2,600 Psi 2.4 Gpm Axial Cam Gas Pressure Washer Hu80911 Hu80911

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Product Title: 2,600 Psi 2.4 Gpm Axial Cam Gas Pressure Washer Hu80911 Hu80911

Power Score: 2.2 | 42 Reviews

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trust the reviews.....it's junk

Trust me when I tell you these reviews are right. I have the exact same problem as everyone else. It will not start no matter what maintenance I do. It appears to be a carb problem. It will leak gas all over your garage. Junk!!!

By mike on Home Depot - Nov 26, 2011

Don"t buy

Major carborater issues. Won't start. needle freezes inside carb. a nightmare. what a waste of money!

By slim on Home Depot - Nov 15, 2011

Works great for me...

I'm glad I didn't read a these bad reviews before I bought it. Starts every time no problems. Great pressure! I store it in my heated garage every off season. Maybe that's why I do t have the problems of other reviewers here. I'd buy it again.

By Johnny on Home Depot - Nov 7, 2011

Don't buy this Washer!!!

This is the first product review I have ever submitted. I purchased this Husky Power Washer with the Kohler engine a couple of years ago. I followed all the recommended maintenance and storage procedures. Still, every time I go to use this it is a fight to get it started and keep it started. I have had other Husky products before and have had no problems. Using a Product shouldn't be this hard...
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By Gary123 on Home Depot - Nov 2, 2011

troubled power washer

Bought this unit back in 2010 and had no problem until I took it out to use this fall 2011. Would not start at all. checked fuel, plug, oil etc. Tried holding trigger on water wand too, no luck . What did work was my son coming over and loosening up the float bowl directly under the 3x fuel push button. He dropped the bowl and noticed no fuel coming out. After he jiggled the float needle with his...
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By Chuck on Home Depot - Oct 25, 2011

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