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Black Decker Workmate 425

Strengths: Portable & foldable bench

Weakness: After several uses the clamp doesn't operate very well and doesn't clamp items tightly. Seems to come loose with vibration from my saw.

I purchased this because I needed a portable work bench to work on various projects from cutting wood to clamping car parts for repairs. I thought this would be handy but after several weeks of use I'm noticing that the bench doesn't clamp as good as it did when it was new and seems to come loose when I'm sawing or sanding.

By Anonymous - Mar 8, 2008

an established product did not let me down

as an overall utility bench I find it satisfy my expectations -- I am still in process of exploring its many features but am satisfied so far with its ability to fit my needs in a small work place

By joen on Home Depot - Apr 30, 2013

Useful with reservations

Tricky to set up and rickety once you do. The vise is not as well designed as I need. Hinges need oiling. Instructions for assembly have this very funny sentence: ""Tip the front of the Workmate up and rest it against your knee as shown in Fig. 7. ...using both hands, push the top of the Workmate up and away from you while holding the footrest with your other hand until the frame locks in place."

By Lathefiend on Home Depot - Dec 13, 2011

Workmate works great!

This is the original Workmate - do not be fooled by imitations. I have tried others but this Workmate works great - it's sturdy, and the center piece makes it versatile for anything you wish to use it for.

By DoLess on Home Depot - Sep 3, 2011

Black Decker Workmate 425

Strengths: Easy set up. Light weight. Two height settings.

Weakness: Flimsy one hand clamp system. No adjustable feet.

The one hand clamp/clutch system does not work to well. I can see the pins that drive the plastic belt chain wearing out easily. Used for clamping 2 doors so far (using lower height setting by folding legs). Very stable if floor is even. No adjustable feet to remedy if not. Price paid ($70) for this workmate is on par. My workmate shipped fine. Box was a bit beaten up but no damages to workmate.

By biohazardone - Feb 25, 2008

Product is great, instructions are terrible

As others have said, the instructions are terrible. The product itself is great, but they could do much better with explaining how to set it up and use it. They don't even offer many ideas on how to use some of the features, other than looking at pictures on the box. Besides that, I can't wait to use it. It's a modern, updated version of the B&D Workmate my dad had when I was growing up.

By JNOnSTL on Home Depot - May 6, 2013

Does everthing I wanted

Workbench went together without a hitch. This is a great buy. even the instructions were very good. So far, it is doing everything I wanted. Looking forward for years of use.

By Falcon26 on Home Depot - Dec 20, 2012

The Workbench

I was surprised that there was some assembly required. I was expecting that the product came fully assembled and ready to be utilized. I was a bit dissapointed that I had to take up more time to assemble the product when I needed to use it right then and there. (Which was the main reason why I purchased the product.) The directions were not as easy as you may think to understand however after (Carefully) studying the diagrams and reading the instructions several times I understood the process of assembly. It took about an hour to completely assemble the product. A clearer and larger diagram of how the cranks should be aligned and how the table top should be arranged would be beneficial.

By General on Home Depot - May 3, 2012

Assembly marred by lack of labelling and calling different parts by the same name

Overall assembly was more difficult than need be because the major boards for the working surface were not clearly identified (not labelled at all) as front, middle, back, etc. Step 7 incorrectly calls for installing the front vise jaw on "top blocks" when it should say "front blocks". The pivot nuts and vise screws are shown in the illustration as separate parts, when, in fact they are pre-installed in the frame. They are difficult to support when trying to match alignment with the mis-labelled "front blocks". Alignment and driving of pins in crank handles is hard because there is nothing to support the assembly with the screws already mounted in the frame.

By Bill on Home Depot - Feb 1, 2012

Good Value

A great value for less than $90. It is fantastic for me. I don't have room for my own workshop and bench to work on, but the workmate saves the day. I have already used this tool and I am pleased. I had the older original model (from ~1985) and I think this is even better. Smooth folding, vertical clamping, wider vise area, and one handing cranking (my biggest complaint about the original). Bottom line: Good value, good alternative when you just can't have a bench, like an apartment.

By Cliff on Home Depot - Jun 9, 2013

works well but...

