Husky Portable Generator: Homelite. 5,000-Watt Gasoline Powered With Subaru Engine Hu5000

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Shop for Electrical . The Homelite 5,000-Watt Gasoline Powered Generator with Subaru Engine features 6,250-watt peak and 5,000-watt running power to suit your basic power needs. This generator has a commercial-grade Subaru engine with low-lubricant shut down to help keep your engine protected and running strong. The 6-gallon fuel tank provides steady power for up to 12-1/2 hours at 50% load, and the automatic voltage regulator helps provide clean operation.


Product Title: Husky Portable Generator: Homelite. 5,000-Watt Gasoline Powered With Subaru Engine Hu5000

Manufacturer: Husky

Power Score: 4.0 | 109 Reviews

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So far OK, but plug doesn't lock

Easy starting, lots of power in test run. But, the twistlock plug doesn't seem to lock. Anyone else have that problem. Possibly I'm not twisting hard enough ??

By Birder on Home Depot - Dec 11, 2012

Best for the Money

What sold me was the Subaru/Robin motor. Subaru claims their small engines are better then Hondas. I bought a cover for the generator and it is well cared for. It always starts with one pull and got extensive use during Sandy. I had prewired an outside twist-lock receptacle to my panel and I backfeed through a 20 amp breaker. No stransfer switch needed. Drain the fuel and carb when storing. I...
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By Dennis on Home Depot - Dec 6, 2012

Loss of Power

The day Hurricane Sandy was approaching New York, I was driving from Detroit, but not before I stopped to pick up this generator. i will say that I wish i had been 30amp, but even with 20amp, I was able to maintain some sanity powering essentials for the duration of loss of power. Cut out on me twice...once only because I ran out of gas :-) and the other is when the oil level was below the...
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By NYDYI on Home Depot - Dec 4, 2012

One of the best purchases I have ever made!

Great generator. Ran every day during outage caused by Sandy without issue.

By Johnny on Home Depot - Nov 20, 2012

Everything We Hoped For!

I bought this generator in November 2011 after the October snow storm that hit the northeast. I ran it 2-3 times running power tools around the yard. Hurricane Sandy hit and we lost power for eleven days. We ran the generator from 6 am till 11 pm every day for 11 days. The temperatures fluxuated from 27-58 degrees during that time. Every day it started with one pull. I would have to turn the...
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By JCKJ1996 on Home Depot - Nov 12, 2012

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