Husky Tools Electric Portable Air Compressor: Husky 30-Gal. Cast Iron VT6315

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The Husky 30 gal. Portable Electric Air Compressor can deliver 3 - 6 SCFM at 90 psi for a quiet airflow. It features a cast-iron, twin-cylinder compressor pump for durability. The compact design with space-saving vertical tank helps make this unit great for garage and limited-space environments. It features tires, an intake filter, and a heavy-duty handle.


Product Title: Husky Tools Electric Portable Air Compressor: Husky 30-Gal. Cast Iron VT6315

Manufacturer: Husky Tools

Power Score: 4.2 | 62 Reviews

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There's Good News and Bad News

Bought my unit in January of 2008 and have used it for light duty service since. The basic pump and motor have been fine: pump builds pressure quickly. Pressure switch/ regulator assembly has been replaced twice despite fairly infrequent use. The first time was within the warranty period, the second was recently. The second unit never did shut off the compressor when it should have and I always...
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By Manos on Home Depot - May 20, 2013

This compressor is fairly quiet and no leaks.

The first compressor I ordered had a leakage problem, so I ordered another one. That one worked good, no leaks and was quieter than the first one, due to a larger air filter. It can be made quieter by adding a 6" plastic tubing on the air filter. No problem on returning the first compressor. I am safisfied with my purchase.

By Pappy on Home Depot - May 14, 2013

Good features

So far the compressor has performed as I expected, I was surprised it came with the extended drain for the oil,( big bonus) also has site glass and dip stick. I'm using mobil 1 and have changed the oil three times in a short period of time. I do notice a slapping sound but it does not last so I will watch that. Other than that it works good. Had leaks around the regulator which is cheap. Time...
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By joeb on Home Depot - May 14, 2013

Item is as described. Very satisfied

I give 5 stars. Free shipping is a bonus for such a large item.

By Lucky on Home Depot - May 7, 2013


I looked around at a lot of other units. I was reluctant to buy another Husky as my last one not only was noisy it burnt out very prematurely. It was a much cheaper and smaller unit. I'm very glad I decided on this one, its extremely quiet, powerful and does all that I could ask for one to do. I highly recommend it. Just be sure all the parts are there before you take it home.

By Rich on Home Depot - Apr 19, 2013

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