This product is well made and works as advertised. It really simplifies a lot of tasks and I'm certainly glad I made the purchase, particularly at the good price that HD offers. The downside is that the assembly instructions are confusing and incomplete. One key part that was supposed to be pre-assembled was not, and that fact wasn't clear at all, so it took some time to decipher the instructions. The unit is also heavy, but that can be a benefit as well since it lends to stability.

By lster on Home Depot - Jun 5, 2013

This workmate is very versatile

I have already used the product twice and was really please with its versatility. It is also strong and sturdy. For the price, it is worth it.

By Brad on Home Depot - May 28, 2013

Great features and quality

Very nice product. Assembly was a snap. Enjoy the extra large table size.

By Dave on Home Depot - May 28, 2013

Do NOT buy

This product is flimsy and not nearly as good as the old (1980?) model I had. The parts list was not complete, and the instructions did not say how to attach the rear block to the vise.

By Simer on Home Depot - May 21, 2013

Workmate 425

The engineering design of the Workmate is excellent. The construction and product quality is poor. I expect more from Black & Decker. The Workmate comes partially assembled. The instructions are difficult to read, interpret and are poorly written. This is a so so product.

By David on Home Depot - May 18, 2013

This product is very handy.

I really like this work table/bench. As soon as I received it, I started a few home projects. Only minor problem for me was the set up instructions were not so clear, but with a little common sense I figured how to assemble it. Other than that I love this work bench!!! I would recommend this product.

By ARod67 on Home Depot - May 14, 2013

serves its purpose

The product worked as expected. Assembly was easy better directions could have made it better. The box was messed up when it arrived but the contents were OK. The only thing is the pin that holds the belt in place to move the vice portion in and out slips out all the time on the right side if you're facing the front of the bench, it is an annoyance more than anything. It prevents the handle from turning thus the vice won't move so you know it has slipped out again. Other than that so far so good, it is serving its purpose and I've been overall happy with the bench.

By leggo on Home Depot - May 7, 2013

Product - Good/ Instructions - The Worst!

First, I was a little concerned after reading all the reviews stating the product was poorly packaged, and arrived damaged. B&D must have made some changes, because the product was packed well, and arrived with no damage at all. (even though the box seemed a little damaged) Second, the quality is not like my 15 year old Workmate Plus, but it's fine for the price. Last, is the assembly. The instructions are among the worst I've ever seen. Incorrect descriptions, directions vague at best, and the instructions ended before the assembly was complete. You can find the remainder of the instructions in the WM425 manual that is online. Once it is assembled, I think it is a reasonable product for the price.

By Bojamp on Home Depot - Apr 20, 2013

Lousy product, cheaply made.

This is a extremely cheaply made, lower low quality product. On the first use, the 'anchor' of one of those top panels was broken - it's made of plastic! Can you imagine someone makes a car with wheel axle made of plastic? That was how I felt. Really a piece of junk.

By SeanInSanDiego on Home Depot - Apr 16, 2013

This product is durable and easy to use.

This was my 1st online purchase from home depot and I was not disappointed. My order was process very quickly and I received it in only a few days. Very happy with this purchase. The workmate 425 is durable, yet compact for ease of storage. The only complaint that I had was that the manufacture's instructions, appeared to assume that you had previously owned a workmate or similar in that it skipped a few steps in fixing the work top to the metal struts/base. All in all a nice item and extremely useful.

By AJ700 on Home Depot - Apr 10, 2013

Very Functional

Easy to assemble, good quality construction and durable..

By del2saundra on Home Depot - Apr 6, 2013

Lots of additional features over the basic model.

Very useful folding workbench. Haven't used it extensively yet, but so far, so good.

By Arnie on Home Depot - Apr 3, 2013

The Workmate is a great tool for those with limited space

I had an older version of the Workmate decades ago. This model sets up more quickly and adds vertical clamping to its capabilities. Having no garage and only a shed for storage, its a perfect work bench. It lacks the wheels of the earlier model, but is light enough to move around with ease.

By Scorp on Home Depot - Mar 29, 2013

This product is very versatile .

This workmate is a great asset to have. It is a workbench , vice , sawhorse etc. Sturdy enough to stand on . Only negative I've found is the top could be more sturdier. Hasn't failed me , but could be stronger .

