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Terrible Product

I have had the misfortune of having to repair one of these units multiple times. It is designed poorly in every way and I dread having to work on it. Even if it cost half the price it would not be worth it when it fails. I got it free and it was not worth the price. I've had to replace the belt twice and it is an exercise in frustration. The belt itself is very expensive, most likely because it breaks the most often. I could list all the design flaws, but it will suffice to say that this thing is a piece of junk and you should look elsewhere.

By Justin on Home Depot - May 4, 2013

Pretty Good

This is over all a really good compressor, the reason I only gave it 3 stars is because when I tried to use it for my impact gun to change my tires it wouldn't even loosen the lug nuts. This isn't the best if you're trying to use mechanical air tools, but it has worked great for my home construction needs. It performs really well with all of my nail guns and staple guns as well as using it to put air in a car tire.

By jreese47 on Home Depot - Mar 23, 2013

Great Compressor

Arrived on time, there were a few scratches but what do you expect from a refurbished. After first inspection there was a small leak by the quick release. I took the piece off and put some plummer tape on and it was good as new. Still running strong, only piece that broke was the one wheel and that was working it to hard. Other than that this compressor helped build my house, it hasn't gave up yet.

By Clay on Home Depot - Feb 17, 2013

A winner so far

I too was hesitant to buy this item after reading some negative reviews, but I ordered it anyway as I knew HD would stand behind it. I've only had it a few weeks and used it to fill some tires, but so far, it's performed fine. The only nit I have is probably my fault. I didn't see the instructions buried at the bottom of the box until after I put it together. On the positive side, I didn't need the instructions to put it together. Pretty simple and straightforward.

By HandyDude on Home Depot - Dec 26, 2012

Poor quality

I've had nothing but problems since it showed up on my door step. First it was just placed in a box with no support, both tire were in pieces. Then thier was a air leak, then the pressure switch broke, then I replaced the switch, then the 1/4 air line broke on the other end. After fixing that the pressure switch started leaking air, and yes all fittings were tight. Poor quality.

By Bummed on Home Depot - Dec 17, 2012

Great value!

The Husky 20 gallon portable air compressor is a great value. You can't beat the price. It is noisy but with a 20 gallon tank the motor rarely runs. Very satisfied!

By TCcc on Home Depot - Nov 20, 2012

It worked good..... for 10 minutes!

It sounded as if everything was going to work ok for 10 minutes, it was pressuring up and then the sound of the compressor changed like something broke and air leaked and it did not pressurize any more. I'll say go for a better air compressor pay the extra money so you don't waste your time like I did.

By Regio68 on Home Depot - Oct 30, 2012

love it

work great fast air recovery the best compressor i'vr owned

By rugghead on Home Depot - Oct 30, 2012

So far, this product has been a great buy

Can't beat the value. Received 3 days after ordering. I don't want to jinx it, but so far it has performed well. It is not as fast at filling the tank as my old twin piston belt-driven compressor, but you can't beat the value. Refurbished unit--looked, smelled and ran like brand new.

By MPSDMEX on Home Depot - Oct 30, 2012

Was good value with a little work, plus good customer support

Thanks to all who reviewed before me. The reviews helped me decide to purchase. The unit I received only had two real problems that needed addressing. First, the cut-off pressure was at 139psi, not 155psi. The "cut-in" pressure was at 110psi instead of 125psi. (cut-in is the pressure it cuts back on at as pressure is bled out of tank). I called customer service and they said I could return compressor, or they could ship me a pressure switch. I chose to get a switch since I like tinkering with stuff. When I took the cover off to replace switch(need looooong + screwdriver for cover screws) I saw that the pressure is adjustable on the switch. All I needed to do was adjust the pressure by turning the bolt there... new switch not needed. The only other thing I had to get shipped was a replacement drain valve. The handle was broken on the original one. It takes about 3 days for pressure to leak off from 155psi down to 80 on my unit, but these are not meant to hold pressure full-time. That leak rate is good enough for me. My unit did have some rusty water in tank, and had been repainted in spots, but they did put new stickers on it during refurb. Overall, it was worth the 40-60 dollars savings vs new, since I don't mind putting a few minutes into it and waiting for replacement parts. If you expect it to arrive looking perfectly new, and you don't/can't deal with putting a little work into it, you may be disappointed.

