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Shop for Shutters and Hardware from! Let the quality craftsmanship and rich details of the Perfect Shutters 13.875W in. Closed Board-N-Batten Vinyl Shutters accentuate your windows. Their classic pattern was popularized by old New England homes but Perfect Shutters gives a modern twist to the traditional with designs that feature 2 3 and 4 cross bars for a segmented look X-configuration cross bars and a step configuration with two cross bars that's also very handsome. Exterior shutters are an affordable way to enhance the curb appeal and overall value of your home and board-n-batten in particular reinvigorate a home with warmth and sophistication. The very construction of these shutters is the very definition of long-lasting. While they may have the appearance of natural wood they're actually made from 100% color-through polypropylene with a simulated wood grain texture. This brilliant combination allows for an authentic looking wood grain texture and rich color without the maintenance of paint and wood that can't stand up to the elements. In addition to the many available style options a variety of size (33H inches to 79H inches) and color options are also available so you can easily complement any exterior decor. Your purchase includes shutters and color-coded hardware for stress-free installation. Product shown in image will be shipped; style illustrations only represent proportions available. About Perfect Shutters Inc.Since 1976 Perfect Shutters Inc. has

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Product Title: Perfect Shutters Inc 13.875W in. Closed Board-N-Batten Vinyl Shutters Burgundy - 1361465260C002 PERF103-548

Manufacturer: Perfect Shutters Inc

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