By Billb321 on Home Depot - Mar 21, 2013

easy to assemble

Workmate 425 was easy to assemble. Folds for storage. Love it.

By takamonee on Home Depot - Mar 20, 2013

Great Item, all it was advertised to be. Thanks again.

The customer service representative that i worked with was very friendly and helpful. Couldn't ask for better service.

By Samm on Home Depot - Mar 19, 2013

Works Great

I bought this work bench to replace one I bought 30 years ago. This one seems to be made of the same quality materials. I will be very happy if it also lasts 30 years. I really like the section that flips up and becomes a vertical clamp. My old one did not have this feature. It was a little confusing to put together due to poorly written instructions. I referred to the picture on the box to make sure i was putting it together correctly. All in all, a great buy.

By james on Home Depot - Mar 16, 2013

Easy to set up and use

Just moved into a new house and was spoiled with the shop my dad had put together. He came over to help with things around the house and set up his much older version of this table. It moved in every way we needed it to. So I decided to get one as well. Great table, easy to put together, table pieces adjust to where you need them, and red clips easily move around to hold anything you need. Folds up easily and stores out of the way. Great way to start up your shop.

By MattyG on Home Depot - Mar 5, 2013

Not your father's Workmate.

Has additional features but pretty cheesy compared to the original.

By Ursus on Home Depot - Mar 5, 2013

Very versatile and well made

Product has beem very helpful on several types of projects, I wish I had bought it years ago.

By bhbaxter on Home Depot - Feb 26, 2013

good price useful product

The only negative is that the plastic belt between the 2 handles is flimsy and I will probably remove it. Other than that it is a good price and I like the product.

By budd on Home Depot - Feb 26, 2013

I like the Workmate 425 because it is sturdy like my original model and it is able to do more functions.

The Workmate 425 is definitely sturdy and much heavier than my original Workmate that I have owned for over 20+ years. I like the fact that you can remove the different top sections and to modify the arrangement to fit the particular tasks that I am doing at the time. I like the expanded work surface that allows for larger objects (i.e., doors, panels, etc.) to be placed on bench for ease of work. I like the fact that the vice handles move together to clamp on the work piece. I have not used the tilt portion of the bench, but I am looking forward to its useful application.

By David on Home Depot - Feb 12, 2013

Sturdy adaptable work bench table

The product is light and easy to work with. It is easy to pick up, maneuver, and set wood for cutting, etc.

By Bill on Home Depot - Feb 6, 2013

it was a gift and my son-in-law absolutely enjoys using it as it makes his to do list easier to get done

my son-in-law was very happy to receive the work table as it is a great help in keeping his projects off the floor. my son-in-law is very neat about his projects and wanted this work table to help him.

By ziggy09 on Home Depot - Jan 30, 2013

Excellent Product

I've never seen this model in stores, only online. It's solid, it's sturdy and the legs do not wobble. Great addition to the workshop at an outstanding price. I no longer have to use a garbage can as a saw horse.

By BobP on Home Depot - Jan 29, 2013

This product is great

Yes is a good aquisition just a difficult to assemble as instructions are not so clear either on words or pictures. We where two of us putting it together and had to reffer to the pictures in the box for beter view and assumption on how to assemble. need creativity on the use but still recomend the product as usefull

By Hugo on Home Depot - Jan 14, 2013

Very handy if you don't ask too much of it.

It is not as strong as I had hoped it would be, but it is adequate for the light work I have required of it.

By Leicesterfan on Home Depot - Jan 9, 2013

This is the older and larger workmate, exactly what I was looking for.

Large work space, configurable for vertical work, and heavy duty to hole 500 lbs.

By HappyCamper on Home Depot - Jan 1, 2013

my son likes the product and has not experienced any problem in assembly of the product

I was leary of ordering this product on-line because of previous reviews on the way Black & Decker packages their work benches and also because of quality problems I had with a couple of other Black & Decker products I had purchased over the years. I was also leary of breakage on the plastic handles since the workbench I reviewed at Home Depot had a broken handle. I was assured by Home Depot that if the product was damaged in shipping I could return it to our local Home Depot store. There was some slight damage to the carton but good enough to give as a Christmas gift. My son assembled it and seemed satified with the product so far.