By Rusty on Home Depot - Oct 23, 2012


Shipping was very fast. Fits my home shop perfectly. I like it a lot Thanks

By Turtleman on Home Depot - Oct 23, 2012

Great value in a compressor.

Fast service, good compressor that builds pressure and holds it well. Doesn't even look used. Great price. Hope its durability is as good as it started.

By John on Home Depot - Oct 16, 2012

The compressor quit working after two days of use.

The compressor quit working after two days of use. The On/Off switch never worked on it and i couldnt turn it off until it was to 130psi plus. It would pressure up to around 100 psi quick but would take for ever to go anywhere above 100 psi.

By avwunder on Home Depot - Oct 11, 2012

I would not waste your money

After a very short time the compressor came loose and rattled. I resecured it down, then the cooling can broke and broke the plastic housing.

By RKRACING on Home Depot - Oct 5, 2012

incredible for the price

Honestly I wanted the Dewalt. When I looked online it said you might like I clicked. I was very surprsied at the price. I ordered immediately. I run a paint buisness from my home painting motorcycles. This keeps up with my HVLP no problem. also keeps up with my DA and mini polisher. I don't go full tilt like one painting a car would but this compressor is more than adequate for the home DIY person. Only complaint is it is slightly noisy compared to the dewalt. but considering the savings I can buy about 3,000 sets of ear plugs with my extra money.

By Jismo on Home Depot - Oct 4, 2012

Obviously poorly reconditioned

This product performs well, however, the quality of the "Reconditioning" is poor. Plastic bezel around gauges is cracked in two places and the tank was repainted in a slightly different color and in a very poor manner. (Paint is already flaking off) Also, some decals are peeling off. Granted, the cosmetic slopiness does not affect performance, however, more care needs to be taken in the process of refurbishing. In addition, the hardware necessary to install the wheels and rubber snubber would not fit the axles. I had to buy the hardware to complete the assembly. Not the quality one would expect from The Home Depot. I would cautiously recommend this product. Quality control needs to be improved.

By DonJ on Home Depot - Oct 3, 2012

Refurbished Husky 20 Gal Electric Air Compressor

Refurbished but excellent product, mint condition with minor scratches. Purchased from at $180. Easy set up. Very powerful when I attached to my Kobalt 350lbs impact wrench (although it was rated as 6CFM@90PSI). I also used it to winterize my sprinkler system, it did the job very well. A little bit noisy, but OK for me.

By xlfang on Home Depot - Oct 2, 2012

Great product

Great product great price and shipping was right on time.

By Gene on Home Depot - Oct 2, 2012

excellent value and meets my functional expectations

great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By bluecrush on Home Depot - Sep 25, 2012

good product

good quality and good services, always buying from Homedepot. I trust Homedepot

By Thunder on Home Depot - Sep 25, 2012

Did Not Work!!

Right out of the box, plugged in, and NOTHING! Did NOT WORK right out of the box, loaded the heavy thing in the car and took it to my local store for refund.

By ammreid on Home Depot - Sep 20, 2012

Good deal

For the price it's a great compressor. A little noisey, but that's to be expected. Only problem I had was that there was water (rusty) in the tank when delivered.

By Paul on Home Depot - Sep 18, 2012

Husky Reman Air Compressor

If you like a air compressor that is missing parts, gauges all cock eyed, shroud not on properly this is perfect for you. SPEND THE EXTRA MONEY AND BUY A NEW ONE!!! I spent 2 hours fixing everything that they couldnt

By Tugboat on Home Depot - Sep 13, 2012

air compressor

seems to work ok, takes longer than expected to build max pressure

By smitty on Home Depot - Sep 13, 2012

works great

I was disappointed that when I ordered it online, my order was accepted, but the next day was informed out of stock. I would rather know right away that it was not available. After a week I contacted customer service to find out what the status was. Luckily, it arrived in 2 weeks which is when I really needed it. Shipping was free. Saved $40 over new in store. No accessories, so had to buy rubber hose and I also bought 17 piece accessory kit. Like other reviews, it arrived with some dents and was merely painted over. I don't mind. It was packed well however, so dents were not from shipment. It is noisy, as is apparently the nature of this style of unit, but builds up pressure relatively quickly. So far I have only used it once, with a 3-in-1 nailgun, and it worked great. I turned it on only as to build up 100psi pressure, the max the nail gun would allow, and turned it off until it needed more pressure again. That way I wouldn't have to listen to the noise as it would constantly be turning on and off. As far as I can tell, the gauges are accurate, and no air leaks. I don't normally read manuals, but since I have no experience here, I actually read it. The one helpful tip was to release the air valve at the end of the job to release moisture inside the tank to avoid rust. Good advice. It also has a nice large knob to control the output pressure, easy to use. I have never bought a Husky produce before, but I am impressed. Since I am an occasional DIY guy, it was a little heavy to load and unload in by SUV, but I still like the capacity.

