power is sometimes very iffy and the Storm Station is perfect for power outage situtations. I especially like being able to keep my cell phone charged since it is my only means of communication in such down times. I also like the comfort of having the weather radio available at all times. Thanks for another excellent product.

By MsJAWS on Home Depot - Jan 29, 2008

Nice Emergency Planning Item

Strengths: This has every thing you need for a short-term emergency. The battery is always charged for the flash light, emergency radio & emergency outlet.

Weakness: Bulky and kind of ugly. The battery power is limited even on a full charge.

This Black & Decker item is a great short term emergency back up plan. It comes with a flash light, emergency radio, and a plug-in for low powered appliances. The battery back up is not intended for long term emergencies but is perfect for that every-once-in-a-while power outage. The instruction state that the plug in can be used for small appliances. I wouldn't count on it for a curling iron,...
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By chadandnani - Jun 1, 2007

Storm Station Excellent Product

I love the Storm Station. We only had to use it once due to a power outage, radio and light worked great. Our family uses the Power Station outside listening to the radio or for lighting when sitting outside at night. The light is strong enough to locate items easily during darkness in our shed that does not have electricity. This product should be a "must have" for campers.

By triciaco on Home Depot - Jan 23, 2007

What a Great Concept

Our son lives in Florida and fortunately came away from last year's hurricane season with only the frustration of numerous power outages. We sent him The Storm Station for his birthday and he's thrilled. It will provide him with the short-term power supply that he needs to get through those temporary outages and just in time for the first storm of the season.

By on Home Depot - Jun 20, 2006

Storm Station

Has the basics needed. Good value for the money,

By on Home Depot - Jun 15, 2006

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