By Dave on Home Depot - Jan 1, 2013

Very disappointed

Have had the bench for less than a month and it is warped. Looks like the cheep construction martial is the reason. Will not stand on it's side when folded. vise is clunkey, and in the way. Had heard great things about this product, wanted one for a while. Disappointed.

By USNRetCPO on Home Depot - Dec 30, 2012

This is a great product & price

Shipped on time, very sturdy and reliable. Great product if you are working alone.

By Jimmy on Home Depot - Dec 30, 2012

Been wanting this for some time. This is my second one and its a great product when your work sp ce is limited.

Clamping feature is great. Additional section makes for a good work surface.

By cactuscharlie on Home Depot - Nov 6, 2012



By houma512 on Home Depot - Oct 17, 2012

Black & Decker Workmate 425

I personally own the B & D Workmate 425 for over 20 years and recently pruchased this one for my Son-in-law as a gift for Christmas 2012. I know he'll love it as he borrows mine all the time. It's great for projects and is easy for an old lady like me to handle, fold up and cart around! Great product!!

By PJ2012 on Home Depot - Oct 16, 2012

Does an OK job, but several features are cheap and flimsy

The WorkMate 425 is a handy and versatile tool and is worth having in the workshop, but some of the materials used and manufacturing decisions make no sense. The bamboo top is very flat and the three panels are easy to move around and adjust depending on the project. Seems pretty solid once it is set up, though it feels like it is going to fall into a bunch of pieces when you are setting it up. The extensive use of plastic makes me wonder how it will hold up long-term. The top has a plethora of holes drilled for the included plastic bench dogs, and they work great. However, there are many cases where I want to remove all the bench dogs and just use the flat surface. Unfortunately, they didn't provide any secure place to store the dogs when they aren't in use. Yes, there is a little shelf underneath - but as soon as you pick the thing up they are going to fall off. Why didn't they at least punch some holes in the shelf that are the right size??? Unlike the old-style (1980s) WorkMate I used in my younger days, this one has a plastic "belt" linking the two clamp handles. They call this the "Advanced, One Handed Clamp system with exclusive clutch design". I like this idea, but unfortunately it doesn't work as described, and it makes operation of the clamp difficult due to binding. I'm tempted to just remove the belt, but I need to explore a bit to ensure that won't cause issues. The folding legs are a nice feature, but they have a cheap plastic "lock" that is almost certain to break in the near future. Fortunately, I don't think this will impact the usability of the tool. PRO: - very stable - nice-sized work surface - clamping feature is very handy - folds into a decently compact size for storage CON: - manufacturing seems cheap and flimsy. - lots of plastic in critical areas - plastic 'belt' is a pain, and isn't necessary - plastic "hinge locks" for the folding legs - no spot to store the bench dogs when they aren't being used. All in all, it does an OK job for the price and has some nice features, but for most projects my old folding table would do the job as good or better.

By on Home Depot - Oct 8, 2012

Best workmate ever

A big improvement over the older Workmates. It can clamp in two directions, easy to use, easy to fold and store in a limited space.

By sustainableguy on Home Depot - Oct 6, 2012

Home Depot

A strong and stable platform. Can be moved accross the floor without the legs folding. Very mobile and versatile. The wood surfaces lacks good quality and structure..

By John on Home Depot - Sep 25, 2012

Great For The Price

I do not see the need for all the negitive reviews. The only one I somewhat agree with is the thin top boards but I fixed that easily. There is almost nothing you can buy nowadays without some assembly. anyone who could not understand the instructions probably does not have the knowlege to build anything that requires a workmate. Yes, the stamped frame is lighter than the old ones but it takes two arms and every bit of energy for my dad to get his cast model up the stairs, I move mine in one arm. That is a fair trade off. Getting to the thin top, that is my only concern, although probably adequate, I wanted thicker so I could stand on it while painting ceilings like I do on my model 125. I cut three pieces of 3/8 plywood same size as the three top panels. Cut out rectangular holes to clear the attachment blocks, glued and screwed them to the origional boards. After drilling the round holes thru, I have one inch thick top boards. I am satisfied. Perhaps B & D should consider thicker boards as an option. P.S. One customer said he wished he had bought a 225. Toss the middle section and the plastic mounting blocks, screw the front and back boards on permantly and you have a 225 model with one hand clamping.