By GaryFromReno on Home Depot - Sep 12, 2012

Great Buy

I've only had the compressor for a short time and used it about 10 times. So far It works perfect. The 20gal. is just the right size for all my general shop jobs and takes up minimal space. However, being a reconditioned unit I'm still leery. I've had other 're-con' items with a 1-year warranty that have died right on schedule on the 367th day. Hopefully this one will last a long time. At the price, give it a try.

By Bill on Home Depot - Sep 11, 2012

Good product at a great price.

I bought this compressor to use in a small woodworking shop. It easily handles all of my pneumatic nailers. The only con, it is very noisy.

By Bob1 on Home Depot - Sep 10, 2012

Good buy for the price

Very happy with the compressor so far. Handles all my air tools!!

By fcmacken on Home Depot - Sep 4, 2012

good value, luck of the draw quality

After reading some of the other reviews on this compressor and the condition it came in for some people I was naturally skeptical. I figured I would give it a shot because it met the requirements for the pressure/siphon feed spray gun I purchased. Right out of the box it doesn't look beat up and it came with everything to get it up and running. The only problem I encountered right away was the coupler for the hose leaked air, but this was a cheap easy fix. I would highly suggest draining the tank after the first fill I had a lot of rusty water in the tank. I use an in-line filter for painting anyway but you wouldn't want rusty water in any tool you plan to use. Overall I'm pleased with the product and its condition, I don't know if I would get lucky twice and receive this good of a unit again but in my opinion its worth one shot at least.

By matt on Home Depot - Aug 28, 2012

Good deal for the $$

So Far ... So Good - Shipped fast and actually a good deal for the $$.

By JK48 on Home Depot - Aug 28, 2012


Doesn't deliver its rated SCFM @ pressure. I'm returning it this weekend, and will try another one to see if it's just this refurbished unit or indicative of the item. If it does work properly then I will update this review.

By ChiDem on Home Depot - Aug 22, 2012

Great Vaule

works great for home projects, i used it with a husky paint spray gun work out great.

By Josh on Home Depot - Aug 21, 2012

Stopped working

Product arrived in less than favorable condition. Bottom of box was soaked in oil for starters. I should have returned it at that point. The air line coupling was broken. The wheel mounts were so bent that the wheels were useless. The pump ran ok for blowing up a few pool floats and adjusting the air pressure in our automobile tires. The next time I went to use it nothing. Motor will not run. I am returning for a refund. Motor runs very load, but this is pretty common for an oil less compressor.

By Redfish1 on Home Depot - Aug 18, 2012

Great deal

Arrived on time and in like new condition. Have had this compressor for a couple of months now and it works perfectly. Honestly could not tell it was not new.

By Kbonz on Home Depot - Aug 14, 2012

Great Price for Home Use

This compressor is worth every penny! I use it for general tasks (impact wrenches, tire inflation, brad nailer). It inflates tires very quickly. Why buy smaller compressors that will need to be replaced when worn out? I think the best part is I haven't misplaced it yet - I still have a small compressor that I haven't seen since we moved 8 months ago . . .

By Ronbo on Home Depot - Aug 14, 2012

Good Compressor

This compressor was purchased new. I guess this product isn't available as a new one anymore. I got it to remove the blades from my 50 inch zero turn mower and drive an impact wrench. It performs admirably and seems to put out plenty enough air flow for the job. At the price, then $169.00 new, it was a steal. At the current $139.00 for a refurb, I'd grab it if you need a compressor for occasional home shop use.

By bluewater1 on Home Depot - Aug 13, 2012

Good compressor for the money

Good solid compressor, not many in this price range can go to 150 psi. Typical of most compressors in this price range, it is very noisey. Otherwise seems to be of very good quality. The shroud was cracked and since packaging was not damaged, I suspect it was that way when packed. Have not bothered to call about getting a new one. Would strongly recommend this to anyone looking to get a low cost compressor that can do almost anything.

