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Shop for Shutters and Hardware from! The traditionally designed Perfect Shutters 17.75W in. Raised Panel Straight Top Vinyl Shutters are that final touch every house needs to turn it into something great something that stands proudly in the neighborhood as the sight to see! These straight top exterior shutters are an affordable way to enhance the curb appeal and overall value of your home. The definition provided by the raised panels and authentic looking wood grain texture accentuates your windows and distinguishes your house from every other place on the block! Each shutter is made from 100% color-through polypropylene that's weather and fade resistant. You'll never have to worry about the upkeep of wood and paint with these premium shutters! And best of all the custom design allows you to choose from up to 5 unique styles! You may choose from having no mullion at all to a shutter that boasts the more popular segmented look! Two center mullion styles divide the panel into two sections and of course there are the two double mullion style shutters that divide the panels into three portions spaced to your liking. Last but not least a variety of size (33H inches to 79H inches) and color options are also available making it easy to fit windows big and small and complement any existing exterior decor. Includes shutters and color-coded hardware. Product shown in image will be shipped; style illustrations only represent proportions available. About Perfect Shutters

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Color: Green


Product Title: Perfect Shutters Inc 17.75W in. Raised Panel Straight Top Vinyl Shutters Ebony Green - 1351845021C001 PERF124-124

Manufacturer: Perfect Shutters Inc

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