By Hobbiest on Home Depot - Sep 18, 2012

Great features!

Easy to store,built well,and lots of features.Its a great tool and I plan to get a lot of use from it.Shipping was fast and the price was the best I found anywhere!

By Jimbo on Home Depot - Aug 28, 2012

Has great features and very versatile

This workmate has more options than the original one. My only problem with it is that I wish the vise opened further.

By WilD on Home Depot - Aug 14, 2012

Awkward settings

This oversize workmate is nice if you need a large surface to work on, but the clamping features are awkward and even with the middle section removed hard to find a setting for some work components. It's still a nice workmate but after years of working with the smaller version without the middle section, I think I prefer that one

By Willax on Home Depot - Jul 31, 2012

Reliable Workbendch

The workbench works great! It took him about an hour to assemble but since then he has used it for several jobs. Says he is glad he purchased it.

By Susi on Home Depot - Jul 17, 2012

Love all the uses.

This is his second workmate. First one is still hard at work. The design of this gives it so many more option over the other companies. Great value for all it does and under $100.

By TAgray on Home Depot - Jul 3, 2012


Great tool. Versatile and portable. Black and Decker used to supply a bottom shelf and no longer do that, as they should. Easy enough to make on yourself from 1/4 in. Plywood and install it yourself, and you don't have to take it out when you fold up the unit. Some of the parts are made from ABS rather than metal but have found them to be very durable. I guess they do that to cut down on the weight. I own three of these and use them in tandem when using for a long project. It is a real space saver in the shop, and I can take it to the job site quite easily.

By CLIFF on Home Depot - Jun 19, 2012

Great portable and easy to store work bench

Bench has two heights you can use it at, the clamping features and dogs work great. My only complaint is that the three wood panels that make up the work surface don't line up flush horizontally, so the work surface is not completely flat, really close, but not quite. The bench is really stable and easy to use both with it's own clamping features and with third party clamps.

By wolf357 on Home Depot - Jun 8, 2012

Product worth the price

The current Workmate 425 is not as well-built as my previous Workmate 225 purchased some 10 years ago. The current 425 required some adjustments to assemble it. Otherwise it works as advertised. The Home Depot ordering process and delivery went well.

By Dave on Home Depot - Jun 2, 2012


This purchase replaced a 25 year old unit that received a lot of wear and finally gave it up. Service and price was outstanding.

By None on Home Depot - May 29, 2012

Overall Good Product - Not as good as the originals

This replaced an old Work Mate. New one has a sturdy frame as well, but as others have said the worm gear is rather weak. Also the wood on top is much thinner than the old. Haven't put a lot of stress on it yet, so not sure if it is strong. Just does not give the assurance of good quality. Will see how it holds up.

By GADepotCustomer on Home Depot - May 8, 2012

Helped me to clamp deck boards for sawing at irregular angles

A useful addition to any home do-it-yourselfer. Portable and folds up easily for storage using minimum space. I see my list of honey-do's will now be completed sooner rather than later!

By PoodlePapa on Home Depot - May 8, 2012

Great value very useful.

Great value and very user friendly. Came in handy as a platform for my miter saw. Would recommend for anyone looking for a portable work area.

By MADOG on Home Depot - May 1, 2012

Great product-better price

The perfect size stand for many home projects. Will handle most projects with ease.

By 72Runner on Home Depot - May 1, 2012

Workmate 425

The Workmate425 arrived in good shape, from what I have read they must have improved the packing material. The Workmate itself was easy to asssemble and instuctions were easy to follow. The Workmate could use a heavier gauge steel in it's construction. The plastic belt is worthless it broke the first day of use. The online price from Home Depot was the best I've found on the Net. Not bad for the price.

By viniragu on Home Depot - Apr 26, 2012

Sturdy, just like the reviews said, great quality.

Packaging was ok, glad it wasn't beat up by carrier. Assembly was a bit confusing, but after looking at the box pictures, it all made sense. So far after a few weeks with it, I have used it 5-6 times, glad I ordered it. The workmate is very sturdy and has no wobble. I have already recommended to a few friends, maybe I should say, I already bragged about it.