By chevydiver on Home Depot - Jul 31, 2012


I was hesitant to order this compressor after reading some of the horror stories in the reviews, but bought it anyway. Figured HD would stand behind it no matter what, they are that good in my experience. Only got this item this week but other than having to replace the quick disconnect outlet (leaked badly) the compressor works as advertised. Plan on using it for relatively light work but keeping my fingers crossed. It pressurized up to stated pressure in about 6 minutes and cycles on and off correctly. Like the large 20 gallon tank. Not much wear on the paint and such, shipping box protected it well.

By DJDIVER on Home Depot - Jul 27, 2012

Nice but needed work

I received the air comp in a timely fashion, that was nice. The metal handle was cracked like someone in the warehouse dropped it off a pallet. The hose valve plug in do not work...I had to change it. Other than that it is worth the money if you do not mind having a few scratches and willing to work with some small problems. The price is worth the problems.

By skittelsagogo on Home Depot - Jul 24, 2012

Great buy

The price was unbeatable. I had this same compressor before, and, it was stolen. So, when I went to replace it, and found a remanufactured one for $50 cheaper I jumped at the chance. Runs great.

By Larbo on Home Depot - Jul 24, 2012

This compressor works great no complaints

It"s very mobile,keeps up with all my air tools,plus it arrived when it was promised,great service.

By WBJ666 on Home Depot - Jul 19, 2012

Absolutely poor quality control!

I was replacing my Campbell-Hausfeld of 30+ years (20-gallon and made in the USA) with this Husky. I searched the internet for an American made compressor (residencial use), but didn't find one. I read many of the reviews before I bought it. Some had good experiences, but most didn't. I was hoping I would join the list of satisfied customers. NO luck!! The ground pin on the electric cord was missing. The plug itself was split about half an inch down the side of one of its prongs (prong was not exposed). I left the unit on 120 PSI overnight, and it was down to 60-65 PSI the following morning. One of the wheels was used--the threads had dirt between them and in a small area on the wheel, there was a hard white substance. I could certainly live with a used wheel had that been the only issue. I definitely do not recom-mend this compressor. I guess one gets what one pays for!!

By AMAl on Home Depot - Jul 18, 2012


Like it very much. Arrived with some scratches, but it is reconditioned. Works great. Used for nail guns and tire inflation with no problems. Would recommend to a friend.

By Buzz on Home Depot - Jul 18, 2012

Great Piece of hardware

Great value compared to buying the same hardware in the store

By Scott on Home Depot - Jul 17, 2012

Nice Refurbished Unit!

I ran across this compressor when looking for a small compressor to operate a nail gun for my home remodel. For the same price of a small pancake compressor (2-gal), I got 20-gallon capacity and the ability to do more for less money. A similar unit would cost 2 maybe 3 times more new. I have had pretty good luck with refurbished items and no complaints about items I purchased from Home Depot, so I went for it! PROS: From empty, the unit took a few minutes to fill completely and held pressure fine until I drained it 2-days later. No apparent leaks! Good Deal! There is a diagram on top of the unit that list prefered uses for a compressor this size. The unit is Oiless, which is good for me! The tank pressure and tool pressure dials are self explanitory. Unit kicked right back on when I had used enough air for it to refill. May be a little loud, but I haven't heard a quiet compressor yet. Feels very sturdy and portable. CONS: Only con I have is the small ball drain valve underneath. The little plastic handle broke off the first day when I tried to break in the motor. Had to replace it with a ball valve with a larger metal handle, but it's much easier to drain the unit now. Ordered a couple of new valves from a third party party supplier of valves that took forever arrive, but thats not Husky or Home Depot's fault. I had replaced the valve myself anyway. Will keep the spares if I ever decide to sell this unit. The cheap valve handle is the only reason this unit didn't get five stars.

By Zaren on Home Depot - Jul 11, 2012

probably should have purchased new

Product has been well used prior to shipping to me. Tank has oxidation and slow leak. Bolts that were included are the wrong size.

By refurbbuyer on Home Depot - Jul 10, 2012

fits my needs

The compressor works well for light use.I found no leaks and all the parts were in good shape. the only thing wrong was the wheel mounting hardware. The threads stripped out with no effort at all.

