Ariens WAW34 (34") 14.5HP Wide Area Walk Self Propelled Lawn Mower - 911413

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Ariens WAW34 (34) 14.5HP Wide Area Walk Self Propelled Lawn Mower - 911413 - 14.5HP/500cc Briggs & Stratton Engine Operator zone keyed electric start and throttle control Plenty of power to take on even the roughest terrain Self-Propelled, Variable On-The-Fly (VOF) Drive System Forward speed up to 3.5 mph; reverse speed up to 2 mph

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Product Type: Lawn Mowers


Product Title: Ariens WAW34 (34") 14.5HP Wide Area Walk Self Propelled Lawn Mower - 911413

Manufacturer: Ariens

Power Score: 3.4 | 23 Reviews

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Good value but it has a few problems

This is a nice lawn mower when it works. The variable speed forward and reverse is great compared to other machines with fixed gear ratios. It makes it very easy to mow your lawn quickly and control this heavy machine when turning. The belt brake seems to be a poor design. My belt keeps coming off when I let go of the blade clutch. Had to bend brackets to keep it on the pulley system. To make...
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By Budo on Home Depot - May 28, 2013

Broke within an hour of delivery

The second time I started the mower the choke/ throttle broke. I was able to fix the choke by inserting a nail to hold it at maximum power. However, when I engaged the lever to accelerate the handle broke and the mower had minimal horsepower! The mower is getting returned tomorrow.

By Admin13 on Home Depot - Nov 12, 2012

Not as good as I had hoped

I had high hopes when I bought this mower, but after using it close to 2 years I have mixed emotions on its value.First off I consider myself a pretty physically fit person but I do find this mower hard to manage on some areas of my property.It had to be brought to the shop 5 different times, for blade not engaging or drive train issues(just about had to push it up inclines). Unfortunately I'm...
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By Bigjay on Home Depot - Sep 11, 2012

Great mower, but parts keep breaking

First off, this mower is a beast for its size and it cuts easily through tall grass. I love the the hand-squeeze accelerator instead of the traditional transmission, and the ability to back up by simply moving my hand to the slightly smaller reverse lever. Slight inclines are not a problem for this mower, but don't even think about mowing ditches with it, as it is too unmanageable. Unfortunately...
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By TheDude on Home Depot - Jul 29, 2012

Works, but

I have used this mower two seasons now. It will cut heavy grass but not in less than two passes. Any moisture will cause it to plug instantly. If you are over 5'7" your back will ache from bending over to reach the handles-not adjustable and your hands will ache from holding down the safety levers. You will spend considerable time fixing it. The drive system is too complicated and barely...
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By Twillie on Home Depot - Jul 24, 2012

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