By Rbalboa on Home Depot - Apr 25, 2012

Great working table

We had an older version of this table but after 30 years of use, one handle broke. We researched the market and first we found a table (not Workmate) we did not like, then we found this at Home Depot and the shipped it to us for free(!) It was a little tricky to put together (not very good instruction) but now it's works fine. It is a great table for a good price.

By BEAR on Home Depot - Apr 17, 2012

Terrific work table

Comes in so handy for a variety of my home projects. It's sturdy and well made and it folds up when I want to make roon in my shop. Well worth the money.

By vitozeke1 on Home Depot - Mar 22, 2012

great product for many things

good product comes in very handy for many uses very easy to use was easy to put together can hold many different size items has many uses

By gary on Home Depot - Mar 20, 2012

looking to buy my secondunit

I bought one decades ago - and still have it - its rather beat up from being out in the weather and a LOT of use and abuse. ITs not perfect - but ideal for those of us with a two car garage who keep both cars in the garage at night. Wifey has stolen the old one for a stone project - so its time for a new one for hubby.

By Kiwi on Home Depot - Feb 11, 2012

good enough

ive always loved the workmate , but the one thing that is just aweful is the belt that controls both handles , oher than that though i wqould buy it again without even thinking of it

By bernie on Home Depot - Feb 7, 2012

Was not impressed with the quality

I expected more from Black and Decker, I had to spend some time tweaking alignment and sanding out chipped work surfaces. Also not very impressed with Home Depot. My wife had a number of items on my Christmas list and this was the only one that Home Depot was able to fulfill. I will not order online again

By anonomouse on Home Depot - Jan 24, 2012

Good product, but don't expect much

The product is strong enough for small works at home, but I was a bit disapointed on the plastic parts... It seems that they will be the determinant on how long this product will last... I hope I'm wrong and they hold it for a long time.

By BSO1 on Home Depot - Dec 24, 2011

Great Little Work Bench for the Money

This work bench was easy to assemble. It has worked great for my small projects and lamp building. It has a versatile top that can change to most configurations you might need. The top is laminated bamboo, I like it. The only down fall to this bench is the fact that it is too short. It works better sitting in a chair or or on a pedestal. It also has more plastic than I like.

By CHUD on Home Depot - Dec 23, 2011

Great product, instructions are flawed.

Home Depot Rocks! Beats the other guy........................

By Bonre on Home Depot - Dec 20, 2011

Great little work bench!

I was worried after reading some of the reviews. The bench was NOT packaged well but we were lucky and nothing was bent or defective. Then read that it was hard to set up with poorly written directions. Again, that did not turn out to be the case with us. It assembles fairly easily. Have used it for several projects already. It provides versatility for clamping any width board. It is a sturdy bench with just enough surface area that it doesn't take up a lot of room in the garage but does allow me to do most projects with ease. Glad we got it!

By scubalady on Home Depot - Dec 20, 2011

Probably about what you'd expect

It's sturdy and has pretty well aligned components. Folding up is helpful, but a little awkward. Watch your fingers when doing that. The board mounting holes are a bit illogically spaced, and the boards still move around even when "locked" in place. Don't expect much from the vise function. Overall it's a nice compact flat workspace. You can set it up with the legs folded in and it drops the surface about 3" (good for small people or wheelchair users).

By sparky on Home Depot - Dec 14, 2011

Not bad, not great, but not bad.

I would have liked to see more written directions /pictures / examples on use. Using it as a table / bench is the obvious, but using the vice, when it is in a vertical position, not so much. At first using the table is clumsy, would like to see the small orange place holders more versatile. The three parts on top, once in position are not flush, so my wood pieces kept getting stuck when I try to slide it across the table. Setting it up is a little tricky at first, unfolding, using the lever, standing it up. And, from the original pictures I saw, I thought there was going to be a handle to grab it, when it is being moved from storage to setup. No handle, unless you consider the skinny lever a handle. Also, thought there would be a place to hang it from as advertising shows it being hung from a wall. I guess you just pick a spot. It serves my purposes for now. Wish it would not have cost so much. I could have probably built a bigger work table, with more options / shelves above and below, for the same cost. I'll still use it, until then.