By meanone on Home Depot - Jul 4, 2012

Great price, fast shipping!

Fast shipping, solid packing, great price! Easy minimal setup (installing wheels).Been using it for spraying almost daily for 2 weeks. So far, it has been great! Would definitely recommend.

By 69fairlane500 on Home Depot - Jun 26, 2012

Made perfect sense to me

First purchase of an air compressor, in which case I can't claim to be any sort of expert. First, the unit I purchased was "re-manufactured." I went this route for two reasons: 1) Lower cost (if it was a complete bust I'd be out less money); 2) Figured that more attention was given to it on a re-work, that any quality control issues from initial manufacture would be less. Being clueless about air compressors all I knew was that I didn't want to get a puny one, lest I get it and find out later that it won't do something that would be fairly simple (and I'd have to break down and buy another one; and justify it to my wife!). Bigger and more expensive units had the potential to be over-kill, though I really had no idea (and won't know for a while): also, the justification with the wife thing... AND, I've got limited power (and, for now, AM running off an extension cord!), so anything drawing over 15 amps could be a problem. This last requirement put me in the sub-2 horsepower range. So, at 1.8 hp I figured it was as close to max power that I could get. And tank size? Beats me! But, I figured that a pancake unit might not be enough, so, biggest bang for the buck- 20 gallon capacity! First power-on my impression was that it was loud. I don't tend to have a lot of power tool stuff running (but I do run tractors quite a bit), so maybe all compressors would seem loud to me? Again, I can't compare apples to apples. I didn't buy the unit to test out how well or how poorly my hearing protection worked, I bought it to (initially) blow stuff out: my wife was making fun of me with stuff all over my face from manually blowing stuff out (true story, but it was all in humor). And, so far it does just that. With a decent hose reel I was able to sick the compressor on my tractor and blow out all kinds of lodged debris (as well as doing a proper cleaning out of the air filter and canister). Blew out some other stuff. Seems that it's doing what I need it to do. Maybe I'll end up trying to use it to run a paint gun, or a nailer; if it manages these (foreseeable) things then I figure it'll pass the functionality test. Determination of durability will, obviously, take time... (just hope that this particular unit lasts longer for me than it did with the first person who bought it- I'm thinking it will [odds would tend to be in my favor]). I _might_ have thought to pay more for a similar unit if it had an aluminum tank: this, based on what little on-the-fly research in to the world of compressors that I did, would be life-extending (I suspect that even if religiously draining the steel tank that a steel tank would eventually fail; the motor on this unit will likely be the thing that goes first; and, really, the price kind of places this in the "disposable" category). Oh, and HD's on-line ordering and shipping is very good.

By notarocketscientist on Home Depot - Jun 26, 2012

Great Product!!!!

I was a little worried about buying preowned and some of the previous reviews mentioned the product arriving with a few problems. I gues I was fortunate because mine came in exactly as described with no problems. I followed the break in instructions and then let the tank fill, left it overnight and had the dame pressure the next morning. Everything seems to be in great shape. Have used it with a Husky DA Sander that was the lowest CFM sander I found and it worked well. Wil not work continuos but new that ahead of time. Would not have to stop for long and then I could use it again. I have so far found the compressor to be a great product at an unbeatable value. If you plan to do lots of auto body work this is not the one for you. But if you are just a weekender like me it should work great.

By Mike on Home Depot - Jun 21, 2012

Appears to be well made !

All parts were with machine, so far runs well. Condition was good for refurbished. Delivery was fast and free.

By chuck on Home Depot - Jun 20, 2012

far condition

It works like its says. No probles yet. The price was far.

By mark on Home Depot - Jun 19, 2012

good buy

outstanding product for the DIYer motor keeps up with your job and and runs on regular electrical outlet

By zmann on Home Depot - Jun 19, 2012

Good value

Small portable compressor for home use. Would not recommend for a lot of use with air tools like impact guns and chisels. Great for inflating tires and small paint jobs or air nalers and staple guns. The stickers were falling off the tank but this had nothing to do with the performance of the compressor.

