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Generator did not work

After assembling this heavy beast, there was no power. It ran fine, but that did me no good. BTW...It was really difficult to speak to a technician. I was hung up on 3 time while on hold.

By BMG1 on Home Depot - May 30, 2012

Heavy Machine, but a power house!

I just purchased this generator, and I have to say it is quite the machine. During the latest storms here in the Pacific Northwest we were out of power for about a week. I have been looking at this generator for a while for home back up power running through a manual transfer switch, plus I could use it around the property. The storm pushed me into purchasing it sooner rather than later. Anyway, once I got the generator home there is some small items I noticed that RIDGID was paying attention to detail. I am an engineer by trade so I look at these things, all the hardware on the generator has nylock nuts, and it is a very simple and effective layout. All the components are very high quality; but if you are looking for a generator that is light that you can throw into the back of your truck without any assistance, this is not one you should consider. But RIDGID designed in a ZERO gravity balance system, so even though the generator weights about 300lbs you can wheel it and move it around with little effort. This generator powers my entire house, though not everything at once. I usually power up my refrigerator, deep freezer, one lighting circuit and a TV, the generator handles that just fine. I have read a lot of complaints about the noise that this generator produces. Yes it is loud, most generators are. Honda is probably one of the quietest generators on the market, but you pay for it. The price of a 10,000kw starting, 8000kw continuous Honda will most likely be twice that of the RIDGID or more. I ran my generator outside the garage, the garage is connected to the house but it is on the far side of the house. By having a manual transfer switch and a 30amp plug wired in from the outside, I don’t have to run extension cords through doors or windows. With the generator running and the family being in the house the noise is barely noticeable. Not that I really care about the noise when the power is out, as long as I can protect my food and family and maybe provide some entertainment to the kids when you have played Monopoly too many times and a move might just be better.

By Noonecares on Home Depot - Jan 22, 2012

Glad i bought it.

I did my research before i got this one. You do yours and you will see. The 8,000 if you can spare a few more dollars or the 6,800 will do just fine. If you want anything good you have to pay.

By carl on Home Depot - Dec 28, 2011

unknown, unable to run product still at this time due to broken vibration isolators during shipping

It starts right up, smoothly, unable to run the generator for any length of time because 3 out of 4 vibration isolators broken during shipping. We won't run it for long periods of time to prevent generator from vibrating off of hand cart.

By NorthEasternGirl on Home Depot - Nov 3, 2011

Strong, Reliable and Loud

Not a quite one but that is the only concern. Let's hope I don't lose power in the middle of the night.

By orrink on Home Depot - Oct 25, 2011

Easy start, lots of power, lots of features, reliable so far

This generator has both 120 and 240 v output. With a manual transfer switch, one can run the whole house on this unit (minus central AC units). Or, just plug your extension cords right in to the four gfi protected outlets right on the unit. Another option, pull off the removable control panel and plug your cords into this. The load meter shows you how much power you are pulling - and this is handy. It starts immediately with the electric start or pull start. So far, this has worked great for two prolonged power outages and to power a circular saw and large table saw. It is a SOLID unit and heavy, yet easy to move around - even up and down stairs, with the high quality wheels and dolly bar. This folds down easily for storage. I try to run it for about 5 minutes every month or two - it starts right up every time.

By homeownerguy1212 on Home Depot - Oct 17, 2011

So far so good

The generator works fine, both for home emergency power and doing construction projects around my property. It easily handles my cutoff saw and air compressor at the same time. I can run pretty much the entire house, minus the central AC. I have 2 fridges, 2 freezers, septic pump and water well, plus several computers, lights, central (gas) heat, Etc. No problems so far. The detachable front panel was a disappointment - the load meter only measures the power on the 120V outlets. It does not measure the 220V outlet, so you can't check loading when it is connected to the house via a transfer box. Very heavy, but the wheels and push-bar work great for hauling it around. Easy to assemble. Buy it.

By Skydvrz on Home Depot - Sep 13, 2011

OK but noisy

The output power is in accord with stated specs. The noise is relatively high (85dBa @ 2m, half load), it has a large tank, will run during the day without refill (half load). I wonder why it has an electric start, pull the cord 10" and it's running, even my wife has no problem starting with the recoil starter. Switching between 15% and 75% load doesn't make the lights dim, good voltage regulation. Some shortcomings: the removable panel can start the generator but if the engine is cold it won't start without a choke, which is on the generator itself, so you have to go outside to set the choke, Oh wait.... the panel with the electric start and ON switch is inside, go inside again (someone didn't think this through, and it wasn't me). All in all it seems to do the job (20 running hours) and the impression is that no corners were cut in the materials and components, except for the noise, highly recommended.

By jwkokkelink on Home Depot - Sep 2, 2011

Good Features except...

A portable generator with an electric start that cost more than 1000.00 should at least come with 2 keys or if only 1 key then make it a key that can be purchased at a lock smith. The power out put will be more than enough for the sump pumps I need to run in a black out situation.

By MarineLand on Home Depot - May 6, 2011