By Fred on Home Depot - Dec 10, 2011

Poorly constructed. Garbage.

Have used Workmate for over thirty years with excellent results. Bought this one over the internet without seeing it first hand. Bad mistake. Poor design, materials and construction. No wonder it is NOT stocked in the store. Very disappointed!

By JAWRIGHT3 on Home Depot - Dec 6, 2011

Fine to suit my needs

The assemmbly instructions could be more clear. The product is ok for my needs, i.e. a work bench for small works in a condominium with little storage space.

By Gilles on Home Depot - Dec 6, 2011

Poor Instructions and Difficult to Assemble

Very Disappointed in this new product. I owned a smaller verson years ago, and it was built like a tank in comparison to this new design. The instructions are almost non-existent, it is hard to put together, and many of the pieces just feel, look, and are of the cheapest materials. I'd suggest buying something else.

By ksstars on Home Depot - Nov 8, 2011

Don't make them like they used to...

I bought this despite poor reviews because my dad's 30+ year old workmate is so great. I never expected a new one to be quite as good, but I'm very disappointed with the quality of this product. First of all, one of the bolts required for assembly had a mangled head making it unusable (there’s no hex). Second, once I did complete the assembly, I put one of the feet on a ¼” carpet and the other three on the floor below. The frame is so flimsy that the jaws didn’t match up any more. There is a ton of play in the vertical clamping assembly which makes it awkward to turn the handles in the horizontal orientation. The belt connecting the two handles holds when you don’t want it to and slips when you don’t want it to which makes it awkward to crank the handles in the first place. The jaws are made of soft three ply which is already marred just from assembly. As another review notes, you have to clamp the jaws together for storage (otherwise they will likely end up falling out).

By MEFR on Home Depot - Nov 5, 2011

Workmate 425

I have previously owned a Workmate. The previous one had a top that was twice as thick as the current one. Also where the two jaws meet the worktop was 4 times the thickness of the 425. The current design is deficient in being able to hold round objects in between the two jaws since the 90 degree cut out is 1/4 the previous size. It might be adequate to hold a pencil. They might has well not bothered. Also there are no leveling screws in the feet. Overall the construction is not as solid as the previous one. The clamping levers are plastic. The vertical clamping feature could be considered a plus. I would keep these items in mind when considering purchasing one of these. It looks like Black and Decker has cost reduced the design too much. I would have preferred a thicker top. Would I recommend this - maybe, kind of half way between yes and no.

By rcubed on Home Depot - Nov 1, 2011

The Workmate 425 is ideal for working on my garage projects

This is my second Workmate bench which I use for woodworking and auto projects. Have limited workspace I like the fold up for storage, yet it's a durable "tool" and work table. I plan to purchase a couple more for my tabletop saws...excellent product at a valued priced.

By MasterYoda928 on Home Depot - Oct 26, 2011

Excellent Product

Used as work table for wood working and mechanical projects. Very stable and versatile on projects. Easy set-up and breakdown for storage. Very portable for set-up at work site. Quality is also very good.

By Hawkeye on Home Depot - Oct 22, 2011

High quality product at a good price

I had heard good things about this tool but I found that it beat all my expectations in quality, ease of assembly, etc. Packed well, no missing parts, assembly instructions adequate. As to the issue of poor packaging so that the tool arrived damaged, I had mine sent to the local Home Depot store so that I could refuse to accept it if it was damaged. But the package was fine other than one tear, and the store employee opened the package for me to inspect it before I took it home. Good service. I haven't used the tool much yet, but in trying various things, it seems very sturdy, dependable, workable, etc. If something occurs in the future, I will update the post.

By Butch on Home Depot - Oct 18, 2011

Be Careful when Unpacking

Be careful when taking the items from the shipping box. The boards that comprise the top of the workbench are wrapped in cardboard. However, when removing from the carton will slip out and fall to the floor. In my case, I was in my garage unboxing everything. When lifting the top board panels out of the carton, they slipped out of the cardboard wrapping, hit the concrete floor on one edge and got damaged slightly. These top pieces are made of some kind of compressed wood fiber with a resin coating. They can be damaged with a hard lick or drop on the floor so be careful. Otherwise, I like the workbench and concept. I use it for multiple things such as holding wood pieces while using a router, using as a tabletop for my miter saw, and a surface for misc projects. I like being able to fold the table up and hang on the wall.