By Hank on Home Depot - Jun 12, 2012

chicago il

refrubished, does not hold air !!!garbage!!! I do not recommend

By bednar805 on Home Depot - Jun 9, 2012

Compressor was not looked at prior to shipping

The compressor I received had about a half gallon of water in the tank and the plastic housing had a huge piece missing as well as being cracked. The customer service was very helpful. While I had her on then phone I let her hear the water being drained out of the tank. She was very helpful in getting a replacement shipped to me. Overall this was not worth the wait or hassel. Again the customer service was very pleasant to work with!

By on Home Depot - Jun 7, 2012

This will do

No dents, arrived in good condition, screw for one wheel was stripped but other than that, I've used this to pop tile in my master bathroom and kitchen. This compressor has had over 20hrs of work. For $139 and still working it was worth the money.

By TexasSuspect on Home Depot - Jun 5, 2012

very loud

take forever build the pression and never stop working.

By deleonjalp on Home Depot - Jun 3, 2012

need attention to detail

When I received my compressor I noticed that the plastic did not fit quite right. with further inspection I found that during assemble the manifold was not properly installed causing multiple misalignment points. with a little more attention to detail it would be a good product.

By Ronnie on Home Depot - Jun 1, 2012


I got the Compressor In And Its Just Great, It is Set At 145psi but thats fine, everything is in tact an nothing broken or missing..... an the loudness is not hard but soft, try it out an when it gose down to 120psi it kicks on an hits 145psi in about 4-minites an from empty about 10 min. also it has nice style an perfect compact size...... for 20gal 145psi this thing is perfect for all your hand held air tools, i'm useing it for a 20gal sand blaster, air rachets, air dremel, an 1/2 inch impact gun......runs strong.... THANKS HUSKY.... BRENT FROM MILLVILLE,NJ

By Bart on Home Depot - Jun 1, 2012

very loud

this product works very good, but it is very very loud. if you can stand the noise its a good machine.

By td1234 on Home Depot - May 30, 2012

Do not recommend for indoor Use.

Unit is very loud. Had to return it because I could not use it around the house.

By duman78 on Home Depot - May 29, 2012

Rough shape but works well.

Had to replace the hose fitting that came with the compressor because it leaked. After that no leaks and works fine but the unit looked like it was drop kicked down some stairs.

By review on Home Depot - May 29, 2012

great air compressor

The a/c exceeded my expectations. Holds air pressure for days,evan when power is off.

By kenb763 on Home Depot - May 29, 2012

20 Gallon Reconditioned Husky Compressor

I didn't give it a five (5) star rating yet because I still have not used it. The quality is there and you can't beat the price. Upon receiving, I checked the oil, plugged it in It ran like a champ. Took it to the recommended MAX pressure and let it just sit there for 5 days at which time the tank pressure lost only 5 psi with no leaks. I think I'll be happy

By gloatytoad on Home Depot - May 29, 2012

Missing parts

Compressor seems to work well but was missing all hardware for wheels. I called customer service, gave them part numbers I needed and they shipped 1 of each. Ended up going to hardware store for bolts, washers and nuts.

By ClobberinTime on Home Depot - May 23, 2012

real nice.

seems to be holding up. has been able to handle all my air tools and doesn't leak any air even after letting it sit for a week. The price should be a bit lower or Warranty should be longer but no big deal.

By Ramon on Home Depot - May 22, 2012

my Rebuilt unit does not work propertly

compressor will not build enough pressure to shut off gets 120 lbs pressure shut off is set at 155. I will try to get this resolved this week but who ever is doing the repair on this compressor need to be retrained I bought a rebuilt unit because I thought for sure it would have been tested before they sent it out to a new customer.

By badbeard on Home Depot - May 22, 2012

Great Value For The Price

Replaced a 15-Gal Craftsman compressor with this one after a pump failure. Certainly exceeded what the Craftsman compressor would support and at less than half the price. Compressor arrived with drain valve handle broken off, but valve functions using pliers. No issues to report, hard to beat the bang for the buck on this!

