Genie Powerlift Excelerator Screw-Drive Garage Door Opener 36320r 36320r

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The Genie Powerlift Excelerator Screw-Drive Garage Door Opener features an exclusive solid steel screw-drive design that provides maximum lifting force with no gears or belts to wear out. The 0.5 HP motor opens garage doors up to twice as fast as other garage-door openers. This system has an Intellicode access system for security and a self-diagnostic Safe-T-Beam system.


Product Title: Genie Powerlift Excelerator Screw-Drive Garage Door Opener 36320r 36320r

Manufacturer: Genie

Power Score: 4.5 | 33 Reviews

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10 Years Strong - Dunno about the bad reviews

I had my Genie at my last home for over a decade - installed it myself in a few hours. I'm blown away by the bad reviews as my unit was operationally ROCK SOLID, quiet, and did it lift my wide garage door LIGHTNING fast! HOWEVER.... my garage door was fairly light weight contemporary steel panel with good QUALITY rails, rollers, coil springs, and mountings. Everything was pristine square/aligned...
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By TecoD on Home Depot - May 11, 2011

Not good

Worked for a year and a half. Recently got a problem - it fails to close the door. Sensor and force settings are OK. Biggest issue is it is intermittent failure. Customer service wants you to call when the unit is not working - hard to do as they don't work 24/7. Lifetime warranty means YOU will troubleshoot your unit under their directions AND YOU will PAY for shipping of replacement part. Too...
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By shalakov on Home Depot - Apr 7, 2011

Lotsa Problems

Admiittedly this unit got used a lot over the years that we had it but near the end it turned out to be just one thing after another including 3 circuit boards, safe-t-beam sensors, traveler, and one complet powerhead assembly. Calls to customer service were sometimes helpful, sometimes not but all required substantial wait times on the phone. When I exhausted the first line of customer service...
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By OldSouthFloridaGuy on Home Depot - Mar 28, 2011

Incredibly FAST and QUIET

I had a Lift Master for 11 years, and the remote was not responsive. After clicking the button 30 times it FINALLY opened. Enough of that! I went to the Genie. Let me tell you....the majority of the garage door repair shops tried to stop my from buying this. I have a feeling they are in cahoots with Lift Master. I found they were bought out by Chamberlain. Well, this was installed, and it is...
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By cavecreeker13 on Home Depot - Feb 17, 2011

Do not buy GEnie

I have had five garage door openers - I only have issues with the Genie models. The remote keypad battery life is terrible. The remote keypad battery will drain a full battery in about an hour if left open. The shaft drive sticks requiring periodic greasing - this causes getting grease splattered all over the garage every time you need to grease this thing. The only thing controlling the motor...
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By DonotbuyGEnie on Home Depot - Feb 12, 2011

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