By Jyams on Home Depot - Oct 18, 2011

Excellent product for its intended use

Homeschooled children use this for their woodworking work bench. Right size for the 7-13 year olds. Good experience for them to help put it together. Watch out for the instructions that tell you to lift the board with your two hands while holding down the bottom with your other hand.

By Grandma on Home Depot - Oct 13, 2011

Every handyman/woman needs one

This is a replacement for a Workmate Bench I purchased in the early 90's and lost in a house fire a few years ago. I used my previous one all the time when making repairs, building a fence, deck and stairs. This is the ideal portable work bench that can easily be moved where you need to be working with power tools. It holds nearly any size wood you need to cut. Operates with ease. Very stable.

By Mountainlady on Home Depot - Oct 12, 2011

Excellent small to medium size job-site portable vice/bench.

The 425 assembled easily and performed as advertised. I have used it for a number of projects from wood carving, cabinet making __ to deck construction. It folds down with little effort and can be easily transported. I highly recommend the Workmate 425 for small to medium size jobs, and as a handy tool to assist with larger home construction projects as well.

By Dave on Home Depot - Oct 1, 2011


Nice product for the price. A little tricky to put together - not bad but you must line everything up perfectly. Good size to keep folded up on the deck for easy accessibility. Overall, would recommend for light work.

By Ricky on Home Depot - Sep 28, 2011

very satisfied

ups delivered my 425 today. guys/gals read the instructions slowly....twice. 5 minutes tops. assemble the few parts shipped with the 425. assemble the 425......11 minutes tops. time till 425 is in use.....17 minutes. i had a 225 for 13 years. not bad for a device under $75.00. enjoyed it, abused it, forgot it in the rain...once. after drying out deck off slightly but all functions still usable. sorry homedepot i wont be in your store buying another one of these for at least 10 years.. oh 5 + 11 = 16 minutes, ( it took me about a minute to clean up packaging material)

By deputy262 on Home Depot - Sep 9, 2011

Handy little table

This is a nice little all-purpose table. I bought it to use with a miter saw to cut baseboards and figured it would be handy for other things as well. I am new to the home improvement DIY thing, and while I am mechanically and technically inclined, the directions to put this together were very confusing to me. Once I figured it out, it was easy to actually assemble, but I felt pretty lost even with the diagram and instructions. I am the type that normally doesn't need to read assembly instructions for a lot of things, but I found myself looking at the diagram then back to the instructions repeatedly trying to get the terminology of the parts straight. Example: "Pull vertical locking bar toward yourself and lift front vise jaw until it is in vertical locked position NOTE: Rear jaw must be in middle 'keyhole' position." I imagine someone with more workshop experience would not have the problems I had, but I think it took me an hour to put it together and it even came partially assembled. Also, tightening the bolts with the provided wrench hurts your hands after awhile. Use your own racheting wrench if you have one and save your hands.

By Xporter on Home Depot - Sep 7, 2011

Easy to move worktable

This is my 3rd Black and Decker Workmate I highly recommend it to anyone that asks about it.It is great for a lot of jobs and easy to move around from place to place

By MROB on Home Depot - Sep 6, 2011

Too many bells and whistles

Use to have a workmate 225 and loved it. I thought this would be an improvement but two of the three table surfaces just snap in and the attachment is pretty flimsey. There is more surface area to work on but it is considerably bulkier and heavier. I wish I'd bought another 225

By jon1 on Home Depot - Aug 8, 2011

product has good features but needs to be alittle taller.

good product but needs to be a little taller and more sturdy with less plastic parts . a little wider wouldn"t hurt the portable bench either.

By pete on Home Depot - Jun 25, 2011

Decent design

Works well. I used it to hold a door while I worked on it. My only complaint is that I expected cast metal handles for the vise operation, and they are plastic. I like the fact that it folds up for storage.

By Hdvideobob1 on Home Depot - Jun 11, 2011

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