By GTOBrody on Home Depot - May 22, 2012

Would be good if it worked

Excellent deal if the unit actually worked properly. First, the reconditioned unit shipped missing parts. Replacement parts were shipped quickly and were received about a week and a half later. Broke it in and used one time to blow sawdust out of the garage and now it won't turn on at all. Checked the outlet and outlet is fine. It is covered under warranty, but the closest repair shop is 40 minutes away and now I have to haul it there. For the short time it did work it was good, a little loud, but that is to be expected. It also came pretty beat up, but that is also expected for a reconditioned unit, and its in the garage so it doesn't matter. Would be a great deal if it worked. FYI this is the first thing from HD that I've bought that I've had issues with including other reconditioned tools. Unfortunate

By Nick on Home Depot - May 21, 2012

OK for Reconditioned

The compressor came packaged very well with the only assembly required being the wheels. All of the nuts and bolts were tight and the compressor runs well and holds air pressure with no leaks.

By experimentool on Home Depot - May 16, 2012

Did not work well.

Compressor looks great, but I turned it on and it ran for an hour and did not fill the tank, which it really should have in that amount of time. Its max is 155psi and in one hour it only filled to 130psi. I tried to use a small air ratched and the tank drained super quick and had to wait another hour for it to fill up, and not all the way.

By Skip on Home Depot - May 15, 2012

Good unit!

unit was a little scuffed up from shipping, but nothing major. It already had teflon tape on the fitting. I ran the compressor till it filled up and let it sit for the past 3 day and it hasn't lost any pressure.

By Ramon on Home Depot - May 11, 2012

loud and runs rougher than my old one did

No more than what I use an air compressor if it last 5 years I'll feel that it was a value. But I have my doubts.

By And1155 on Home Depot - May 8, 2012

Awesome product extremely great price

This compressor does everything its supposed to. And extremely easy to run.

By Whitesand on Home Depot - May 1, 2012

It works

They slapped on a new coat of paint and a husky sticker on the front and shipped it to me. It works but will leak air down to 120 and hold put some teflon tape on and is now better.. It will work for what i need it to do. This dang thing is loud when pumping air.

By bigdaddy on Home Depot - Apr 27, 2012

Great value, controls all in one place, easy to drain.

It was a good value for the price, Controls all in one place. Drain is a little inconvenient but it is easier to get to than my old compressor.

By TBOne on Home Depot - Apr 17, 2012

Fits my home workshop well

Arrived with the plastic shroud broken, but does not interfer with operation. Does leak air but some well placed tread tape takes care of that.

By HomeHandyMechanic on Home Depot - Apr 17, 2012

Just as Adveratised

Read reviews decided to order mainly because of HD return policy. Must of lucked out, mine arrived in a nice package/ing, nothing broken or scratched actually looking new, after braking in the pump notice that mine does go to 155psi, the only thing that I found was a small leak after about 5-10min it dropped about 8psi, did the soapy water thing on the exposed connections/valves and found the leak to be coming from the knob which regulates pressure, it has some kind of ring w/ teeth around it, not sure what this is but when I tighten this part using some screw drivers(one to use a "chizzle" and the other one to hammer the leak was gone, left the tank w/ 155 psi for 24hrs. did not leak at all. Tank is loud yea but it's not like I zip wine and listen to classical music in my garage..:) to fill to 155 it takes less than 5 min. The only reason why I gave it a 4: made in China, had to do the leak investigation(which should be done at the factory or where ever they refurb.) and I still haven't tried my impact wrench. good buy in my opinion. I posted a vid. of the leak as I think it can help someone else, it's grainy but you can still see the bubbles.

By nopalito24 on Home Depot - Apr 13, 2012

20 Gallon Electric Air Compressor

Came in great shape. Put it together took about 15 min. looks great. Filled up tank and run doing the jobs i had to do. Have not used in about 2 weeks still the same pressure in tank as the day i shut it off. This thing is great.

By sledgehammer on Home Depot - Mar 27, 2012

Worked perfectly right out of the box

Read some reviews that said this unit leaked air when they first got it. Mine worked great the first time. I left air in it over night and it only went down by half or less. It was borderline as for enough cfm to run my impact gun. Like others have said, it is LOUD. Nothing else close to its power in the price range.

By Hendu on Home Depot - Mar 27, 2012

Piece of junk

worked fine then motor self destructed because it was not tightened up came loose total loss HUSKY WILL NEVER SEE ANY OF MY MONEY AGAIN

By Pablo on Home Depot - Mar 22, 2012

Seems fine.

The first two times I ran the unit it got hot. I plugged it into a closer outlet in a cooler place and since then it seems to be fine. Good volume but noisy.

By OldGuy on Home Depot - Mar 22, 2012

finish showed a little wear , but overall a great purchase..

I received the air compressor in a timely manner, the paint finish on it showed wear in a couple of places . Compressor works great though for around the house stuff. Overall a good value for the money.

By matt on Home Depot - Mar 20, 2012

great price, not too loud

So far it has performed to my expectations. Quieter than others I've heard, it has enough volume to give my 1/2" impact gun the power to remove, and install 4 wheels, without having the motor kick on.

By Ritoco on Home Depot - Mar 20, 2012

this was awful. Produck leaked, and burned out in first minute of use.

Product was not refurbished as advertised. All air connections were finger tight and leaked cord connector was missing the 3rd ground prong Motor burned out within a few minutes of use. Do not buy

By pa30 on Home Depot - Mar 17, 2012

Great for the money

I was expecting Broken Wheels but they were fine. It takes a long time to fill the tank but the long work time before the motor kicks in makes up for it.

By Chevylover on Home Depot - Mar 14, 2012

Its the right shape and size for my use

this was a reman and it came with a defective cord which took three weeks to get. had to call back to get part sent out again. Staff was very good. Just got it running this weekend and it works fine so far.

By hackj1 on Home Depot - Mar 13, 2012

product is used every day work great

arrived on time used for air tools and painting no problems at all

By rufus on Home Depot - Mar 13, 2012

Excellant compressor so far

This compressor is great for the average home mechanic or handyman. It provides plenty of air pressure for everything I have put it through. Mechanically it has been great. The one problem I have noted is the buildup of condensation in the tank. The drain valve is not fully at the bottom of the tank. You have to tip the compressor back a little to get the water to drain. When I realized this I got so much water out I got my manual and tools wet.

By Buzz on Home Depot - Mar 13, 2012

good buy

okay for a home compressor, received in good condition. works fine no leaks.

By skip on Home Depot - Mar 6, 2012

not good for using an impact gun,

i bought it for my automotive needs at home its not strong enough to use an impact, but will work an air ratchet..compressor is loud and comes on quickly with air tools..but for the the reviews about the shipping care..and it came with the plastic cracked and a wheel broken, same as most people had stated on theirs as well..

By dallasj on Home Depot - Mar 1, 2012

No function issues. Fast shipping. Good price.

The cover up paint for the used/scratched cylinder rubbed right off on my clothes. Also the system hadn't been purged maybe ever. The drainage was quite a dirty dark brown the first time around. But no performance issues at all. Great price. Quick shipping. Drains clean now. Good buy.

By Satisfied on Home Depot - Feb 28, 2012

Great Compressor

I have only used the compressor a few times but it works well. It arrived complete and with no broken pieces.

By Carp on Home Depot - Feb 28, 2012

You Get What You Pay For

very poor quality, Does not have enough pressure or volume to do more than air up some pool toys! very dissapointed!

By Dissapointed on Home Depot - Feb 28, 2012

great deal!

good price, and the shipping wasn't too much. the Home Depot android app was the key reason to purchase, I found it fast and bought it without wasting time.

By hfd1 on Home Depot - Feb 28, 2012

Good compressor

good the for price Air leaks out very slowly good for home use

By Monty on Home Depot - Feb 28, 2012

Good size tank

Too loud but over all nice size. I was disapointed tha it did not come with an air hose.

By themouse on Home Depot - Feb 28, 2012

Wheels damaged/warped in shipment. Air outlet leaked.

Husky 20 gl. compressor arrived with both wheels loosely thrown into the box and they were crushed/warped during shipment. The air outlet leaked. No thread sealant tape was installed on the outlet tube. Incomplete initial set-up instructions. The paint was scuffed by movement inside the shipping carton. I didn't waste my time rejecting the item so I solved these issues to make the compressor work.

By DrMJ on Home Depot - Feb 27, 2012


Yes...DOA. Dead On Arrival. And not "just dead", try not even assembled & I'm not talking about the wheels. Hard line on the compressor motor under the cover was missing. Air blowing straight out the side not into the tank. So obviously it not not even build 1lb of air pressure the very first time it was fired up. So much for buying a known brand name, huh? Husky junk, I guess! Apparently Reconditioned just meant they fixed the problem it had, yet never tested it to see if they fixed the problem & "broke" (missing required part) something else in the process.

By GTAman on Home Depot - Feb 25, 2012